Yumble – Meal Delivery Service Review [2022]

March 13, 2022

Yumble offers meal kits that are delivered fresh to your door. With a Yumble meal kit, you get everything you need to prepare a delicious tasting and wholesome meal; without the hassle of going to the grocery store. We provide you with a Yumble review to ensure that meal kits contain all the required ingredients, cooking utensils, and recipe cards. This means that you don’t have to spend your time visiting the grocery store and trying to figure out which ingredients you need. You can simply follow the recipe card, start cooking, and when it is time to eat, enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Short Overview

Yumble is a subscription meal delivery service that delivers delicious, chef-designed meals to homes. Customers can choose from four Yumble plans, including dinner for two, dinner for four, and family dinner for six. The service guarantees that customers have a restaurant-quality meal at their doorstep every night of the week. You can also find a special Yumble promo code to make your deal even more profitable.

The company has three primary competitors: DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates. While all three of these companies share similar mission statements, each one executes its missions in different ways. DoorDash and UberEats are more logistics-based services, with DoorDash specializing in deliveries from restaurants and UberEats offering delivery from stores or restaurants. The service focuses on chef-driven Yumble menus and nutrition information available on the website.

Key Benefits

According to Yumble meal reviews, it is a meal delivery service that does things a little differently. Unlike other meal delivery services, the service gives you the freedom to choose your meals from a wide variety of restaurants. The service will then pick up your food from the restaurant and deliver it to your home the same day it’s cooked. This means you get the freshest food and the best price, hands down. The service knows how busy life can sometimes be, so the service helps take care of all the logistics of getting a meal delivered right to your door. You can just enjoy your meal and do not worry about how much is Yumble.

Yumble main page

Yumble Pricing

  • 4 MEALS. per week. $9.99 /meal.
  • 6 MEALS. per week. $8.99 /meal. SAVE 10% plus FREE shipping.
  • 8 MEALS. per week. $7.99 /meal. SAVE 20% plus FREE shipping.
  • 16 MEALS. per week. $6.99 /meal. SAVE 30% plus FREE shipping.

How Yumble Works

According to a professional Yumble meal kits review, it is a meal delivery service catered towards young professionals. By providing healthy and delicious meals, they wish to make eating a better experience. From their selection of nutritious ingredients to the Yumble recipe cards they serve, everything service does is geared towards making your meals as good as they can be. Although their customers can order our meals on their own time, they may also sign up for our weekly meal plan. This plan allows the customer to spend less time thinking about what to eat each day and gives them a week’s worth of healthy, delicious meals.

How Easy Are Yumble Meal Kits to Prepare? / Cooking Process

According to reviews of Yumble, its meal kits come with everything you need to prepare a meal. The food items are sealed separately and packed in a large container with a recipe card. Each ingredient is in its own box inside the more enormous container, so the ingredients do not mix into a slurry of wet food when you take them out. The amount of cooking preparation time is minimal and requires only heating up, chopping, or preparing the meat, seasoning, and sauteing (if necessary).

Who Is Yumble Good For?

According to Yumble meal delivery reviews, it is a meal delivery service that delivers restaurant-quality meals to your doorstep. The service works two ways: If you’re ordering for yourself, you’ll be able to choose from dishes offered by local restaurants. If you’re ordering for friends or coworkers, you’ll find recipes created by your hosts. All dishes are delivered with the proper utensils, so all you have to do is heat up the food and enjoy.

Yumble how it works

Who It Isn’t Good For?

According to Yumble meal kits reviews, it is a meal-delivery service that focuses on keeping all of the ingredients in their meal kits GMO-free. It also has separate vegan and gluten-free categories, so those looking for more than just organic food should be able to find it. The meals are, according to Yumble reviews, “focusing on eating clean and healthy,” so you won’t find any artificial sugars or unhealthy fats here.

Yumble Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

According to professional reviews for Yumble, the service’s goal is to offer the very best in meal delivery services while giving back to the community and being environmentally friendly. The service has been using reusable containers as their packaging, resulting in savings. They are currently working on another project that hopes to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

The design team at the service came up with a new, reusable container that can be reused for hot and cold meals without plastic or foam containers. It will be a bigger size, allowing for larger meals and eliminating the need for additional containers. Service’s team is currently creating prototypes for the new packaging. The containers will be made from a variety of materials, such as glass and metal. Recyclable materials will also be used.

Several design concepts have already been put in motion to determine which material works best for the different meals it will be used for. Yumble’s goal is to pack customers’ orders in an environmentally-friendly way, reducing their carbon footprint. Yumble’s goal is to improve their services and do what they can to help the environment by creating a less wasteful packaging option while also giving back to their community and beyond with kindness and good deeds.

Changing and Canceling Order

Yumble is the best meal delivery service on the market. Yumble is changing and canceling orders with little to no communication. Yumble is a meal delivery service that delivers meals from popular restaurants to people’s homes. Yumble has been through that many times before with their clients and also with the brand itself. They continue to improve their services so that consumers can depend on them for good Yumble food delivery.

Yumble menu

Customer Service

Yumble is a meal delivery service that allows people to choose meals depending on the time of the day, number of people, and price. Unlike UberEats, the company does not have its drivers deliver the food directly to the customers. Customers can pay for their meals through the app and select delivery times. Yumble does not deliver meals on-demand but instead has set times for orders. This enables its customers to order from multiple different meal delivery services as well as restaurants when choosing Yumble. The service also allows customers to pay using debit or check cards in addition to credit cards.

The Competition

Yumble vs. Freshly

Yumble is a meal delivery service with a unique variety of food options. Yumble has a great focus on the quality of its meals and ingredients, which have been highly rated across the board.

Yumble’s main competitor is Freshly, another meal delivery service with a wide selection of food options and ingredients. Freshly also has great quality ingredients and meals; however, Yumble’s are slightly more diverse. Both Yumble and Freshly are fairly similar with what they provide, but Yumble also focuses on variety: customers can either order from a huge menu or customize their own meals.

Yumble vs. Home Chef

Yumble is a meal delivery service dedicated to helping you find healthy foods that are good for the environment. They deliver only natural ingredients, we support local farmers and various small businesses, and outstanding local chefs create their recipes.

At the moment, Yumble offers two meal plans – standard and vegetarian, which can be subscribed to weekly or bi-weekly. These include all the ingredients to prepare your meals at home, anything from a salad to a steak. You will receive your groceries with your necessary ingredients pre-measured (so you don’t have to worry about measuring them yourself) in a refrigerated box. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to sustainability, Yumble also offers recyclable containers for its food.

In contrast to Yumble, Home Chef offers a weekly delivery of pre-made meals consisting of kitchen-ready ingredients. Meals are made in professional kitchens and shipped across the country in safe temperature packaging. Both meal delivery services provide easy dinner solutions and dietary support. Home Chef allows you to choose your level of calories, carbs, protein, and fat per meal, while Yumble gives you choices of no oil, low calories and sugar, and low carb. The service does not offer diet-specific options, unlike Home Chef.

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The Verdict

Yumble is a fresh meal delivery service that thinks food ordering should be better. The company has a new approach to delivering meals: the Yumble Mealbox. The idea is that people have no time and need something that they can open, and it’s healthy, good quality, delicious, and requires no thought or effort.

It’s a meal delivery service with a focus on delivering fresh food and incredibly high Yumble ratings. It is also a social enterprise. All of the meals are created by former restaurant chefs who now have food allergies or sensitivities and can’t work in restaurants anymore. They make exciting meals that are really tasty and of outstanding quality.

Meal Delivery FAQ

Is the Tracking Ever Wrong?

Every time you look at a GPS tracking device, you might assume that everything it tells you is accurate. That’s not the case. The devices, such as those used in the Yumble meal delivery service, are user-friendly and automated to make life easier for people who rely on using them every day. The tracking mechanism is used to follow a package or a meal on its journey. The information is constantly updated and can only be accessed by the person or business in charge of the package or meal.

Are Yumble Meals Healthy?

What makes Yumble special is its dedication to making every meal nutritious and delicious, so there is no reason to worry that a healthy meal is not satisfying. They’ve also pledged a $1 donation to a nonprofit organization for each meal sold, which we love. Meals at Yumble come with a free pantry box that provides you with recipes and a week’s worth of non-perishable groceries you can use to create your meals. The service also provides single-serve microwaveable meals made from natural food ingredients so that you can enjoy your meal in the convenience of your own home.

Is Yumble Worth the Money?

Automatic weekly deliveries make it easy never to have to worry about running out of important items for your meals. It also allows Yumble to save money. They can buy in bulk, which lets them offer a lower price. And since they don’t need to pay drivers, Yumble cost of operating is much lower than service’s competitors. It’s one reason Yumble prices are half the cost of some of their competitors.

Is Yumble Easy to Cancel?

Yumble is not a typical meal delivery service. First off, you don’t have to put in an order every time. Instead, Yumble is a subscription meal service where you can pick a plan and then make some substitutions whenever you like. You can also change the plan you have at any time by going into your account on the official website and making adjustments.

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