Takeout Kit – Meal Delivery Service Review [2022]

March 13, 2022

Takeout Kit is a meal delivery service that drives the most value from a customer’s order by packaging, cooking, and delivering just what they want. The service’s proprietary algorithm that optimizes packages delivers customers the best serving meals based on their order history. A user who regularly orders chicken dishes and drinks will receive at least two orders of chicken a month and six drinks if those are selected. That’s why we prepared our complete Takeout Kit review to compare service with primary competitors.

Short Overview

In an increasingly competitive market, the service hopes to stand out from its competitors in the meal delivery service space by offering a more inclusive and unique approach to the service. Takeout Kit is the only meal delivery service that provides the choice between two types of meals. It also offers delivery options that its competitors are not able to provide. These two factors are intended to make it easier for customers to find the meal delivery service that best fits their needs.

Critical Benefits

The increasing popularity of meal delivery services has given many people the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant or home-cooked meal right in their living room. Of these options, Takeout Kit cost is the most convenient, with no subscription fees required. The service is a convenient culinary companion with an easy checkout process and a wide selection of Takeout Kit menus options.

The difference between Takeout Kit and other similar services is in the transparency of the provider. Rather than choosing between different restaurants that may or may not be reliable, a customer can choose the meal they want from a more extensive selection right on Takeout Kit’s website.

A well-rounded online catalog allows customers to select meals that meet their needs. The service delivers cheaper meals than going out to eat and just as fast as calling for takeout. Customers can choose from a variety of cuisines and enjoy healthy meals without the hassle of going out or preparing food themselves. From vegetarian to carnivore, there is something for everyone.

Takeout Kit main page

Takeout Kit Pricing

  • $32/month for one kit
  • $62/month for two kits
  • $90/month for three kits

How Takeout Kit Works

Meal delivery services are incredibly convenient. They allow you to order food from home, but it is a different experience than you get at the restaurant.

According to Takeout Kit reviews, the service stands out from other meal delivery services for a few reasons. First, it uses locally sourced ingredients to deliver fresh meals and snacks to your door. Each meal is made to order and customized to suit each client. Takeout Kit’s variety also makes it stand out. The service offers Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Mexican cuisines, in addition to healthy snacks. Just because you are eating in doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthily – the service recognizes this.

The Takeout Kit is a meal delivery service that allows people to choose the food they want and when they want it. This service is available across the United States and has a range of meals to choose from, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. The company is working with local restaurants to create new and delicious meals for customers.

How Easy Are Takeout Kit Meal Kits to Prepare? / Cooking Process

Everyone hates the part of getting takeout where you have to pick and choose what to eat. With this modern food delivery service, there are no decisions to make; they’ve done it all for you. The meal kits are pre-portioned, which means you can have a balanced meal without worrying about planning. It’s already there for you, and it’s super simple to prepare. Just read the Takeout Kit recipe cards that come with your meal kit and follow the instructions, which are written to be super user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about how much is Takeout Kit, this service is absolutely affordable almost for everyone.

Who Is Takeout Kit Good For?

According to reviews of Takeout Kit, the service is great for busy people who want to be healthy and are not sure what to cook each day. Takeout Kit is also great for people who want to cook but do not have the time to try new recipes. If you’re going to cook but do not have the necessary equipment, the service is excellent because they provide all the items you need.

Who It Isn’t Good For?

According to Takeout Kit meal delivery reviews, this service isn’t for people who want to choose the restaurant and can deal with picking their own delivery time. Takeout Kit is not a fast-food delivery service and it is not the same as UberEats or DoorDash. If you’re the kind of person that wants to work with a local restaurant, a fast-food delivery service may have the best fit for you.

Takeout Kit features

Takeout Kit Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

According to professional reviews for Takeout Kit, the service is the solution to all your meal delivery service woes. This service allows you to eat home-cooked meals regularly while keeping your body healthy and fit. The Takeout Kit is the only meal delivery service that distributes all of your meals in reusable glass containers with reusable Nalgene containers. This offers you the benefits of plastic-free sustainable eating.

The service delivery comes in four different sizes, offering all kinds of other packages, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. This service even enables you to mix and match the products you want to be delivered. You can always get a Takeout Kit promo code to make the service even more affordable for your budget.

Changing and Canceling Order

One of the biggest concerns people have when they use a service like Takeout Kit is the fear of having their order canceled or changed. After all, we are in the food industry, and many restaurants have changed policies to prevent issues with orders.

In accordance with primary Takeout Kit meal kits reviews, the service is taking a new approach to cancellations and changes. When an order is placed, the customer will be prompted to make a tip selection. If there is any change or cancellation to the order, the service will retain the amount selected for the tip. This ensures that the customer is not charged for changes and cancelations. Eliminating extra charges makes food delivery more convenient and allows restaurants to expand their reach by reaching out to more customers without the worry of chargebacks.

Customer Service

In this Takeout Kit meal kits review, we need to mention that customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a business. After all, your company doesn’t have much of a purpose without customers. If a customer has a problem or concern, providing the proper response can go a long way in sealing the deal. Takeout Kit has many policies and procedures to ensure that all our employees are in a safe environment. The main difference between Takeout Kit and other fast-growing startups is that the service was created to be great for all employees according to all Takeout Kit meal reviews.

The Competition

Takeout Kit vs. DoorDash

The Takeout Kit’s goal was to make life easier for people, which means simplifying dinner by making the meal delivery process simple. On the other hand, DoorDash is a full-service delivery service that provides restaurant meals and groceries. It also offers rapid drop-offs and expresses Takeout Kit food delivery options.

What differentiates Takeout Kit from DoorDash is that the former focuses on providing high-quality meals with a variety of cuisines compared to many other competitors that offer fast delivery with limited food choices. In addition, The Takeout Kit allows customers to choose the specific time of their delivery.

Additionally, Takeout Kit finds its uniqueness from its community-based subscription model, where subscribers can sign up for Takeout Kit plans or subscribe to specific boxes and customize their boxes according to their preferences.

Takeout Kit menu

Takeout Kit vs. Home Chef

Home Chef is one of those meal delivery services backed by prominent investors and has a reasonable marketing budget. It focuses on cooking original meals for dinner, and you can even find a recipe book inside the box, making it easy to choose your next feed.

DoorDash is also a recent startup backed by VCs, but with a clear agenda – it wants to be the one-stop-shop for food delivery. You can order pizza, burgers, Chinese food, and even delivery from your favorite restaurant. So why would anyone use Home Chef when they could order everything they need with just one app?

Takeout Kit combines the best of both services by allowing you to order full meals, including desserts, while still delivering the amount of variety you’d expect from a dedicated delivery service. It has many other features like a free ordering option and a “Gifts” program that allows customers to send meals as a gift for no extra charge.

The Verdict

Takeout Kit is a meal delivery service that ships ingredients, recipes, and step-by-step instructions to make excellent meals for incredibly reasonable Takeout Kit prices. The recipe-based meal delivery service makes nutritious, delicious meals that are customized to your dietary needs (e.g., Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free). All meals are made with fresh ingredients from local farmers and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Catering specifically to an audience of working adults, Takeout Kit offers easy weekly meal delivery plans designed in conjunction with a nutritionist. The meals are composed of fresh ingredients and require no cooking time. While TK does not offer a particular diet plan, it does offer meal plans for people looking for high protein or vegetarian options.

Meal Delivery FAQ

Is the Tracking Ever Wrong?

There are always different factors in play for the accuracy of the Takeout Kit’s tracking system. The most common reason for an inaccurate tracking system is online traffic congestion. In most cases, this happens during holidays or weekends. There is a great deal of traffic on the internet during these times, which can sometimes cause Amazon’s tracking system to be incorrect. Because Takeout Kit is displayed on Amazon, there isn’t much room for error in traffic.

Are Takeout Kit Meals Healthy?

Takeout Kit nutritionists and chefs work together to ensure that the meals are on-par with the USDA recommendations for a healthy diet (at least 2,000 calories per day). The meals also do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives, and they do not add any extra salt, sugar, or fat. To add to that, they are non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free friendly, which makes it easier for those who have dietary restrictions to find something they can eat.

Can I Try Takeout Kit for Free?

You can use Takeout Kit to order food from literally any place that delivers, even if they don’t have apps like Postmates and DoorDash. This is an outstanding feature if you have a trendy restaurant near you that doesn’t have its delivery service. These apps also give you the most accurate delivery time estimate and the best way to track your food. Takeout Kit does not charge the restaurant a fee for delivering your food, unlike UberEats and DoorDash.

Does Takeout Kit Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

Takeout Kit is a meal kit delivery service on a mission to make cooking fun, easy, and delicious for everyone, offering people the best homemade meals in their cities. They provide fully prepared meals and ingredients to adventurous cooks who need inspiration and confidence to create a meal with the highest Takeout Kit ratings. Takeout Kit focuses on curating meals based on what local ingredients are available while also ensuring they can be delivered to customers in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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