Freshly vs Hello Fresh Battle: Find the Winner of the Game

June 13, 2022

If you have busy mornings and can’t manage the tasks in the kitchen, there has to be a helper. In this case, you can get support from the Freshly vs Hello Fresh meal delivery company. This is an easy way to cook food, follow a diet plan and enjoy the tasty recipes at home without wasting much time shopping. Today you will learn in detail about the two leading platforms known for the users on the web. The Hello Fresh vs Freshly battle has been real for the last couple of months or even years. It’s time to find out what company has better features to offer clients.

Variety of Food & Meal Plans for Clients

The variety of meal delivery services makes it complicated for food lovers to place the final choice. Fortunately, one can find lots of reviews on the popular delivery companies on the market.

In today’s Freshly vs Hello Fresh review, you will learn more details about the work of the most popular platforms for pre-made food delivery. Let’s get started with the meal details and check which option works better for you.

Freshly Overview

The Hello Fresh vs Freshly battle is real these days, making the fans of meal delivery services manage in-depth research. This part of the review will check out the pros and cons of ordering food from the Freshly website.

  • You will benefit from a large Freshly menu with 30 different meal options.
  • The kitchen is quite versatile, offering meals for people with different diet plans.
  • Compared to other websites, it’s convenient to use.

The price is the main issue customers face when placing an order. However, the time saved on the cooking process with the Freshly is worth the money.

Hello Fresh Overview

What should you know about the Hello Fresh food delivery? Which is better Hello Fresh or Freshly? This is the main question of the Hello Fresh review. There are both pros and cons to every company discussed in the review.

  • It’s a convenient platform with a well-developed and handy website interface.
  • Due to the planet-friendly packaging policy, the company produces less waste.
  • In the boxes, you will find cards with the recipes and step-by-step instructions that make the cooking experience easier.

These are the good sides to benefit from when you use Hello Fresh. Are there any cons? You can sometimes cook longer than it’s written on the site. The price for some users may be above the point they expected to pay.

Best Menu Selection Online

Is ordering Hello Fresh frozen meals better than Freshly food options? These are similar companies with the same rhetorics and attention to the customer. These companies both sell healthy meals to meet the diet plans of the customers. But there are certain differences in the menu choices on the websites.

Freshly Menu Options

Freshly food delivery is a healthy meal service offering its customers well-developed recipes to meet any diet. You can order meat, fish, or veggie-based Freshly recipes. Cauliflower Bolognese, Sausage Baked Penne, Turkey Chili Bowl, and many other interesting food variations are available on the website.

Hello Fresh Menu Options

Clients from the Hello Fresh food delivery company admit how functional the website is. You can find different meal plans and menu options for picky eaters on the platform. Are you interested in the recipes from the company? Let’s check what the service offers:

  • Pork with mango salsa or Sweet shrimp tempura will add some chick notes to your Hello Fresh evening time at home.
  • You can get yourself multiple salad recipes and place the order to enjoy plant-based recipes.
  • Grilled salmon, different steaks, and other tasty meals are on top of many Hello Fresh eaters’ lists.

If you crave a tasty meal full of nutrients, you should check out the menu options and the variants that fit your diet and taste. Do Hello Fresh meals come frozen? This is a common mistake or misconception related to the company’s work. Since the food comes in boxes, users consider it to be frozen. But it’s kept with ice cubes to be at the relevant refrigerator temperature.

Portion Sizes

Does the size of the Freshly or HelloFresh portion matter? For many people, ordering meals online is the only way to eat during the day. Being busy and feeling no interest in spending time in the kitchen makes people order food online.

If the serving isn’t enough, it can cause inconveniences and issues for the customer. For this reason, checking on the size of the meals might help order the food with fewer risks.

Freshly Portion Sizes

When you choose a new Freshly meal plan, you might wonder what the size of the portion is. It’s a common question from the clients because ordering too much won’t hurt, but ordering less than needed will be a bad experience. For this reason, checking what the Freshly serving size is can play into your hands. The regular Freshly portion is about 13 ounces, but it may vary.

Hello Fresh Portion Sizes

The sizes of the meals can vary. When you open the website and decide to order the food, you will have the chance to get yourself the box fitting 2 or 4 adults. The variety of food servings will make you enjoy the flexibility of the ordering process. If you want to check how big or small the Hello Fresh portions are, you should try and order the first trial box. It will help you check if you need to get more food from the company or if the meal sizes are enough in your case.

HelloFresh main page

Packaging & Sustainability for Users

Freshly is sending pre-made meals, while Hello Fresh follows suit. But what about the packaging? It’s essential to follow a planet-friendly policy and ensure that the packaging is recyclable. It’s time to dive into the topic and check what policies the companies follow.

Freshly Packaging & Sustainability

The Freshly company works towards reducing its footprint on the planet. The environmental impact the company has on nature is reduced with the help of sustainable packaging use. Clients receive highly recyclable boxes that are easy to reuse or utilize.

Hello Fresh Packaging & Sustainability

In general, the supply chain done by the Hello Fresh firm is focused on the reduction of the negative environmental footprint. The company tracks and seeks to reduce carbon emissions. The Hello Fresh packaging is made of innovative materials to make it less harmful to nature.

Prices and Discounts

Pre-made food doesn’t take much time to cook, but some options might be pricey. The cost of the meals is dependent on the quality of the food and the specificity of the plan. In most cases, it’s a better option to place the order on the site and have the pre-cooked recipes delivered at your door. If you wonder about the prices on the websites and would like to compare them, let’s check out this information.

Freshly Prices and Discounts

Ordering food online can save a lot of time. You don’t need to prepare the meals or make up the recipes. But sometimes the pre-made dishes may cost a lot.

What’s the price for the meals when you order from Freshly? There are no exact price limits because the order cost depends on the choice of foods and the number of servings.

If you choose 4 meals per week, you will come up with the $50 for the order. If you want to change the number of services, the price will go up. For example, a 6-meal order will cost about $70 together with shipping. For a 9-meal plan, you will pay about $95 with Freshly shipping included. All possible discounts or offers to the users will appear in the checkout box at the end of the ordering process.

Hello Fresh Prices and Discounts

Both Hello Fresh and Freshly’s meals are pre-made, but the price might differ a lot. And there are many factors the final cost depends on. This is the food used, the number of servings, and the company’s brand. Let’s check the average prices for the Hello Fresh customers.

  • For Pescetarian Hello Fresh eaters, an 8-serving meal box will cost about $80 per week.
  • For vegetarians, you can order a standard 8-serving meal weekly plan for $75 per 2 people.
  • There are also family boxes, each with a different pricing plan, but in general, it’s $70-80 per week.

The good thing about the Hello Fresh platform is the website’s usability. The platform offers a highly personalized interface making it possible for customers to choose the number of people and the meal choice.

Nutrition Facts & Taste Parameters

The taste is the objective parameter that can’t be easily assessed in a review. Some people prefer spicy food, while others would choose a milder taste. Both companies offer a wide range of dishes available to the clients. The menus meet the taste needs of even the pickiest users. But it’s not the point to base the review on, while the nutrition details are a decent issue to discuss. You should refer to the figures when you can’t count on the Freshly and Hello Fresh tastes. One way or another, the recipes are tasty, but what’s inside?

Freshly main page

Freshly Nutrition Facts & Taste

Eating healthy is possible with the top-rated meal delivery company. If you choose this food platform, you will find it useful in terms of nutrition facts. Let’s check what parameters the most popular Freshly dishes can feature.

Calories Protein Total Fat
Homestyle Chicken and Butternut Mac & Cheese 610 kcal 47g 29g
Steak Peppercorn with Carrots & French Green Beans 480 kcal 29g 27g
Chicken & Mash Bowl 500 kcal 28g 25gg

Hello Fresh Nutrition Facts & Taste

What if we compare the nutrition fact parameter and present the same sheet with the Hello Fresh indicators? Hello Fresh is a good and reliable meal delivery company. But does it serve fully nutritious meals? Let’s check the most used Hello Fresh positions on the website and see what clients should expect from the food.

Calories Protein Total Fat
Roasted Chicken with Dijon Mushroom Sauce & Brown Rice 589 kcal 49g 15g
Pasta in Tomato Cream Sauce 630 kcal 27g 21g
Pork & Basil Stir-Fry 690 kcal 40g 33g

Who Wins? Verdict

What’s the outcome? Who’s the winner of the Hello Fresh and Freshly battle? Both enterprises offer top-rated and quality services to their customers. Freshly has more expensive prices, while Hello Fresh is mostly cheaper. The delivery options are more or less the same. If you prefer a more versatile menu plan, you should stick to Hello Fresh.

For less picky eaters, Freshly will serve nicely, too. Both websites have an interactive interface with clear instructions for the users, but Hello Fresh has more features to make the order easier. One way or another, the food from both Freshly and Hello Fresh companies always come fresh and tasty, so the choice is yours.


It’s always a big deal to choose a company to order food from. If you’re interested in the perks of these two services, you can read the review. But there could be other additional questions for picky clients. Here are the top 3 issues users are concerned about. The answers can make your ordering practice more beneficial and make you enjoy the experience even more.

Can You Cancel HelloFresh After Free Box?

The cut-off date is important to mention when you decide to cancel the Hello Fresh order. If you decide to cancel your order after the Free Box, the company will charge you. So, keep it in mind when you make the decision to cancel the order.

Is It Freshly the same as Hello Fresh?

These are both food ordering platforms offering users well-developed recipes and meal kits. In the review, you can check the main differences related to the work of the companies. These are the competitors so they have a lot in common in terms of food choices, delivery options, and target audience.

Who Owns Freshly?

When comparing Freshly vs Hello Fresh companies, you might be more interested in the first one. Freshly is a New-York based company focused on meal delivery services around the country. This is a popular platform for many clients who appreciate high-quality plant-based or full or a protein food. If you live in the US and would like to try the services, you should place the order and get your food at your door.

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