Sun Basket vs Green Chef, as Two Main Competitors in the World of Ready-to-Eat Delivery

June 27, 2021

Over the past few years, many people have devoted a lot of time to work, and to our hobbies, that’s why we do not have enough time to prepare food. You can solve this problem with food delivery services. Sun Basket vs Green Chef is the main competitor, each with its own merits and demerits. They will bring healthy, already prepared meals, and the cost of such delivery is not high. A lot of consultants advise them in order to avoid unnecessary spending on food. In the USA today, there are a huge number of services, and it can be quite difficult to make a choice.

Short Overview

Both companies Sun Basket and Green Chef specialize in high-quality, healthy food, use products without GMOs, hormones, and other components hazardous to humans. However, these 2 companies have their differences, which will be expressed in different characteristics.

Characteristics Sun Basket Green Chef
Basic information organic meal kits and oven-ready meals;

plans for multiple dietary patterns;

2–4 recipes per week with 2 or 4 servings each.

organic meal kit;

Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered plans;

2–4 recipes per week, with 2, 4, or 6 servings each.

Menu 17 meal kits and 9 oven-ready entrées;

low calorie, gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and diabetes-friendly meals;

optional add-ons available, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

9 entrées to choose from on each plan;

vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and keto options available.

Cost Fresh & Ready meals:

8.99–11.99 USD per serving;

Meal kits: 10.99–13.99 USD per serving;

Shipping calculated based on location.

Keto + Paleo: 12.99 USD per serving;

Balanced Living: 11.99 USD per serving;

Plant-Powered: 9.99–11.99 USD per serving;

Shipping calculated upon checkout.

Effectiveness low calorie, high protein, and fiber-rich meals may support weight loss;

caters to dietary patterns linked to weight loss;

encourages preparing more home-cooked meals.

detailed nutritional information available for each recipe;

provides options for dietary patterns linked to weight loss;

promotes cooking more meals at home.

Advantages nutritious, dietitian-approved meals;

good quality ingredients;

eco-friendly packaging;

offers meals that require little preparation.

good quality, mostly organic ingredients;

eco-friendly and sustainable

the choice for several diet patterns;

Keto + Paleo plan is certified gluten-free.

Disadvantages limited options for those following restrictive diets;

relatively expensive;

unsuitable for those with celiac disease or severe food allergies.

shipping fees aren’t included;

not suitable for people with severe food allergies;

not all plans are gluten-free.

Both companies Sun Basket and Green Chef provide paid shipping that starts at $ 7.99 and may vary depending on the size of the order and your location.

Delivery Area is large enough for both companies:

  1. Sun Basket delivers products to 48 states in America, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and some postcodes in Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota.
  2. Green Chef delivers goods to 48 states in America, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, as well as parts of Louisiana.

Green Chef has a slightly larger delivery area, but often it doesn’t really matter. Which is better, Sun Basket vs Green Chef, can be quite difficult to determine, however, while Sun Basket wins in terms of basic characteristics, as it offers a greater variety of meal plans.

Sun Basket main page

Plan and Pricing

Each delivery service Sun Basket and Green Chef tries to come up with its own meal plans that meet the needs of their potential buyers. Sun Basket and Green Chef have unique meal plans, each one worthy of your attention.

Sun Basket`s Plans

At Sun Basket, meal plans are varied:

  • Chef’s Choice (highlighting seasonal ingredients);
  • Paleo;
  • Lean & Clean;
  • Gluten-Free;
  • Vegetarian;
  • Pescetarian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Quick & Easy;
  • Diabetes-Friendly;
  • Carb-Conscious.

The advantage is that here you can combine different dishes from different plans as you like.

And Green Chef does not allow such combinations.

Green Chef`s Plans

In addition, Green Chef does not have such a variety of plans, but there are better plans for people with difficult dietary restrictions:

  • Plant-Powered Plan;
  • Balanced Living Plan;
  • Carb Conscious Plan;
  • Keto.

As you can see, Sun Basket wins by the number of plans. But they all have certain specifics, thanks to which everyone can get the most suitable set of food. All plans are balanced and developed together with nutritionists. This explains the fact why you cannot choose dishes from different plans. In this case, the balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats obtained during the day is disturbed.

Whichever plan Sun Basket or Green Chef you choose, you get good, organic food with a large portion.

Features of the Pricing of Delivery Services

As far as pricing is concerned, we can safely say that Green Chef vs Sun Basket has a combat draw. On average, in both companies, the cost of one dish does not exceed 14 USD, and the minimum cost is around 8 USD.

Both companies try to make their products as affordable as possible for each client, so everyone can choose the most suitable plan for themselves and their family.

The cost comparison Sun Basket and Green Chef shows that there are no winners in this competition.

Types of Menu

The difference between Green Chef and Sun Basket is that the first company tries to accept more dietary restrictions of customers, while Sun Basket, on the contrary, tries to surprise with a variety of dishes and ingredients.

  • Sun Basket tries to make dishes more unusual, combines different products that many consider incompatible. In general, if you love delicious food, then this meal delivery service can surprise you with a huge selection of food.
  • Green Chef has a special certification (GFFS), which proves that food from plans designed for gluten-free diets doesn’t have this component.

If you have a serious food allergy to this product, then it is better to choose Green Chef. Sun Basket also has dishes labeled gluten-free, but they are not certified.

Both competitors Sun Basket and Green Chef have separate options for vegetarians and vegans, so everyone can find a truly suitable option for themselves, taking into account their personal food preferences.

The choice of the winner depends on whether you have any strict dietary restrictions: if not, then Sun Basket, and if there is, then Green Chef.

Packaging and Delivery

Compare Sun Basket vs Green Chef is almost impossible when it comes to product packaging and delivery. Both companies did their best to create good conditions and deliver the food fresh. It is worth noting that they do it well.

All Sun Basket and Green Chef products are packed in a large box, which is tightly insulated with several cooling bags on the bottom. All products are packed separately, which makes it very easy to store them in the refrigerator. The expiration date is indicated on the packaging, but in order to increase it, some products can be put in the freezer (does not apply to fresh vegetables and fruits).

Sun Basket and Green Chef packaging are recyclable and environmentally friendly, which certainly attracts environmentalists.

In general, we can say that there is a combat draw here.

Green Chef main page

Cooking Process and Taste

Green Chef does not provide cooked meals, it contains ingredients and recipes that you can use to prepare your dinner. Usually, cooking takes only 30 minutes, the recipe is as clear as possible, so no problems arise.

Sun Basket mainly delivers food in the same format as Green Chef, but there are also already prepared foods that you just need to reheat in the microwave or bake in the oven.

You can cope with the preparation of food much faster, so we can safely say that the winner of this round is Sun Basket.

In addition, on Sun Basket’s website, you can find a wide variety of cooking video tutorials that will help raise culinary literacy.

As for tastes, this indicator is very subjective, given the fact that Green Chef offers to cook dishes yourself. Most seasoned housewives claim that food at Green Chef tastes better than Sun Basket.

Ordering and Cancellation Process

Sun Basket helps you easily manage food deliveries through your account on the website or in the mobile application. Here you can select foods, change your plan, and cancel individual meals. If you wish to skip the weekly delivery, you must do so no later than Wednesday noon. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the support service on the website or by phone. Only polite managers work here to help resolve your issue.

Green Chef does not have an Android application, so you can only make any changes to your account on the website. You can refuse delivery a week before the date of receipt by 21:00. As a rule, this is not a big deal for clients.

Based on the results of this round, we can also confidently say that there is a draw between Sun Basket and Green Chef.

Customer Support

Both Sun Basket and Green Chef strive to ensure that customers receive quality service.

Green Chef customer support is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST or 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

At Sun Basket, customer service is open only on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., but you can contact them at any time convenient for you. If you called after hours, then leave your request for an answering machine, and the manager will contact you at a convenient time for you.

Because the support team at Green Chef has a longer working day, we can say that Green Chef wins this round.


Choosing Sun Basket or Green Chef all depends on your personal preference. If you like delicious food, but do not want to waste time in the kitchen, then Sun Basket is better because the variety of food and products here is really impressive.

If you have severe food allergies or any other dietary restrictions, then the best delivery service is Green Chef. Food for such categories is much tastier and healthier here.

Regardless of which company you choose, you get organic food without GMOs, hormones, colors, and flavors. Preparing such sets of food will not be difficult, will not take much time, and will allow you to devote more time to yourself and your family.

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