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10 Best Single Person Meal Delivery Services

February 25, 2021

Cooking strictly for one person may be difficult. Even knowing the exact proportion of ingredients, buying a limited amount of food might be challenging. It takes time, and it’s a precious source not fully available to the busy people of modern times. Meal kits for singles become essential at this point!

There are so many lists of meal delivery services online. They are great, offer different kinds of food, have gluten-free, plant-based, and low-carb menus. However, when you choose one that seems to be the perfect fit and find out it provides kits of 2+ servings, frustration is unavoidable.

That’s why, in honor of National Singles Awareness Day, which was on February 15th, we decided to create a TOP list with every best meal delivery service for one person.

1. Factor_ – Food Delivery for One Person

Factor_ main page

If you’re seeking healthy prepped food with vegetarian options, Factor has it all. This is one of the best healthy meal delivery services for one person, featuring paleo and keto options.

Everything is cooked for you by a chef and delivered right after. There are no frozen meals, no GMOs, only organic food, and several minutes in the microwave to appreciate the whole flavor palette.

Here are the basics you should know:

  • Cost per week.
    The cost per week depends on the plan you choose. It can be from $60 to $198, plus shipping fees.
  • Menu types.
    • Vegetarian;
    • Paleo;
    • Keto;
    • Dairy-free;
    • Gluten-free, etc.
      There are no antibiotics, hormones, soy, and sugar in the service’s food.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service ships across the USA, but you have to check the shipping costs before ordering to plan your budget.


There are various plans, and the price per dish depends on the number of servings you order in a week.

4 meals a week will cost $60 ($15 per serving). The maximum plan of 18 meals a week will result in a cost of $11 per serving.


You can contact Factor using their email or social media accounts. There’s also a lot of information in their blog and the FAQ section on the website.

2. Sprinly – Plant-Based Food Delivery for Single Person

Sprinly main page

If you follow a plant-based diet, Sprinly is a wonderful choice. The service uses only high-quality ingredients; their dishes don’t contain dairy, refined sugars, and gluten. The list of ingredients is updated in the selection form, so it’s easy to choose only the food you will 100% love.

Some meals by the service are ready and can be eaten while cold, and some others will need some time in the microwave to be totally cooked.

Here are the basics:

  • Cost per week.
    The cost per week starts at $109 with 6 recipes per week ($18.17 per serving).
  • Menu types.
    The service is focused on plant-based foods. Gluten-free and dairy-free eaters can benefit from their menus.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service ships for free to many states and major cities, including Washington DC.


The price depends on the number of one person meal kits you need in a week. The minimum is 6 meals that will cost $109; there are also 12 and 18-meal plans for $199 and $289 accordingly.

The price for one dish becomes smaller if you order more food. Within the 12-serving plan, you pay $16.5 a dinner, and within the 18-serving one, the price drops to $16.

The perk of this meal kit delivery for one person is that the shipping is free to some states and cities of the US.


The support team is available via email, text, and phone calls. You can also check out the delivery service’s social media accounts and find lots of useful information in the FAQ section of the website.

3. Snap Kitchen – Meal Delivery for One Person from a Dietitian

Snap Kitchen main page

Busy people who want to cut time on food prep will benefit greatly from Snap Kitchen. The name implies that you’ll prepare every dinner in a snap! The service offers some of the best meal kits for singles with a proper amount of macros and calories.

Every dish option from the service is GMO, hormone, antibiotic, artificial flavoring, and gluten-free. Plus, the food is delivered in compostable packages, which makes Snap Kitchen even more eco-friendly.

Here’s something you should know:

  • Cost per week.
    There are two weekly plans: 6 dishes – $69.99 (around $11.7 per serving) and 12 dishes – $114.99 (around $9.5 per serving).
  • Menu types.
    The menus suit the following lifestyles:
    • High-protein;
    • Low-carb (good for people with type 2 diabetes);
    • Keto;
    • Paleo;
    • Vegetarian.
      Besides, you can build a custom plan to suit your needs.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service offers shipping across the US for free. You can also make use of local delivery or pickup within up to 10 miles from the nearest store.


There are no clear prices on the website. You can enter your ZIP code and see available menus and plans in the area. There, you’ll get more information on the pricing. However, the FAQ section of the service says about the two plans described above (6 and 12-meal weekly plans).


There’s a comprehensive FAQ section on the service where you can get most of the information. Also, take advantage of the social media accounts of the brand if you need more info.

4. RealEats – Meal Delivery for Single People Who Watch Their Weight

RealEats main page

Every RealEats meal contains <600 calories, which is a perfect lunch or dinner amount. The food comes premade, and you can cook it either in the microwave or boiling water. Their dishes are healthy and don’t contain GMO, artificial ingredients, fillers, preservatives, etc.

The service also offers add-ons like Chia-seed pudding you can eat for breakfast or save as a dessert.

Here’s the basic info you should know:

  • Cost per week.
    Depending on the plan, you can pay from $60 to around $131. Now, there’s a 25% discount, so the prices are lower.
  • Menu types.
    The options available at the service cater to those looking for:
    • Plant-based;
    • Dairy-free;
    • Paleo;
    • Gluten-free dishes.
  • Delivery area.
    This best meal delivery for one person ships free of charge to 21 states, including New York.


There are 4 weekly plans:

  • 4 servings a week – $15 per meal;
  • 6 servings a week – $12.99 per meal;
  • 8 servings a week – $11.99 per meal
  • 12 servings a week – $12.99 per meal.

On the website of the service (top of the page), you can see a promo-code that will get you a discount. Currently, it’s 25% off all 4 weekly plans.


You can contact the delivery service via a Live Chat, by phone, email, or by sending a message using the Contact Us page form.

5. Freshly – Chef-Curated Home Food Delivery for One Person

Freshly main page

Get perfectly calculated servings that are ready to eat in 3 minutes! The meals of the service are all-natural; there are no refined sugars or gluten. The best feature of the brand is that you don’t have to find time to cook. Every dish is curated by a chef, so all you have to do is microwave the order just in time for dinner.

Here’s something to know about this candidate for the best meal delivery service for singles:

  • Cost per week.
    The minimal weekly plan (4 meals) costs $45.96 plus shipping. The maximum plan (12 meals) costs $101.88.
  • Menu types.
    Service’s meals cater to people with the following eating habits:
    • Low-calorie;
    • Low-carb;
    • Dairy-free;
    • Gluten-free;
    • Peanut-free;
    • Vegetarian.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service ships to most states of the continental US. Unfortunately, there’s no delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.


There are 4 weekly plans:

  • Delivery of 4 servings in a week – $11.49 per meal;
  • Delivery of 6 servings in a week – $9.49 per meal;
  • Delivery of 10 servings in a week – $8.99 per meal;
  • Delivery of 12 servings in a week – $8,49 per meal.

The shipping fees are added at checkout, so the price of the plan isn’t final.


To find answers, you can use the FAQ section on the official website of the delivery service. If there’s no needed info there, you can call or text the service. Go to the Contact Us section to get emails and phone numbers.

6. HelloFresh – Meal Kits for One Person Lunch and Dinner

HelloFresh main page

HelloFresh and all the following delivery services aren’t focused on one-serving meals. However, all of them suit people who like to eat alone. You can prepare one meal and have both lunch and dinner ready. This will save a lot of time and even money.

So, the service offers a large menu that caters to most people. With their meal delivery, you get a kit and an easy step-by-step manual to help you prepare your favorite meals.

Let’s see the basic info:

  • Cost per week.
    The cost depends on the number of meals you order. The most popular option is 3 meals (2 servings each) a week for $53.94.
  • Menu types.
    The food range consists mostly of items that fit a regular eater. However, you can find vegetarian options that are no less delicious.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service provides shipping throughout the continental US. Hawaii and Alaska aren’t in the range, but the delivery service is trying to find a way to fix the situation.


The pricing depends on the number of meals you need in one week. There are 4 plans: 2 meals (2 servings each) for $12.49 per serving is the only plan that is different in price. 3, 4, and 5-meal plans cost $8.99 per serving. The standard shipping fee is $8.99 for one delivery.


There’s a great Helping Center & FAQ section on the website of the service. You can find the most frequent inquiries as buttons. Also, there’s an option to leave feedback by clicking on the “Feedback” button to your right.

7. Green Chef – Food Delivery Service for One Person (Lunch and Dinner)

Green Chef main page

Green Chef is another classic food delivery service suitable for single people who like to have their next-day lunch ready beforehand. It’s a service that cares about every ingredient they put in your kit. All the food you get is free of GMOs, preservatives, gluten, etc.

By buying a meal subscription box for one person (two dishes), you get organic food with USDA certification. The dish options are planned to suit amateur cooks, so it will be fun and easy to prepare them.

Let’s see the basics:

  • Cost per week.
    The cost depends on your plan, which is based on the diet you follow, not on the number of dishes per week. The price per meal is usually $9.99 to $12.99.
  • Menu types.
    The service offers 3 wonderful eating programs for:
    • Keto and paleo;
    • Plant-powered diets (if you’re vegan and vegetarian);
    • Balanced living (diverse recipes with meat and seafood; there are vegetarian options as well).
      The service is Certified Gluten-Free.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service offers deliveries throughout the most part of the continental US.


The pricing mostly depends on the type of meals you choose. This is what differs Green Chef from other food delivery services.

If you want to subscribe to keto and paleo foods, one serving will cost $12.99. There will be 2 servings per meal, so you’ll have something nice to eat during lunch and dinner.

In case the “Balanced Living” program by this service seems like your shot, one serving will cost $11.99. And if you’re looking for plant-based foods, the price will also be $11.99. Keep in mind that you automatically order two servings of one meal.

The shipping price will be added at checkout.


You can get answers in the FAQ section on the website, but customer support is also available via email, phone, or chat.

8. Sun Basket – Sustainable Single Person Meal Delivery Service

Sun Basket main page

An amazing perk that makes Sun Baster one of the best meal delivery services for one person is sustainable meals. Everyone striving to improve their quality of life should learn more about sustainability and incorporate its means into their lives. The main inspiration for such a kit came from Justine Kelly, the chef of San Francisco’s Slanted Door. Justine established Sun Basket to promote sustainable meals.

The dishes the delivery service offers are natural, wholesome, and very delicious. They are free from hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, etc. They are as close to the “farm-to-table” philosophy as possible, only you add one more chain link of delivery service.

The meals are 500-800 calories and curated by dietitians working for the service.

Here’s the basic info:

  • Cost per week.
    The meal plans of the service are custom, so the price will depend on the number of meals you need in a week. There are dinners, breakfasts, lunches, even drinks!
  • Menu types.
    You can find food to suit special eating plans like:
    • Healthy heart;
    • Lean and clean;
    • Vegetarian;
    • Mediterranean;
    • Vegan;
    • Paleo;
    • Carb-conscious;
    • Gluten-free;
    • Diabetes-friendly;
    • Pescetarian, etc.
      On the website, you can use filters to find meals that suit your lifestyle and cravings.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service covers almost all ZIP codes in the country, except for AK, HI, and partially MT, ND, and NM.


There are no standard meal plans like other food delivery services offer. You can pick any meal, add breakfast, etc., and create your own eating plan. As to the prices, the Fresh and Ready meals are $8.99 to $11.99/one serving.

If you want a meal kit, it will cost $10.99 to $13.99, depending on what you want to see in the kit. The shipping fee is $7.99 per order.


You can find a lot of information in the FAQ section. But if you need a special piece of advice, there are several ways to get it:

  • An automated issue solver;
  • “Ask an Expert” where you get answers from the service’s customers;
  • An AI chatbot;
  • Customer support via email, text, or call.

9. Blue Apron – Famous Single Person Meal Delivery (Lunch and Dinner)

Blue Apron main page

Blue Apron for single people is a real thing. Dividing the food between lunch and dinner is a wonderful lifehack that helps people who can’t find a specifically one-serving-per-meal option to cater to them. Blue Apron is famous for its original healthy recipes. It’s a great option for those solo eaters who love to try something new every day.

The service cares about sustainability, so farm food is often on the menu.

  • Cost per week.
    Depending on your plan and the type of food you order, the prices will be from $14.98 (2 meals per week).
  • Menu types.
    These food kits suit people who need/want to follow:
    • Vegetarianism;
    • Carb-conscious diet;
    • Mediterranean diet;
    • Plant-based diet;
    • Diabetes patients diet, etc.
      People who want to eat Weight Watchers Approved foods also often buy here. The service focuses on seasonal produce, organic, and healthy.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service ships to the 48 contiguous states of the country.


The plans include:

  • Signature – $9.99 per serving;
  • Signature x 4 (in case you have people over) – $7.49 per serving;
  • Vegetarian – $9.99 per serving;
  • Wellness – $9.99 per serving.

You can regulate the number of dishes per week. The first two plans have a limit of 4, while the latter two have a limit of 3. Some plans involve free shipping. If you choose one that requires a fee, it’s $7.99


As usual, there’s a lot of information in the Help & FAQ section, but you can contact Blue Apron using email or phone number mentioned in the footer of the website.

10. Home Chef – Comfort Meal Service for Singles

Home Chef main page

If you often crave comfort foods or like classic American dishes you used to eat as a child, this delivery service is the best option. The service takes the dishes that everyone knows and presents them in a new shade, adding something exciting. Such experiments aren’t a failure if you’re buying from Home Chef. They enhance the taste and pleasure you get from eating.

Along with dinners, the service provides smoothies, options to prepare in a slow-cooker if you like to cook your dishes, and even protein packs.

Let’s go through the basic facts you should know:

  • Cost per week.
    The cost per week can only be estimated. It depends on the food you choose, how many you need, and what requirements you have. One serving starts at $6.99.
  • Menu types.
    Although the focus is classic food, Home Chef gladly offers dishes in the following categories:
    • Vegetarian;
    • Wheat-free;
    • Nut-free;
    • Calorie-conscious;
    • Carb-conscious;
    • Dairy-free.
      The service tries to cater to the modern requirements of people who take food consciously and want to improve their health without losing their favorite taste. To find what you need quickly, use filters above the menu of the week.
  • Delivery area.
    The delivery service ships to most US states. To make sure your location is under coverage, check it by writing your zip code at checkout.


The prices start at $6.99. Customers get a pleasant bonus of free delivery if their order is $49 or more.


There’s a large FAQ section with all kinds of questions and honest answers. If you can’t find the information you need, there are several options to reach the service:

  • Filling out a feedback form;
  • Phone call.

There’s an Option for Everyone

Some of the best home delivery meals for one person are from fresh ingredients and can transform a regular evening into a pleasant date with yourself. Even if you have very strict rules about dining, there’s an option that will suit everyone. Modern delivery services cater to a wide variety of eaters.

And if you don’t like constant leftovers yet choosing just enough food to eat alone is too hard proportion-wise, boldly choose one of the aforementioned websites. They offer convenient order processes, fast delivery straight to your door, and delicious food to suit any diet plan.

Nowadays, people pay a lot of attention to what they eat, which is a good sign. It’s high time to adopt a new lifestyle and start eating healthier. Professional chefs, dietitians, and nutritionists are ready to help you reach your goals along with amazing food delivery services.

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