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February 25, 2021

Homebistro reviews insist that this company is among the best food delivery services. Indeed, the products used for the preparation of Home Bistro dishes are organic and comply with top requirements to products used for vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free dishes. All meals are carefully prepared by the best chef in the USA. If you order from Home Bistro, you get fresh dishes ready to be consumed after heating them.

Pricing Options Vary Depending on Your Order

Home Bistro is a popular meal delivery service in the USA. It provides its clients with fresh tasty meals in a variety of options. The prices for Home Bistro products are in the higher range, but there are reasons for it. The price is determined by the quality of ingredients and dishes.

If you want to reduce the price, create an account with Home Bistro, and you will get discounts on every order you place with Home Bistro. Also, coupons are offered constantly. Click the window with a special Home Bistro coupon to get your discount.

One more option to reduce costs is to order a combo – a set of 7, 10, or 20 meals.

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Types of Meal Kit Food Options

You can choose different food kits of Home Bistro delivery meals. One individual dish is a serving sufficient for an adult. Based on it, you can choose the exact amount of food.

Home Bistro offers food kits along with individual dishes. You can choose from a variety of dishes in all possible combinations combined in combos.

  •  You can start with a pack of 6 Home Bistro dishes. There are several options available on the Home Bistro website. They are selected with the intention to let you try the best dishes served by Home Bistro food delivery.
  • Another option is a pack of 7 meals. To make the choice easy, Home Bistro meal delivery has arranged for you ready packages. The meals are chosen to provide you with a variety of components and the needed nutrients. You can also try a combo from Cat Cara, one of the most famous chefs in the USA. Home Bistro collaborates with her to provide its clients the best experience.
  • If you need a bigger set, check packages from 10 meals. Home Bistro meal delivery service offers a variety of packages, including vegetarian and diabetic-friendly dishes.
  • A combo of 12 Home Bistro dishes offers delicious dishes prepared from a variety of ingredients. Along with side-dishes, you get fish, chicken, pork, turkey, and beef.
  •  A big selection of 14-meal packs provides every client with an opportunity to choose a Home Bistro package based on his/her needs. Diet, vegan, diabetic-friendly dishes are available.
  • Finally, the biggest choice is offered in a 20-meal pack. If you choose a 20-meal pack by Cat Cora, you can taste all the meals she has created for Home Bistro delivery. Every pack is created in a way to provide you with the biggest variety of flavors and all the nutritive elements needed for your body.

Quality of Products

For their dishes, Home Bistro food delivery uses top-quality products. The fact that Home Bistro gourmet meals are made from fresh quality ingredients makes all the meals exceptionally tasty and healthy.

All the products are natural, free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics. Organic locally sourced ingredients along with original dishes and professional cooking are the guarantee that you will love Home Bistro cuisine and can use the service even if you have restrictions for specific products.

When you choose specialized Home Bistro meals such as diabetic-friendly, low card, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes, you can be confident in their content and quality. Only real fresh ingredients are used for food preparation. No preservatives are contained in dishes.

Home Bistro makes sure that all the animals used for food are raised on US farms without using hormones or steroids. They are vegetarian-fed to comply with all the required standards.

The process of meal preparation is very easy. The dishes are delivered in special bags, and they can be warmed up in these bags.

You can put the bag in boiling water and wait until the food is ready to be eaten. Or you can warm the dish in a microwave oven. All Home Bistro dishes don’t need to be seasoned or whatever, they come with all the needed ingredients. The entire preparation time is around 10 minutes or less.

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Ordering Process

Based on Home Bistro reviews, the ordering process of prepared foods is hassle-free. You can order any meal directly from the Home Bistro website. To order your healthy meal, proceed with the following steps:

  • Choose a dish or a pack of dishes.
  • Proceed with checkout.
  • Provide the address, and wait for the order.

You might order organic food without registration or upon registering on the Home Bistro website. If you register, you get some benefits such as:

  • The history of ordering: it will save your time when you are choosing meals.
  • A discount: it is offered for registered clients.
  • You save time: the checkout process is faster.

Don’t forget, please, that the order you place on the Home Bistro website is ultimate. Once it is placed, you cannot change or cancel it. If you make a mistake in the delivery address, contact the Home Bistro support asap, they do all the best to help. If the order is shipped out, it cannot be returned. If you have received your order, and the quality isn’t satisfying, contact the company customer support within 24 hours for a solution.

These conditions are because all the products are perishable. You need to check every detail before placing an order.

Individual orders are shipped to the same address only, not to different addresses. Shipment cannot be performed to a P.O. box. If your order is above 149.99, you can count on free shipping within the day of ordering the meal.


The food is prepared in the Home Bistro kitchen. After the food is ready, it is flash-frozen. It helps to keep the meal fresh and avoid the formation of ice crystals.

Home Bistro aims to deliver fresh food to clients. The food shall be prevented by all means from defrosting. All the meals that are ready for delivery are packed in insulated boxes. The dishes are safe from defrosting and come fresh to the client.

To keep the temperature at the needed level, dry ice is used. Even if you see that dry ice has melted, but the food is still refrigerator-cold, you can put the dishes in your fridge and use them as intended.

The dishes are delivered by FedEx. The delivery time varies from 1 to 3 business days, depending on the order and the location of a client. Home Bistro sends food to any part of the USA except for Alaska and Hawaii.


Home Bistro meal delivery reviews insist that the customer support of the company is efficient and friendly.

The best way to contact the best delivery service is to do it via their online form. A Home Bistro customer support representative will contact you within 24 hours and try to solve the issue you have faced. From reviews, you can learn that the arising issues are resolved efficiently.

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Similar Services

Along with Home Bistro, many other food delivery services operate in the USA. Among those that deserve your attention, the following can be distinguished.

Mom’s Meals Delivery Service

Service with such a name shall be good. Mom’s Meals complies with the expectations of its clients. This service aims to deliver healthy and tasty food to senior citizens and people with special needs.

The service provides meals options for all the dietary needs:

  • Diabetic-friendly;
  • Renal-friendly;
  •  Vegetarian;
  • Heart-friendly;
  • Low-sodium;
  • Cancer support and several more options.

The prices are low compared to similar services, and the meals are designed to provide clients with special needs dishes that provide a person with all the needed nutrients.

The main benefits are the price (meals are budget-friendly), a good choice of options.

The main drawbacks are numerous complaints about their customer service and delivery service. Also, diabetic-friendly and renal-friendly meals are told to contain too much sugar.

Blue Apron

One more known food delivery service is Blue Apron. This is a good choice for those who love to cook at home. With Blue Apron, you need to register an account. You subscribe to a plan based on your preferences.

It works like this. You choose recipes based on your subscription. The company sends all the ingredients directly to your door. You can cook the chosen meal with the ingredients.

A price per serving is reasonable, but the serving is sufficient just for an adult, don’t count on leftovers. Along with the dish, you still might need to cook something. So, you still have to do your grocery. Once you buy the needed things, you realize that the set delivered by Blue Apron isn’t so budget-friendly.

The ingredients come always in perfect condition, well-frozen. But they aren’t of premium quality. If you love seasoned food, you might need to add spices.

This is not an option for those who have experience in cooking and love to cook. Fur such people, the recipes and the food might seem too bland and simple. But if your aim is to cook a tasty dish fast, a set by Blue Apron is just right for it.

One of the advantages of this food delivery service is that here, you can order wine pairing to the recipe. On average, one bottle of wine costs around 10 USD, which is budget-friendly, indeed. You can also learn more about wine pairing with specific dishes.

Green Chef

The main distinguishing feature of this food delivery service is its focus on fresh veggie meals. You can also order kits with meat, but still, they have a nice portion of veggies. This is a perfect choice for those who want to make their diet lighter and focus on vegetable consumption more.

Green Chef has a couple of vegetarian options, too, though it isn’t focused on vegetarian dishes.

You don’t have a long-term commitment to the service, but there are limitations. For example, per shipment, you can order at least three kits. Each kit shall contain at least two portions. So, the minimum order of portions equals six.

This service focuses on organic food. Most dishes need basic heating or mixing and are ready to eat. You might even mix different dishes or add your own ingredients.

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