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August 14, 2021

Ordering healthy and organic food isn’t a trend anymore. It is a reality for most people who take care of their health and don’t have time for cooking with exquisite ingredients. By using prepared foods, you can save time, send positive vibes and enjoy your fresh dinner without much effort. If you want to try a new meal delivery service and enjoy healthy options, Send a Meal plans are good for you.

The company offers a fresh meal service for everyone who places an order. But do you need to spend money on one of the most popular food delivery services? Is it good enough to send the dishes to your door and follow your diet with Send a Meal menus? This is the question to be answered in this Send a Meal review.

Short Overview: Pros and Cons

Send a Meal food delivery service is a well-known company to offer fresh and organic food options to clients. The principle of work is common to other meal service companies. You can order the food by choosing from the options on the website. And the meal is sent to your door on time. Let’s see what positive and negative sides the clients have already noticed in the work of the service:

  • Send a Meal ratings prove it has a wide audience and followers all over the country. The company entered the market a long time ago. They started their professional activity 15 years ago to develop their facilities and offer top-quality food options as the best delivery service on the market.
  • The quality of the meal is fairly good. Send a Meal reviews say that clients enjoy the variety of dishes available on the website. There are various Send a Meal recipe cards with vegan options, for example.
  • But there’s one thing that should be noted. When you read the reviews of Send a Meal, you may notice some signs of dissatisfaction. People aren’t satisfied with the delivery process in some cases. It may happen that ordering a meal from the company isn’t possible due to the flow of orders. It is especially common for festive days and holidays. So, if you decide to order Send a Meal meal kits reviews, you should do everything ahead of time.

When you choose the company for ordering the food, you should consider both its good and bad sides. In the case of Send a Meal meal delivery reviews, you should pay attention to the delivery issues and send the food properly. If you’re okay with the waiting time, you should go for the food from the company.

Send a Meal review


What’s the price for the services? How much is Send a Meal? It’s time to talk a bit about the menu types and discuss a Send a Meal pricing. The first thing to be mentioned is the type of menus on the website. What options can you get when you decide to choose Send a Meal meal kits review?

  • You can find different cuisines on the menu. The company is mainly focused on Mexican, Italian or Asian styles. But you will find a vast majority of American-style dishes.
  • The portions are huge. When you order a meal, you should expect a big plate of everything.
  • Can you order a dessert separately? Yes, there’s such an option. But you will most likely find complete dinners on the menu.
  • The menu is highly effective for people following a specific diet. If you struggle with the diabetes diet, you can order something from Send a Meal meal reviews. There are vegan and gluten-free options, too.

The price for the portion will vary depending on the type of food you choose, the number of portions. On average, you will have to pay about $15 per one portion which isn’t the lowest price on the market. Are Send a Meal prices high? No, they are good enough for the target clients.

How Send a Meal Works

How does the company work? By reading reviews for Send a Meal, you must know that the service offers complete dinner options for the clients. You may choose different menu types, but most food will be in the form of dinner. When you choose the food, the company will send your order to your door. Do you need to cook the food? No, the food is previously cooked, so that you only need to heat it.

How Easy Are ‘Send a Meal’ Meal Kits to Prepare?

When you order food from the company, you do it on purpose. Spending time in the kitchen isn’t the best idea for busy people. Send a Meal offers pre-cooked dishes that need no cooking procedures in the kitchen. You need to take the plates out of the box and heat them. That’s it! Your food is ready to go.

Who Is Send a Meal Good For?

This is a perfect idea for busy people who spend most of their time at work. Or you can also try the service if you simply don’t like to cook. The food has different tastes and fits many specific diets. You can still follow your meal plan while enjoying the food delivery service. This is a nice alternative for busy families that need to feed themselves throughout the day.

Who It Isn’t Good For?

What’s Send a Meal cost? The price of the food isn’t cheap enough. There are cheaper options on the market. So, in this case, the food may be inappropriate for students who want to save some money.

Send a Meal Packaging and Usability

Clients agree that the packaging is quite convenient. Food is transferred in well-sealed boxes. It helps the ingredients stay fresh. Food comes with dry ice so that nothing gets spoiled when the managers send food to your door.

How Send a Meal Works

Changing and Canceling Order

Can you cancel the order? Yes, you can surely cancel the order, but mind these 2 necessary things. First off, you should do it beforehand and cancel at least in a week. Second of all, you won’t get any refund if you do it late. Food is prepared beforehand. So, if you cancel the order the day before the delivery date, you won’t be able to get your money back in most cases.

Customer Service

Have you got any questions? You’re welcome to address them to the customer service team. Support managers will pleasantly answer your questions if you have any. How can you ask them? On the website, there’s a live chat. Use it if you need to find the answer to some issues. You can also send an email to the company. But it is for more formal communication. In some cases, you may also call the managers and pose your questions to them.

The Competition

Are there any other options? Let’s compare Send a Meal with other services and see the difference. At first, we may try HelloFresh:

  • This is a food company that sends pre-portioned food to the clients.
  • You will have to work a bit more on the ingredients to cook them.
  • The price is higher due to the choice of the ingredients and the menu options.

This is a healthy choice if you want to try a new plan for the next week. Now we may go for another platform. Let’s take Freshly:

  • You can order microwavable meals. They still look nice and are functional.
  • You don’t need to think about the grocery shopping list because all the ingredients are already packed into the boxes.

There are lots of services apart from Send a Meal company. You have the choice to choose.

The Verdict

Send a Meal is a great company if you don’t have time to cook. The choice of food is awesome. It can fit almost any diet, so don’t hesitate to open the website and try to order something. Is the price high? You may find it higher than average on the market. But with a Send a Meal promo code, the cost of the services will be cheaper. One thing you can be bothered about is the ordering process. If the number of orders is huge, the company may respond with some minor delays. So, be ready to wait when the schedule is tight. It mostly happens during the holiday season.

Are ‘Send a Meal’ Meals Healthy?

Yes, you shouldn’t be bothered about the healthiness of the ingredients. The programs are developed by experienced chefs. There are different menu options. You have the choice of food. Vegan options, diabetes-free plans, or gluten-free recipes are available on the website.

Can I Try Send a Meal for Free?

No, you can’t try the food for free. The whole team of experienced chefs and nutritionists is working on the recipes. They dedicate their time to help the delivery company send the order to your door. This is why trying food without paying money is impossible. But you can benefit from the free shipping. It is also a great thing about the service.

Is Send a Meal Worth the Money?

Yes, it is surely worth your attention and money. You should go online and place your order to check the quality and taste of the dishes. It will be a nice experience. It will save you time and help spend fewer hours in the kitchen.

Is Send a Meal Easy to Cancel?

Feel free to cancel the order if your plans change. But be careful to do the procedure ahead of time. You will need to cancel the order in a week. Otherwise, the company most likely won’t refund your money.

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