Lose Weight With a Jenny Craig vs Medifast Review

August 12, 2021

Ordering food online has become a common practice for people who want to lose weight. If you take care of your body and want to fuel it with necessary foods, you should choose the best meal services. In this Jenny Craig vs Medifast, you will find out which service can bring you better results. Is it worth ordering food from online platforms? Can you lose weight by eating healthy food? It is time to answer this question!

Short Overview

Let’s start our Jenny Craig vs Medifast comparison with the first meal delivery service. Jenny Craig is mainly focused on people who want to experience an interesting diet plan to stay fit and healthy while losing weight. The Jenny Craig service isn’t about the food only. When you choose Jenny Craig, you should expect high-quality healthy, prepared foods and real support from the consultants. What’s also great about the best delivery service is the meal tracking tools. You can track your success and measure everything. You will enjoy a professional Jenny Craig approach to the weight-loss process without strange ingredients during cooking.

When talking about the Medifast vs Jenny Craig, we must also mention the competitor. This is one of the best food delivery services for weight-loss purposes. Medifast lol offers you fresh and organic recipes to help you track the calories every day. Being professionally designed by a renowned doctor, the program has already helped tons of clients with their problems. Do you need to go grocery shopping and look for some Medifast organic food options? No, because everything comes pre-packed with Medifast.

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Which is better – Jenny Craig vs Medifast? Let’s look at the comparison and review the basic data about the services.

Jenny Craig Medifast
Price $390 per month $320 per month
Menu Types
  • Fast weight-loss diet
  • Long-term weight-loss diet
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Simple Plan
  • Essential Plan
  • Rapid Plan
Delivery Area US US

As you can see, the difference between Medifast and Jenny Craig is noticeable. But what are the main traits, and what should you know about each company? Let’s review the services closer and help you choose the best one.

Plan and Pricing

Let’s start with the cost comparison. What prices do you have on the Jenny Craig website? In many cases, the price for the Jenny Craig dishes is more or less the same among the similar diet programs. But the prices for Jenny Craig meals are considerably higher, which is seen as a real drawback for many clients who want to try the service. Why is the price considered to be a real drawback? First off, you will have to cover the Jenny Craig monthly fee. When you pay for it, it’s time to cover the price for the dishes. In general, you will need about $25 per day. If we take a month, it will cost you about $700 depending on the package you choose.

What happens when you order from Medifast? You can choose a cheaper plan starting from $320 per service. If you purchase Medifast for the first time, you can even save some dollars. Compared to Jenny Craig, you will spend less if you buy food from Medifast. So, if the price is an important factor for you, you should go for Medifast. This way, you will get more benefits and save some money still using a quality service.

Types of Menu

Now it’s time to compare Jenny Craig vs Medifast and see what menu types these two companies offer to the clients. The principle is similar in both services. But there are still some differences that you should know. Let’s see what options are available on the website.

Jenny Craig Menu Types

First, we are going to discuss the Jenny Craig menus and see what options clients have. Let’s start with the discussions:

  • You can order Jenny Craig food online using your phone. The company offers a huge choice of snacks for every taste. The same goes for the choice of dishes.
  • You can choose different calories plans carefully calculated based on your activity level and goals. You will know the number of calories you consume during the meals.
  • You can ask for vegan options. There are also peanut-free diet plans or soy-friendly meals. If you have any dietary restrictions, you should contact Jenny Craig consultants. They will find the best meal plan to fit your preferences.
  • What are other options? You may order a Simple meal plan. It is a great thing for those clients who don’t need fast results. There’s also an essential and rapid meal plan for those of you who need real results within a short time. You will get breakfast options and lunch ideas. If you pay more, you may also get Jenny Craig dinners and snacks.

Will you enjoy healthy food and lose weight? It’s hard to state because every case is special. If you follow the restrictions and choose the right ingredients, you will notice the differences. The company doesn’t avoid added sugars. So, you risk eating more calories and getting unnecessary nutrients from the food.

Medifast Menu Types

Let’s see what meal options you can find at the Medifast platform. Here are lots of interesting things to try:

  • First off, you can enjoy up to 40 different Medifast food plans. There are also Lean and Green meal ideas. You can order different snacks to make your food routine more effective.
  • When you order food from Medifast, you can reach your dietary goals faster. Ingredients are full of protein. For this reason, you can burn fat and build muscles better.
  • Do you have any medical restrictions? Medifast will take into account everything to create a perfect custom plan for you.

Food on the platform is supposed to be a perfect choice for your weight-loss journey. Every Medifast recipe is properly designed to give the best nutrients and fuel your body. If you wonder whether Jenny Craig or Medifast is worth your attention, you should try both. But in the search for a top-quality healthy meal, you should choose Medifast.

Packaging and Delivery

Let’s take the delivery process and packaging issues. It is an interesting thing when you order online. Will your order be safely shipped to your door? What are the packaging options, and how fast will it happen? Let’s make it clear with Jenny Craig and Medifast.

First off, let’s talk about Jenny Craig. Here you can benefit from a truly convenient delivery option. If you want, you may ask for the delivery to your door. Or you may get your food at the local Jenny Craig center. It is a comfortable thing and makes the ordering process more flexible. Will you benefit from eco-friendly Jenny Craig packages? We can surely state that the company takes care of its packaging processes. They will send you the Jenny Craig items in recyclable boxes so that you can either reuse or recycle them.

Now it’s time to get a better idea about the Medifast delivery services. When you order from Medifast, you should wait about 2 business days for the shipping procedure to start. How long does it take to ship the order? You will need about 5 days to get the meal. If your order costs more than $250, you will get a free Medifast shipping option. Following an eco-friendly policy, the company offers recyclable boxes for clients. So, you should be calm when working with both services. Each of them takes care of nature and tries its best to ensure the sustainability of the delivery process.

Cooking Process and Taste

The cooking process is more or less similar if we take both Jenny Craig and Medifast companies. The platforms are focused on shipping pre-packed meal boxes to make the cooking process easier. Every recipe is carefully designed by the chef with the help of nutritionists. You will receive a low-calorie dish with the necessary nutrients and supplements to fuel your body. When you get your meal, all you need is to heat everything properly. Not many steps are needed to enjoy your food at home.

What about taste? It is a subjective aspect. If we take a look at the reviews, there are different thoughts about the taste of the dishes. Some clients state that Jenny Craig food has more intensive taste. But they also agree that recipes contain more sugar than expected. On the other hand, Medifast offers dishes with no added sugars. It makes everything healthier but makes the taste plain. It’s your choice, and you will surely win from any of the platforms. But if you want a better calorie count and cleaner eating routine, Medifast should be your option.

Medifast page

Ordering and Cancellation Process

How should you order the meal? The process is easy. When you decide on the platform, you can go ahead and choose the meal plan. On the website, you will find help from the consultants. If you need no support, you may open the website and choose the plan on your own. When you’re done with the food, you should pay the fee and wait until your Jenny Craig or Medifast order is processed. Managers will work on the order and send you the mail. Now you have to wait when pre-packed food will be at your door.

Want to cancel the order? Jenny Craig and Medifast have a common policy on the cancellation process. If you don’t need your order anymore, you should cancel it in advance. Otherwise, you may not be refunded.

Customer Support

What questions do you have? Are there any problems with the order? Whenever you get questions about Jenny Craig or Medifast, you should address them with the support team. Both companies have a responsive customer support team. Jenny Craig and Medifast managers will carefully analyze your problem and give answers. You can contact them either by email or using a live chat.


What service is better to choose? Both Jenny Craig and Medifast companies may help you beneficially lose weight. You don’t need to take care of the cooking process. You get your food pre-packed. And all you need is to heat your Jenny Craig or Medifast meal. Want lower prices? You should choose Medifast. But if you need a richer taste, you may try Jenny Craig. Both companies offer top-quality services and should help you lose extra weight.

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