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January 27, 2021

Have you invited friends to have dinner but lack the time for cooking? Today, you can use a meal delivery service and have hot meals on your table fast. The only thing you need to do is to choose a good meal delivery that can offer high-quality food options at a fair price. There is no American who has never ordered or at least heard about the Home Chef food delivery service. Is it a good choice for you? Check this unbiased Home Chef review and find out whether you should buy a Home Chef meal kit or search for other delivery services.

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Is Home Chef good? There are many positive reviews of Home Chef delivery service that start like “I tried Home Chef and was satisfied with the variety of recipes, quality of foods, and fast shipping.” At the end of the review of Home Chef, it is necessary to admit that this meals delivery company is worth choosing due to several reasons. First of all, Home Chef offers dishes for any taste and makes it possible to customize your order. Secondly, the price for top quality organic foods is reasonable. You can use promo codes and get a discount.

You can make substitutions of products to make the cost fit your budget. Thirdly, it is easy to pause or stop meal delivery whenever you want. To do it, you should just enter your personal account and choose the appropriate option. Reviews for Home Chef prove that it is one of the best meal delivery services that help save time for cooking and gain new culinary skills by using step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipe cards with all the guidelines. “Home Chef, is it worth it?” – Definitely, yes. Using top-quality Home Chef meal delivery services, you don’t have to worry about your diversified daily menu.

Experts will recommend what dishes to select, taking into account your personal preferences and dietary restrictions. If you have special requirements, share them with Home Chef experts, and they will plan your menu based on your personal instructions. Home cooking can be as easy as ABC if you have such a helper as Home Chef meals that correspond to all the quality standards.


How much does Home Chef cost? The price for foods depends on what you order, but in general, the cost varies from $7.49 to $9.49 per serving. Take into account that the Home Chef pricing policy doesn’t suppose a lower price for serving if you order several servings at a time. The cost remains the same. According to many Home Chef reviews, one of the distinctive features of the Home Chef delivery service is that they offer to order up to 8 servings at a time.

Home Chef shipping cost depends on whether you select the food kit as it is or change the composition of the box. If you want to add some options or change proportions, take into account that you may need to pay an additional fee for the upgrade or substitution of some products, their quantity or quality. Organic antibiotic-free meat costs more than conventional meat foods. Food delivery services will cost you $13.99. If you want to get a Home Chef discount code, you can enter the Groupon website and check whether there are valid codes you could use. Copy and paste the Home Chef promo code to get a discount for food delivery services.

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There are other ways to make your Home Chef orders cheaper. One of them is a possibility to earn $35 if you invite a friend who will place an order for meals. Also, you can enjoy special offers from the delivery service. For example, you may get a discount from their partners if you order three times. Those who order food regularly will get free boxes for friends and family members after every five orders. There are many other cool rewards from the company partners in the form of discounts. For this, you should order food from Home Chef and get badges. If you are with Home Chef for long, you will definitely be rewarded with nice bonuses.

Don’t you know what present to give to your close ones? Home Chef meals delivery can become a great gift to your friends, colleagues, or family members. You can choose the gift amount up to $65, $125, $250, or enter your own amount, personalize the order, and it will be delivered to the recipient.

Types of Meal Kit Food Options

Home Chef is very popular with meat-eating families. It is worth admitting that their meal kit options are usually meat-heavy. Are you a vegan? Don’t worry. Home Chef is one of the best delivery services for vegetarians. Every week, they offer at least three new meals for veggies. One of the main distinctive features of Home Chef delivery service is that they provide clients with an opportunity to customize meals. You are welcome to check the full menu of all the types of food kit options and pick the meals you want to try. All the Chef food kits are delivered with the recipe card inside the box for you to follow the instructions and cook the dish.

There are kits with freshly prepared foods for any taste. It is up to you to check how much time it will take you to cook a certain dish and whether it has any notes about food allergies. When you check the menu, you will see all the details about ingredients, cooking time, and difficulty level. You can change the content of your meal box if you want to add protein or substitute one ingredient with another one. Meal kits contain organic food only. Whether you want to taste honey butter crispy chicken or pork tenderloin Marsala, you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes at the Home Chef meal delivery service. There are recipes for anyone, regardless of your culinary skills.

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Quality of Products

One of the most important options to discuss in the Home Chef meal kits review is the quality of products. Choosing any Home Chef meal options, you can be sure that they contain only fresh organic foods. Meat products are free from antibiotics. There are no Home Chef bad reviews as all the meals correspond to quality standards. It is easy to follow a healthy diet if you create an account on the Home Chef delivery service page and collect culinary recipes according to your preferences. You can choose the quality of meat or substitute one product with another ingredient if you wish. Fresh and easy recipes make it possible to feed a group of eight people fast.

Ordering Process: How Does It Work?

“How can I buy meals from Home Chef?” It’s the next question to answer in the detailed Home Chef review. There are several easy steps you should take to taste delicious meals. Follow the guidelines below.

  • Create an account to personalize your menu options. It is very convenient to manage your menu options from your personal account. You can choose products among the recommended options on the basis of your preferences and dietary restrictions or choose options from the full menu.
  • Select the meal kit option among the available recipes. New recipes are added regularly. Choose meals depending on your diet and personal preferences.
  • Make sure that you feel ok with all the ingredients. If you want to add something or substitute one ingredient with another one, don’t hesitate to use a special feature, “Customize it.” You can double up protein, add more of your favorite ingredients, etc.
  • Proceed to build a box that fits your needs. Choose the number of meals and servings and proceed to checkout. You will see the price for products and the shipping cost. Make safe payments using your PayPal account and pick the foods you’ve ordered.

Everything is as easy as ABC. You don’t have to spend hours in the supermarket looking for high-quality organic foods. Using the best delivery service, Home Chef, you can save much time on the search for products and recipes that are worth cooking. Spend several minutes to check meal options and get a great cooking experience with Home Chef foods. The menu is updated every week for you to try new healthy and tasty dishes regularly.

Discover what options are recommended for you this week and have the chosen meals delivered to your doorstep. The good news is that you can choose meals even on the go. There is a user-friendly mobile app that you can use wherever you are. Whether you use iOS or Android, download an application, and pick meals with several clicks. Do you want to stop ordering food from Home Chef for some time? It isn’t a problem. You can stop the membership using your account and skip meals if you want to make a pause for some period.

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According to Home Chef meal kits reviews, the service protects foods from contamination. All of the food items in large are packaged in recyclable plastic separately. You shouldn’t worry about the quality of the packaging. The company delivers foods only in non-toxic plastic and uses packaging that meets all the necessary requirements for food storage. The delivery service provides you with all the options you may need for cooking the chosen meal. Some boxes include even disposable pans and other items for cooking. For example, if the recipe supposes the use of a grilling packet, it will be delivered together with all the necessary ingredients.


Do you have any questions on how meals delivery works? You are welcome to check the informative FAQ section. If you don’t find the necessary answer there, send a request to the customer support via email. Share personal details, your question, and any attachments if they are helpful to deal with your problem. Writing an email isn’t the only way how you could reach customer support. You will find telephone numbers on the site page. Call and ask any questions you have, or feel free to share your suggestions on how to improve the food delivery service. Take into account that customer support team members will respond during certain working hours. You can contact customer care any day of the week, except for Sunday.

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Similar Services

More and more people try to spend as little time cooking as possible. That’s why it isn’t surprising that food delivery services gain such great popularity in the USA and around the world. Home Chef is one of the great options to choose from, but it isn’t the only delivery service that is worth your attention.

Another one is Blue Apron food delivery. You select the ingredients according to your preferences and diet restrictions. The service offers a diet plan for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, those who keep a vegetarian diet, and those who eat healthy foods.

HelloFresh is one more meal delivery service with a wide assortment of dishes. The company has a minimum order per week that is three meals, each of which must consist of 2 servings.

Sun Basket is a delivery service that suits those who keep to a vegetarian or Paleo plan as well as those who want to save time on meals shopping and cooking.

These are just some of the meal delivery services available in today’s market. It is up to you to conduct research and choose the service that can meet all of your personal requirements. Pay attention to the range of meals the delivery company has, how much it costs to order food, whether the service has a subscription delivery plan or not. There are many nuances that are worth paying attention to if you want to make the process of cooking simple and keep to a healthy diet.

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