Green Chef Meal Delivery Service Review: Everything You Need to Know

January 27, 2021

Have you decided to try a Keto or plant-powered diet? Green Chef is a meal delivery service for everyone who keeps a healthy lifestyle. It’s an organic company where you can order a Green Chef meal kit according to your personal diet restrictions and preferences. It isn’t difficult to guess that the name of the delivery service means that they focus on green, healthy foods. Are you a fan of organic food who wants to eat fresh meals, regardless of the lack of time? Then, check how you can benefit from ordering Green Chef food delivery. “Green Chef, is it worth it?” – Find this out in the Green Chef review below.

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Is Green Chef good? As you can conclude from this Green Chef review, it is the food delivery service that delivers fresh organic food. You won’t find Green Chef bad reviews from dissatisfied clients as the company takes care of the quality of products and packaging on the top level. The range of dishes is impressive. Whether you keep to a vegan diet or want to eat healthy foods weekly, keeping to a balanced family plan, register at the Green Chef delivery service, and select the plan that fits your needs and the needs of your family members. You can customize food options and order meals taking into account your personal dietary restrictions.

All of the reviews for Green Chef claim that it is one of the top choices of food delivery services.

Everyone who has ever ordered gluten-free fresh meals with vegetables says: “I tried Green Chef, and I will continue keeping to their diet plan as it is healthy and of high quality.” It isn’t surprising because Green Chef has become a leading meal delivery service that offers tasty foods that can be cooked within 30 minutes. It is definitely a good choice for those who are too busy to go to the supermarket, choose good quality products, and look for recipes. Green Chef will take care of your family, providing you with the possibility to work as much as you need without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

Pricing: How Much Will It Cost You to Keep a Healthy Diet?

Do you wonder how much does Green Chef cost? It is one of the most important points to pay attention to. The exact price depends on your preferences. It is possible to choose up to 4 portions for each meal. Can you skip a week? The good news is that the company makes it possible to make a pause in getting food delivery services. You can cancel food delivery if you don’t want to get prepared foods due to personal reasons or can’t pay for food delivery services anymore. For this, you just need to enter your account and either skip or cancel Green Chef food delivery.

Is there any minimum order you should get weekly on a subscription basis? Despite the fact that the long-term commitment is absent, each shipment must contain 3 food kits. The price per portion varies from $9.99 to $12.99. Take into account that you may need to pay an extra fee for the shipping, depending on your location. On average, you will pay about $26.97 for Green Chef meal delivery if you order 3 or 4 meals weekly. Is there any way to save on the food delivery from Green Chef? If you check reviews from those who have already tried this delivery service, you will see that most are satisfied with the pricing policy.

If you have a Green Chef discount code, apply it on the main page after you select the diet plan that fits your personal preferences and your budget best. Where can you get a Green Chef promo code? Check the Groupon website; there are many various codes with discounts and special offers for delivery services and other services. Take into account that the price per serving will be lower if you order a large box for 6 people. The cost per serving is $11.99 if you order meals for two people, while the cost per serving is $9.99 if you order meals for 6 people.

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Types of Meal Kit Food Options

“What Green Chef meal options can you order?” – It’s the next point to consider in the review of Green Chef. The company offers to choose from three food kit plans. They are the following types:

  • Keto and Paleo diet plan;
  • Balanced diet;
  • Different food options for vegans and veggies.

You are welcome to sign up and fill out your personal nutrition plan from your account. Select Green Chef meal options that fit your weekly ration best and get products for your healthy lifestyle. All of the food options contain many vegetables, which are delivered fresh. According to most Green Chef reviews, the menu is updated on a weekly basis. It means that you can check the site of the food delivery service and upgrade your weekly diet. It is possible to customize the chosen options by adding or substituting ingredients.

It is very convenient to create your perfect Green Chef dish by upgrading your meal plan. Don’t hesitate to make any changes and improvements to your regular shipment. All the recipes are easy to follow and will fit both a beginner and an expert cooker. You can check how much it will take you to cook a certain dish before you select it as one of your meals. One of the advantages of Green Chef is that they make it possible to eat organic foods and save much valuable time without sacrificing a healthy lifestyle. There is a wide selection of dishes for every taste, including those who don’t eat meat and animal products. Not every food delivery service offers a good choice of vegan foods that are both tasty and diversified. In comparison with competitors, Green Chef gives many helpful recommendations on how to cook a dish, which means you can improve your cooking skills.

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Quality of Products

It isn’t a secret that cooking healthy dishes takes much time and effort. Do you want to keep a healthy diet but experience a catastrophic lack of time? Even if you pay Green Chef shipping cost, it won’t be that much for top-quality organic products. Green Chef is the best delivery service for fans of the Keto diet and plant-powered meal plans. All of the meals contain natural ingredients necessary for a healthy balanced nutrition plan. By choosing the Green Chef service, you can be sure that you will get fresh organic food that doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. It doesn’t matter what meal plan you will choose; you’ll enjoy GMO-free meals that can be cooked within half an hour.

It is up to you to select your meal plan and make any changes you want weekly. Green Chef delivery service offers everyone to create his/her own plan of meals. Share your personal preferences when filling out a personal account. If you want to eat healthy foods weekly without keeping to one diet plan only, choose the balanced living plan. It’s the combination of all other meal types with the most diversified ratio. Boxes with foods from Green Chef contain premade sauces with a list of ingredients for you to know what you consume. All other ingredients are ready for cooking.

Ordering Process: How Does It Work?

It is as easy as ABC to get fresh organic products from one of the most popular meal delivery services, Green Chef. It will take you several minutes. You should register an account, log in, and get started. Due to the fact that Green Chef is a subscription-based delivery service, you need to fill out all the details of your eating habits to plan the ration that will fit your family and you best. After that, you should check all of the available food plans and select the plan that fits you best. Choose the number of servings per week. Don’t forget to apply a promo code to get a discount if you have one. Then, you are supposed to enter your email and get started. Proceed to the checkout. You can make a payment via PayPal or use your credit/debit card. You will get your Green Chef meals within a short time.

Packaging: Is It Reliable or Not?

Let’s proceed to the quality of the packaging. If you check any Green Chef meal kits review, you will see that customers admit that the packaging is reliable. The company delivers meals where each ingredient is sealed inside plastic. Some may say that there is even too much plastic in kits delivered by Green Chef. Not all meal delivery services use so much plastic. It is necessary to admit that all the meals are protected from any conditions that could negatively influence product quality. You get a meal kit in the paper bag that has a label and instructions on how to cook the chosen dish. You shouldn’t worry about your meals arriving melted. The company takes care of every detail and uses ice blocks for you to get your products chilly, regardless of weather conditions.

Support: How Effective Is It?

Customer support is effective here. You won’t find Green Chef meal kit reviews where customers claim that they didn’t get answers to their questions. All the information about the delivery service and their diet plans is available in the FAQ section. If you have any questions, you are recommended to look for the answer there. Just type a keyword to find the necessary category of questions and read answers. If you haven’t found the necessary information, don’t hesitate to contact customer support specialists.

Green Chef has a team of professions who react quickly for their customers not to wait for hours to get the information they need. One of the distinctive features of the Green Chef food delivery service is that you can reach their customer support round-the-clock. Just use a live chat option 24/7 and get instant answers to any questions. You can also call the customer support team from Monday to Friday. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance in the choice of menu options if you have doubts regarding your best choice.

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Similar Services

Green Chef is one of the most popular meal delivery services, but it isn’t the only one in today’s market. The demand for organic food delivery grows, and new delivery services appear. One of the services where one can get healthy foods is Purple Carrot. Like Green Chef, the company offers planted-based meals. Here, you can also select ingredients you like, mix, and match them to get your perfect meal kit. Purple Carrot is the place where you can order foods high in protein as well as different quick and easy meals for any taste. You can buy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in just one click.

Martha & Marley Spoon delivery service is another meal service that offers dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians. You can order dinners for the whole family and not worry when guests have come suddenly. Select the box of meals according to your preferences, and you will have meals on your table fast. The more meals you order per week, the cheaper the cost will be. As for the shipping cost, it is $8.99 here.

One more meal delivery service is Plated Meal Delivery Service. Like delivery services that have already been mentioned above, Plated Meal is a subscription mail delivery. All of the dishes are delivered with instructions and are easy to cook. But compared to Green Chef, the service doesn’t include many helpful tips for cooking.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from today. You are recommended to select your diet, depending on your personal preferences and restrictions, and order meals from a company that can meet all of your requirements.

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