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Choose the Best Keto Delivery Deals From the List

December 3, 2021

Following a specific diet is usually prescribed by the doctor. But sometimes people decide on their own whether they want to switch to another way of eating or not. For example, following a keto diet means you restrict yourself from a wide range of regular products and prefer more fats in your daily recipes. So why do people choose a keto diet and stop following a regular eating routine?

  • It’s said and proven by many followers that keto eating can help you lose weight fast. By following strict food choice restrictions, you make your body work differently.
  • It’s an interesting way of dieting. You don’t need to force yourself to eat bad food. The variety of recipes is huge. You can find substitutes for many products and cook tasty recipes while still being on a diet.
  • It can help manage different types of diseases. In many cases, doctors prescribe their patients this diet for some specific reasons, and it works.

These are the reasons why following a keto diet can make your body feel better. But cooking keto meals on your own is not necessary. On the Internet, you can find lots of services to help you meet your diet needs. We have selected the best ones to help you enjoy eating while saving time and effort on preparing food by following keto restrictions.

Cooking keto meal kits could be complicated. It takes time, and you don’t always have enough inspiration or ideas to create the recipes. But it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. By choosing dairy-free keto meal delivery, you can free your hands. The list of healthy meal services will help you enjoy the time with your food, lose weight and meet other goals set by your diet.

Fresh ‘n Lean Short Overview

It’s a real issue to cook healthy recipe ideas and eat fresh food on time. It’s time to change it. Fresh ‘n Lean can offer keto ready meals, so you don’t need to cook all day long. It has the following pros for the users:

  • A wide choice of meal plans. On the website, you will find the list of plans and enjoy how detailed they are for the benefit of the clients.
  • Easy to cook. The process doesn’t take much time. You order the meal, take a few extra steps, and enjoy the result on your plate.
  • It can perfectly fit any type of keto diet.

These are the main advantages of using Fresh ‘n Clean for keto food. You can find the calories to each meal written on the website. It’s easy to cook when you have all the calories and nutrients right in front of you.

Cost Per Week

The cost per week depends on the number of dishes you choose to get. The more you order, the higher the week’s plan will be. You should visit the website and check what options you can draw from the service. Be ready to cover the set because the prices on the website aren’t the cheapest.

Fresh n`Lean main page

Types of Menu

The ingredient choice is very important when you order keto prepared meal delivery. This company offers different types of plans:

  • Try Protein+ for regular recipes but with an extra amount of protein in it.
  • Go for a Keto plan if you want a more plant-based diet. It will help you achieve your fat and carbs goals.
  • There’s a Paleo for simple whole foods dishes.
  • You can also choose a Vegan plan if you don’t eat meat or prefer a more plant-based diet at the moment.

The number of dishes is quite versatile. And you can choose whatever you want on the website. There are other plans on the site. Make sure to check them out.

Delivery Area

Fresh ‘n Clean has a wide net of delivery services. If you decide to order fresh food online, the company can ship it all over the continental US territory. The great news is that the price for the services can be calculated on the site no matter what state you choose.


The company has not the lowest price on the market. You will have to pay about $8-12 per portion to have keto meals delivered to your door. It’s a high price for the services, but the food quality, service, and overall impression are worth it. And it’s not much compared to other services on the web.


If you need help with the order, you should consult the manager on the website. There’s always someone to advise you on the meal choice, tell more about the ingredients and help you review the menu.

Home Chef Short Overview

Home Chef main page

Cooking home chef keto meals could not be hard. This is a great solution for you. By ordering meals from the Home Chef company, you can meet your needs and forget about hours in the kitchen. Let’s see what you can get here.

Cost Per Week

The cost per week for the keto meal delivery is usually calculated personally. You should first choose the number of plates you want to order and then calculate the price. This is an affordable keto meal delivery, so you can go online, open the website and choose the plan you want.

Types of Menu

The good news is that you can order dishes that are from plants only or free from gluten. These large portions can fit all the ingredients you need during the day. There are some major types of meal plans.

  • You can choose calorie-conscious meal plans if you are concerned about the calories you consume.
  • There are recipes cooked under 30 minutes which is great for busy people who don’t have time to manage the keto meal prep delivery for a long time.
  • There’s also a vegetarian menu plan.

You can order different types of dishes and enjoy keto meal delivery reviews.

Delivery Area

The company ships across the country. You can have some problems if you do not live in the continental part of the country. But everything should be discussed with the managers on the website.


The prices are quite adequate. You don’t need to overpay. If you order a single meal, you should pay about $8-10 per serving. If you are into more sophisticated meals, you will have to pay more. There are also other options on the website. The final price depends on the choice of the dish.


When you order keto home delivery online, you may need help with the ordering or other processes. This company ensures that each customer can receive the answer to the question on time and have the issues appropriately solved.

Green Chef Short Overview

Green Chef main page

Let’s move to another cheap keto meal delivery. There are good reasons to try this meal delivery service for keto lovers. First off, the company offers a wide range of recipes. You can find more than 40 recipes and multiple diets on the site. It also offers organic food and sustainable proteins that are exceptional options for those who follow healthy diets. What are the potential pros?

  • You can find a low carb meal delivery service on the website. It’s perfect for those on a diet.
  • It’s quite a cheap option. You can find keto friendly meal delivery services with considerably higher prices. So, compared to them, Green Chef doesn’t seem to be pricey.
  • You can order a keto meal subscription box and enjoy the meal plan for a long period.

There are some minor disadvantages, but they don’t affect the taste and the overall impression of the food. Let’s move to the basic information to compare Green Chef to other meal delivery services.

Cost Per Week

There are different meal plans. The final cost of the meal depends on the choice of sets you decide to order. When you are done with the final order complexion, you can figure out the cost per week on the website.

Types of Menu

There are so many different food options for keto meal service. You can order different types of meals for every taste. It’s not a primarily vegetarian keto meal delivery, but it has some interesting options for keto lovers. There are also various types of diets to follow with the Green Chef meal delivery service. Choose Keto diet, Mediterranean dishes, pescatarian, gluten or dairy-free recipes, vegetarian or paleo.

Delivery Area

You can order food from Green Chef if you live in the US. The company can ship the order to your door. All the delivery details you can check on the website or get the info from the manager.


The prices are higher than in other meal delivery services. You will have to pay about $13 per serving. As a result, the final cost per week will be much higher. And it doesn’t fit all the users. You can find discount options or promo codes on the website to make it a less expensive experience.


Feel the need to ask a question? You don’t need to worry about your order because everything is available on the site. Pose your question to the manager and get the answer with a detailed explanation to order the best low carb meal delivery.

FreshlyFit Short Overview

FreshlyFit main page

What’s special about this meal delivery company? You can get really low prices and a nice set of ingredients for each meal. Does freshly have keto meals? This is one of the services to ship keto meals to the clients. If you go on the website or ask the managers, you will get the list of meals good for your keto diet. Let’s see what the options are for the users.

Cost Per Week

It’s one of the first questions that clients ask. The cost per week usually depends on the number of meals and the type of food you order. When you open the website, there’s a well-developed menu with the prices. You can add everything you want to the bag and check the final cost.

Types of Menu

The company serves regular food options. You can order simple meals that are easy to cook at home. Make sure to try the best meals delivered to your home. There are different types of pasta, soups and sauces, desserts, and healthy salads. This is not a complete keto delivery service. But you can find interesting options for your diet here.

Delivery Area

The orders are available to deliver if you live in the USA. Make sure to check out what are the options and if there are any geographic limits for your specific region on the website.


You will deal with quite reasonable prices. Each serving can be about $12 per dish. This price is one of the best offers on the market. The overall cost of the keto frozen meals delivered to your door depends on the plan. The company offers different plans depending on the number of meals you choose.


Do you need help with your food? You can check what’s on the website or pose your questions to the managers. There’s always someone to give you a proper answer about the complete keto weight loss meals delivered to your house.

Pete’s Paleo Short Overview

Pete’s Paleo main page

This website has quite a high rating on the Internet. You don’t need to get worried about the quality and taste of the dishes. The prices are compatible, so if you are looking for the best-prepared keto fresh meals delivered to your door, it could be your choice.

Cost Per Week

How much should you pay for the weekly plan? The price can vary. There are different meal plans and separate dish options. It’s the best meal delivery service for keto with affordable prices, so you can be sure that the price will be manageable.

Types of Menu

Let’s talk a bit about the types of menu. Users agree that filters on the website can help you choose the desired options. The menu on the site is filtered by the season. You can choose winter, spring, summer, or autumn keto dinners delivered to your door. The food is simple. There’s chicken, pork, different types of fish, and salads, and all of these options could be keto. This is something you would like to cook at home.

Delivery Area

You should have no concerns about the delivery area. The company delivers the dishes around the country. So, if you find yourself in the continental part of the country, you will surely get your meal on time.


The prices are quite moderate because they start at $10 per serving, which is not expensive. If you choose any sophisticated options, you will need to pay more. In general, the service offers good pricing deals.


Have you got any other questions? There are online managers ready to answer your questions, give a piece of advice for the order or help with the payment methods.


If you order takeout for the first time, you may have a lot of questions. The traditional way to answer these questions is by the managers on the website. But you can also find some answers here. If you have other questions, check out the following answer and see if they can help you. Let’s see what online users are most concerned about.

What Is the Best Keto Delivery Meals Service?

You can find different meal delivery options. We suggest you try Hello Fresh, Pete’s Paleo, and Green Chef for their high rates on the Internet. Fresh ‘n Lean also has high rates among the users who enjoy tasty recipes from the service and choose it over other options.

How Much Does Keto Meal Delivery Cost?

On the website, you can find a wide range of dish options for clients. If you compile the weekly plan, you can see the final cost for the menu you choose. The general price is about $12 per serving. It may not be the cheapest thing to cook your breakfast, dinner, and snacks with the keto service, but it saves time and brings more pleasure.

Is There a Vegetarian Keto Meal Delivery?

Yes, you don’t need to eat meat only to get your protein. You can try Fresh’ n Lean, Green Chef, and other services described in the list. In addition, they offer vegetarian options for your Keto diet.

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