2000 Calorie Smoothie for Weight Gain

January 1, 2022

Today, 2000 calorie smoothies have become popular. Rapid muscle growth has long been of interest to athletes, bodybuilders, and ordinary people who are actively involved in fitness and regularly visit the gym. However, gaining mass is not as easy as it sounds. It’s time to try a 2000 calorie smoothie. This is the only way to achieve results and a slender body with a beautiful relief structure.

2000 Weight Gain Shake: How to Build Muscle With Them

It is no longer a secret that every mass gainer uses special nutrition. Muscle growth is regulated not only by the intensity of physical activity. 90% of the success depends on nutrition. The more developed the muscles, the better a person feels.

Metabolic rate is the main factor affecting our shapes. The different structure of the body provides for varying degrees of effort in training. Therefore, weight gain is different.

2000 Calorie Shake Selection Criteria

2000 calorie smoothies are effective when you need to gain weight. Such shakes will allow you to recuperate after training quickly, and they can also be an alternative to one of the meals or snacks. If you can’t eat a lot, 2000 calorie smoothies will provide the necessary calories.

Several types of 2000 calorie smoothies are used for weight gaining:

  • Whey. Excellent combination of price/quality. It is a mixture of proteins obtained from whey. Its benefits include easy digestibility, which makes muscle recovery faster;
  • Casein. An adjuvant, best taken at bedtime;
  • Egg. It is easily absorbed by the body and also has significant biological value;
  • Meat. Afterer drinking such a smoothie, the result doesn’t exceed other protein drinks, while its price is much higher.

2000 calorie smoothie

2000 calorie smoothies will not work if you don’t take into account the main factors:

  • Choose the right exercises;
  • Monitor nutrition;
  • Take care of timely sleep to get high-quality recovery.

It should be borne in mind that the amount of incoming food shouldn’t exceed the amount of energy expended. Therefore, take care of the correct diet and include protein and carbohydrates in your diet. Also, food should be varied and healthy. The number of amino acids should go off the scale. That is why you have to eat a lot of meat, fish, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, and dairy foods.

2000 Calorie Milkshake for Gaining Mass: Are there any Rules for Its Use?

There are certain requirements for how to consume 2000 calorie smoothies properly:

  • Drink 2000 calorie smoothies 30 minutes before fitness or after exercising at the gym. In the first case, you will get an increase in energy. In the second case, you will ensure the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and prevent the destruction of muscle fibers;
  • Drink smoothies in small sips for quick protein absorption;
  • The amount of protein consumed should correspond to the intensity of the exercise;
  • Making 2000 calorie smoothies is much more efficient than buying them. These are noticeable savings with the ability to combine different flavors.

The inclusion of 2000 calorie smoothies in your daily diet has several advantages:

  • Regulation of glycogen levels;
  • Fast recovery;
  • High-quality weight gaining;
  • Getting the right portion of high-quality protein.

Best Recipes of 2000 Calorie Protein Shake

Calorie content depends on the constituent components. To prepare 2000 calorie smoothies, you need:

  • 150 grams of sour cream;

1 tablespoon high-fat butter;

Apple or lemon juice is a third of a glass;

Diced fruits (citrus fruits, bananas) — 100 grams;

Egg white.

  • Walnuts or peanuts — 50 grams;

Milk. One glass per serving. The higher the fat content of the product, the better;

A tablespoon of honey;

Egg yolk;

Cottage cheese.

  • Cottage cheese;

Oatmeal cooked in milk;


Peanut or chocolate butter;


  • Freshly squeezed juice or high-fat milk;

Sweet jam or frozen fruit. The more sweets there are in the drink, the higher the calorie content and richness of taste;

Cottage cheese or oatmeal;

Egg white.

Try adding fruits or vegetables that taste best to your 2000 calorie shakeAfter recipes. Enjoy the variety of flavors.

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