Epicured Review: See If Visuals Tell the Truth

October 3, 2021

Epicured is one of the best food delivery services. This meals service provides fresh food to people’s houses. The food is always fresh and organic and it isn’t frozen. In this Epicured review, we will see the advantages of meal delivery and its features. One of the advantages is that it has 30 new meals every week.

The service provides already prepared foods. The meals can be easily heated and contain little gluten. Yet, there are some disadvantages. One of them is the high price. You can only keep the meals for 3 to 5 days. Another disadvantage is a great amount of packaging. So, is it the best delivery service? Let’s look at its main features in Epicured reviews.

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There is a great variety of Epicured meal kits reviews. The meal delivery provides the following meal kits:

  1. Entrees
  2. Breakfast meals
  3. Soups
  4. Salads
  5. Snacks
  6. Desserts
  7. Smoothies

How much is Epicured? The meals’ average Epicured cost is 15$ per meal. This is the Epicured pricing that is high compared to other cooking services. Apart from these Epicured prices, there are high shipping fees. The shipping of the meals is from 40 to 45 dollars per order. So, what is one of the main disadvantages of the service? The shipping is more expensive than the meals themselves.

There are six types of Epicured menus. There is a vegetarian diet and a vegan diet. The ingredients include vegetables and other plants. If you want, you can order the ingredients you need. This also concerns the individual diet for people with health problems. You can choose from a great variety of healthy organic food. There are also diets for people who can’t eat certain products. For example, there are such healthy recipes as gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

There are Epicured recipe cards for people who want to lose weight. These meals contain a small number of calories for you to stay fit. Another option is Epicured plans for people with diabetes. They include products that diabetes people can eat. You can choose the meals depending on the type of diabetes and your doctor’s recommendations.

How Epicured Works

How to order menus after reading the reviews for Epicured? To order the menus, you should first register on the website and create your account. Then you will see the list of menus. There, you can choose the meals you want to buy in Epicured. You should select the necessary foods and place them in your chart. There, you will see the discounts and taxes you will have with those products. In this form, you also have an option to change or cancel your order.

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How Easy are Epicured Meal Kits to Prepare?

Epicured meals are prepared in advance in the company. When you get the order, you should only heat the food in the microwave oven. There is no need to cook the products before eating. You should heat the meals in Epicured for about 15 minutes. It is a fast way to eat your foods. You will heat the meals at 350 degrees in the microwave. You need to heat cheese, frittatas, and lasagna. After 15 minutes, your dinner is ready to eat.

Who Is Epicured Good For?

Epicured has a lot of healthy and tasty foods in the delivery. You may read the Epicured meal delivery reviews to learn more about the meals. So, Epicured is a good option for people who need a special menu. These may be vegetarians or vegans. The diets for such people are not only the changed common diets. They include special ingredients needed for vegans.

Epicured is also a good opportunity for people with health problems. As you see in Epicured meal reviews, there are diets for people with diabetes or obesity. They are designed with the help of medical knowledge. Apart from that, the service is good for people who can’t eat dairy products.

Who Epicured Isn’t Good For?

Yet, as we see in Epicured reviews, it is not good for people with small finances. The cost of Epicured meals is quite high. At the same time, you cannot buy a lot of products in advance. The packaging does not allow keeping the meals for a long time. You have a high price for shipping. It is higher than the meals’ price itself. So, if you do not want to overpay, Epicured is not a good option for you. You can use it if you need a lot of meals for a company. You will eat the foods on the same day, and they will not be spoiled. But Epicured is not good if you order the food for yourself.

Epicured Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Packaging is one of the disadvantages of this meal delivery. When you receive the order, you have a lot of packages and packets. So, you will need lots of space in your apartment to place them. It is not very convenient to open the packaging before eating. They are not good for keeping in the fridge. The packaging includes wraps, cardboard, ice packs, and others. They cannot always fit in your fridge.

At the same time, there is no vacuum in the packaging. So, the meals don’t stay fresh for long. They can be kept for only three to five days. So, you cannot order a lot of products at the same time. And the shipping is too expensive. Yet, the packaging is environmentally friendly and does not harm nature.

Changing and Canceling Order

You can cancel the order only before 1 pm on Friday. To change or cancel the order in Epicured food delivery, you should go to your account. You can change the order in Epicured both on your PC and mobile phone. You can access your order in the chart on your account. Under the order, you have two buttons – change order and cancel delivery. You can press them to cancel the order before Friday.

Despite the high prices, you have a variety of discounts in Epicured. You have a personal Epicured promo code if you are a regular customer. It depends on the sum of your previous orders.

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Customer Service

As we see in this Epicured meal kits review, Epicured has good customer service. First of all, you can access the FAQ section of Epicured. Here, you will see the most popular questions about the service. If you do not see the necessary information, you can ask your question yourself. You may address the managers to ask your questions. The customer service will also help you if you need to cancel the order.

There is also an option to skip from one to four weeks in the delivery. To do this, you should contact the managers. Another option is to pause the delivery for a long time.

The Competition/Alternatives

The two main competitors of Epicured are HelloFresh and Home Chef. These are also food delivery services of high quality. HelloFresh is a service with great discounts and promo codes for its customers. Yet, it does not offer white-glove delivery and price point. Epicured has a number of shipping and delivery opportunities for different countries.

Home Chef has a great selection of meals. The customer can choose the ingredients in each meal themselves. In Epicured, the menus are stable.


As we see in these reviews of Epicured, it is a high-quality delivery service. There is a wide range of products and menus you can choose from. The meals are fresh and prepared in advance. You will have tasty meals good for your health. The ingredients do not mainly include gluten, FODMAP, and other harmful substances. The foods are organic and do not include GMOs. So, all the foods are healthy and safe to use. The menus can be changed each week with new ones. Epicured ratings state that it is one of the best delivery services.

One disadvantage is that prices are higher than in other delivery services. They are about $15 per meal. The foods can be stored no more than five days in the fridge. So, you can’t order a large amount of food. There is lots of packaging which is not convenient. Yet, the quality of products compensates for the disadvantages. So, Epicures is a great option to choose your weekly meals.

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Are Epicured Meals Healthy?

The answer is definitely yes. The foods are healthy and organic with no harmful substances. There are healthy diets for people who want to lose weight or have diabetes. There are diets for vegetarians and vegans. The products are free from gluten and FODMAP. So, you may always be sure that Epicured food is healthy.

Does Epicured Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

There are a lot of discounts in Epicured. The regular customers have promo codes on their orders. The amount of discount depends on the sum of your previous orders. There are bonuses accumulated after each order. You can use the bonus amount when you want. To do this, you should state it in the chart.

Is Epicured Easy to Cancel?

Canceling your order is helpful when you need to change your plans. In Epicured, you can easily change or cancel the order when you want. There is only one limitation. You should do it before 1 pm on Friday. You need to open the chart and find your order. Then press the button to change or cancel the order. You can do this on your computer or in the mobile application.

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