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Best Meal Services for Large Families with Healthy Recipes

December 3, 2021

Meal deliveries are an excellent option for people who do not have time for cooking. You can order a subscription to any of the services in this review. Then, the company will deliver the food to your door and feed all your family.


Are you looking for family meals delivered to the door? Then it is an excellent opportunity for you. Look through the review and see why you definitely should eat the meals.

Key points

EveryPlate has:

  1. The minimum price per kit of about 5 dollars
  2. Four main recipes
  3. New offers every 3-5 weeks
  4. Convenient packaging
  5. Meals for four people

Why You Should Choose It

EveryPlate is a good complete meal delivery service for families of 5 or more people. The meal delivery has low prices, which is important if you need a lot of food. You will also have healthy meal boxes for large families. There is not too much packaging. All the ingredients are fresh and healthy, and easy to cook.

Everyplate main page

Pros and Cons

EveryPlate is one of the best meal services for large families. One advantage of the service is that the meals are easy to cook. You can buy food at an affordable price and cook it within several minutes. A disadvantage is that the delivery does not arrange ingredients in the package. So, you will need to sort them yourself.


The company was established as a partner of HelloFresh. It has a similar delivery strategy and ingredients. There are 3-5 new meal kits each week. The service is mainly suitable for families of up to four people. There are four main recipes. They include classic recipes, meals for vegetarians, and others. EveryPlate has few packaging, which is convenient for the customers.

Pricing and Plans

There are main recipes in the EveryPlate. They include:

  1. ClassicPlate
  2. VeggiePlate
  3. FamilyPlate
  4. EasyPlate

The meals cost about 5 dollars each. You will also need to pay for the shipping. The company delivers food to all the states in the USA. The cost for shipping is 8.99 dollars and has no extra fees. That is why the price is affordable for large families.

One Potato

One Potato main page

An excellent opportunity to get the best family meal box delivery is One Potato. It is a family-friendly delivery offering meal kits for families of 7 or even more members.

Key Points

One Potato has:

  1. Low serving price with a minimum of 8.32 dollars
  2. Six servings
  3. 12 recipes available
  4. Food for kids

Why You Should Choose It

One Potato is a great option to order family-size food. You may enjoy serving up to six people with two or three meals in each.

Pros and Cons

One Potato is a great meal food delivery for a family of 6 people. There are different meal sizes to choose from. So, you may state the number of people you need. The service will deliver the necessary amount of food and serving. The company provides organic ingredients for family mealtimes. It is also a great option because there are foods for kids. One disadvantage is shipping. You can’t order shipping to all states of the USA. The company also has a lot of packaging. And you will need a lot of time to prepare certain foods.


One Potato is a company that specializes in home meal boxes for large families. It offers a wide range of recipes for adults and children. Meals for kids have the appropriate size and ingredients. That is why you can be sure your child will have a healthy recipe. There are also recipes for vegetarians and gluten-free kits.

Pricing and Plans

One Potato offers five options for families. For example, you may order two, three, four, five, and six servings. The company provides from two to three meals a week for each person. There are also different recipes to choose from. You can see them on the website. The price per kit ranges from 7.32 to 12.95 dollars. The maximum cost of shipping is 20 dollars.


MamaSezz main page

Does your family work for the whole day? Then, you get home and have ready heated meals with your family. Go to MamaSezz to have the opportunity.

Key Points

MamaSezz has:

  1. Ready-to-eat meals
  2. Meal kits for up to seven people
  3. 45 recipes available
  4. The minimum serving price is 6 dollars

Why You Should Choose It

The company is a great option for people who do not want to cook. The foods are already prepared, and you can eat them after short heating.

Pros and Cons

MamaSezz can be the best-prepared meal delivery service for families. It provides wholly prepared foods for the customers. To start eating the food, you should only heat it for several minutes. The meals are based on plants. Each ingredient is organic and does not contain gluten. The service also offers big meal kits for a family of 7 people. One disadvantage of the company is high prices. At the same time, the delivery system is quite complicated.


MamaSezz specializes in plant-based foods for a healthy diet. That is why the servings do not contain oil, gluten, sugar, eggs, or peanuts. So you will not get any harmful ingredients. One specific feature of MamaSezz is its packaging. The service delivers food in bundles. There are different bundle sizes and kits.

Pricing and Plans

The best option to choose is the a la carte bundle. There are two sizes of bundles, which include classic and small family meals delivered to the door. You can order three, six, and eight servings and from 1 to 3 bucks in each. A small bundle is an excellent option for two people. If you are looking for meals for your family, choose the classic one. The small a la carte bundle costs 129 dollars. The large one has a price of 169 dollars.


SunBasket main page

Are you waiting to cheer your family on with healthy recipes? Then look through this review and see the tasty meal kits for you and your children.

Key Points

SunBasket has:

  1. Organic ingredients
  2. The minimum serving price of 8.99 dollars
  3. Four kinds of meals
  4. Serving for five people
  5. 43 recipes available

Why You Should Choose It

Sunbasket offers organic and healthy foods. It is a great option both for adults and children.

Pros and Cons

Sunbasket is a service that will give you the best meals delivered to your home. The meal delivery aims at organic and healthy products. A significant disadvantage is that here you can choose the necessary ingredients. This means that you may change the products in your kits. There are also recipes without proteins. A disadvantage is a high price and four meals a week.


The place is known for its organic products in the meals. It mainly focuses on meat and seafood. At the same time, there are options for vegetarians. The diet is diverse, and the company offers a large number of recipes. That is why you will find the best no matter what your preferences are.

Pricing and Plans

Sunbasket is a company that provides meal delivery for a family of 5 people. There are a great number of delicious meals for any taste. The service offers four kinds of meal plans. You can choose from two and four servings with two or five meals in each. The price ranges from 10.99 to 13.99 dollars. The shipping costs 7.99 dollars. For packages that cost 90 dollars, the shipping is free.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon main page

The meal delivery is a great option to cheer your children and have a good dinner with them

Key Points

Little Spoon has:

  1. Meals for children and teenagers
  2. 23 recipes available
  3. Healthy ingredients

Why You Should Choose It

Little Spoon is a company that will care about your family and children. They provide organic and delicious foods.

Pros and Cons

Little Spoon is one of the best family food delivery boxes. In the service, you will get prepared foods easy to heat. The company offers affordable prices for the best prepared meal delivery service for families. There are a lot of options for children and teenagers. You will get your delivery in reusable dishes. One disadvantage is that there are stable meal recipes. They do not change each week, so you can choose from the ones you see.


The meal delivery is mainly focused on children and teenagers. You will have a lot of recipes with the necessary size and products. The ingredients are healthy and delicious. For this reason, they are also suitable for adults.

Pricing and Plans

Little Spoon offers four types of meal kits. You may get four, six, nine, or twenty meals each week. The prices range from 4.99 to 6.49 dollars.


Which Meal Delivery Service Has the Biggest Portions?

All meal deliveries for large families have big portions. Sunbasket and One Potato are the companies that offer a wide range of different meal kits. So, if you need recipes for different times of the day, choose these services.

What Are the Top 3 Meal Delivery Services?

The best three deliveries for families are EveryPlate, One Potato, and MamaSezz. EveryPlate is similar to HelloFresh and has four main meal kits. On the other hand, One Potato has food options for children. At the same time, MamaSezz is an option for large families of 7 people.

Can HelloFresh Feed a Family of 6?

The answer is yes. HelloFresh and EveryPlate are sister companies. HelloFresh maximum number of meals is five. If your family has more than five members, you can order several subscriptions.

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