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Best Meal Delivery for College Students

August 15, 2021

College students are overwhelmed with assignments, part-time jobs, and tons of other things to do. Most lack time to do homework, not to mention cooking. That’s why meal delivery services have become more popular with college students. There are many companies offering easy-to-cook meals according to specific gastronomic preferences. But the price varies from company to company. How can you find the best cheap meals for college students? Check the review below to choose a college food delivery service that can meet your personal requirements.

Compare the best meals for college students to know what meal delivery can fit college students’ diet preferences and budget.

1 – Blue Apron

Short overview: Blue Apron is popular among college students as it offers a wide variety of quick recipes. The service uses only high-quality ingredients in their meal plans. Blue Apron for college students is a good solution as it offers many options at a relatively low price.

  • Cost Per Week: It depends on your choice. On average, the cost per serving is $7.49. If you order 3 recipes and more, you won’t need to pay for shipping.
  • Types of Menu: Сollege students who love meat will be satisfied with a variety of tasty menus. Those who want to spend not more than 20 minutes cooking healthy foods will be also happy to taste the best easy-to-cook foods. You’ll find cheap vegetarian meals for college students that are made of fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Delivery Area: The meal service delivers its food kits around the USA only. You’re recommended to visit the site and check the list with zip codes that are covered by the meal delivery company.

Blue Apron main page


College students will find the prices of Blue Apron meal delivery service rather fair. You can choose any number of meals weekly. But remember that if you order fewer than 3 recipes, you will be charged $7.99.

Customer Support

It works round the clock and comes to the rescue immediately. You can contact customer support of the delivery service by sending an email or making a telephone call. On the website, you will find an FAQ with answers to all the most common questions that may be very helpful.


Who is Blue Apron good for?

The meal delivery service will fit you if you don’t want to spend as little time cooking as possible. Blue Apron delivery offers easy-to-follow recipes that don’t require any special skills. It’ll fit college students who want to save on healthy foods as Blue Apron delivers tasty dishes at a reasonable price.

Who is Blue Apron bad for?

It isn’t the best option for you if you need a special menu (for example, people with allergies).

2 – Hello Fresh

Short overview: Hello Fresh for college students is one of the best choices. It has been on the market for over 10 years already. They have talented chefs and dedicated workers whose number exceeds 7000 people now. You’ll be glad to find out that you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals at a fair price. College students can skip weeks or cancel the meal delivery plan easily.

  • Cost Per Week. A meal plan for two college students will cost around $69. Choose food options, add them to your meal plan, and you will see how much they will cost you.
  • Types of Menu. Every week you can choose 5 meals among 23 recipes. Whether you are a vegetarian, pescetarian, or one who keeps to a low-calorie diet, go to Hello Fresh. It offers a large variety of meals to choose from.
  • Delivery Area. The delivery service operates in Australia. The areas it covers at the moment are the following: SA, VIC, NSW, ACT. Before you make the order, check the list with the areas where it delivers meals to make sure that your area is there.

HelloFresh main page


The delivery service refers to reasonably-priced delivery services. Take into account that you need to order at least 4 plates weekly according to the rules of this subscription-based meal delivery service.


You are welcome to ask your questions whenever you need help in choosing a menu or need specialist help with other issues. Just fill in a special form on the website, and customer support will give you feedback quickly.


Who is Hello Fresh delivery good for?

It’ll fit college students who like eating the best dishes regularly but lack time for cooking. Hello Fresh delivers easy-to-follow recipes with detailed instructions every college student can cook.

Who is Hello Fresh delivery bad for?

They don’t offer allergen-free meals. Take into account this when choosing the best meal delivery service. It won’t fit college students who need to stick to a diet with strict restrictions.

3 – Home Chef

Short overview: Home Chef delivery company is one of the leaders in the market today. It can boast a diversified menu at competitive prices. The delivery service has a good reputation among those college students who don’t want to sacrifice food quality because of the lack of time. The company has been on the market since 2013 and is well-known for its tasty and easy-to-cook dishes for every taste.

  • Cost Per Week. The exact price depends on your dietary preferences. The average price per serving is $6.99. 2 meals for 2 people will cost $38.99. It’s a standard plan which will fit college students who share one room.
  • Types of Menu. Vegetarians and those who have special dietary preferences will find many tasty dishes. Moreover, you can customize your meals by adding more proteins or excluding some ingredients you don’t like. The food delivery service can meet personal dietary requirements of the college students.
  • Delivery Area. Over 95% of Americans order foods from Home Chef, including college students. The company operates across the USA only. Check your zip code before you make an order to be sure that your area is covered by the meal delivery company.

Home Chef main page


College students like Home Chef’s flexible pricing policy and the possibility to customize food options. You can choose cheaper meals or more expensive gourmet dishes that taste like those in a restaurant. Take into account that you will be charged an additional cost for your plate customization. Many college students like the service because of the opportunity to use a special Home Chef student discount and promo codes for meal delivery orders.


Customer support of the delivery works properly. The delivery site has a detailed FAQ where you can go first to check answers to the most common questions. If you haven’t found the necessary information, don’t hesitate to contact customer care by filling in an online form on the website. Specialists will help you make the right choice and give answers to all your questions promptly.


Who is Home Chef delivery good for?

It’s the best option for college students who like inviting guests to the hostel and treat them to tasty fresh meals of good quality. They offer simple recipes that will help to keep to a balanced diet at a reasonable cost.

Who is Home Chef delivery bad for?

It may not be the best option if you want to buy from a delivery service that offers cheap organic foods and antibiotic-free meat. Home Chef offers these options at a higher price.

4 – Every Plate

Short Overview: Every Plate belongs to one of the best delivery companies Hello Fresh. This meal service was launched in 2018. Since then, it has won great popularity, especially among students and those who need to stick to a tight budget. You can get good-quality subscription boxes for college students and keep to a well-balanced diet spending little money.

  • Cost Per Week. The average cost per serving is cheaper than in other delivery services. It is only $4.99. The price will be the same, regardless of the number of people who order meals. Take into account that the shipping for lunch boxes for college students isn’t free here. You need to pay $8.99 to get your Every Plate meal order.
  • Types of Menu. Every week you will find a new menu on the site. There are up to 13 new meals to choose from. Meat lovers will find it a great option as there are many tasty dishes with chicken, pork, steak. However, if you need to follow strict dietary requirements, you should look further.
  • Delivery Area. All continental parts of the USA are covered by this meal delivery service. Check if your area is on the list, and only then subscribe to get the weekly food delivery.

Every Plate main page


The meal-kit pricing is cheaper than in most delivery services. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to pay a shipping fee. But it isn’t a reason to pass by the meal service as the overall price for tasty meal options, including shipping cost is rather cheap. Follow the company’s news not to miss different discounts and promotions.


The good news is that you can turn to specialists 24/7 and get answers to all your questions instantly. Use either a live chat option or make a call when you need help in choosing the best meal plan tailored to your needs.


Who is Every Plate delivery good for?

Choose it if you want to eat a diversified menu, regardless of the fact that you are on a tight budget. Easy-to-follow recipes will be a good choice if you like partying with friends.

Who is Every Plate delivery bad for?

The company doesn’t deliver ready meal kits. If you don’t want to spend time cooking (about 30 minutes), then you should consider another meal delivery option. Every Plate won’t fit you if you keep to specific diets like keto, paleo or need to meet strict dietary restrictions.

5 – Dinnerly

Short Overview: Dinnerly has been on the market since 2017. Since then, it has been delivering homemade foods at a relatively low price and is famous for recipes for broke college students. The company delivers recipes to college students, including easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to cook tasty and healthy dishes using 6-7 ingredients.

  • Cost Per Week. The price per serving is cheaper here than in any other delivery service college students could ever find. It’s just $4.29. You should order from 3 to 6 meals every week.
  • Types of Menu. College students will be able to treat themselves to the best creamy ravioli, steak, macarons, meat with different delicious spices and sauces, etc. It’s much better than frozen food for college students. Each dish has content where all ingredients are mentioned, which makes it easy to choose the right option if you have allergies to some product. College students who love meat will find the best food options here. Vegetarians will also be satisfied with the choice of great dishes made of fresh best-quality fruit and veggies. The good news is that the menu is updated regularly. You won’t get bored by eating the same foods weekly if you choose Dinnerly as your meal delivery service.
  • Delivery Area. This meal delivery company operates in Australia. You should check whether your location is on the list when you visit the website.

Dinnerly main page


The pricing policy of this meal prep college students service is flexible. The main principle is the following: the more you order, the cheaper the price is. So, don’t hesitate to order foods from Dinnerly for yourself and your friends who live at a college hostel with you. The price per 2 servings (your college friend and you) will be only $4.99.


You can reach customer care specialists over the phone during their working hours or fill in a special form on the site. Customer support experts will help you choose the best meal plan and deal with any issues promptly.


Who is Dinnerly delivery good for?

Dinnerly will fit you if you are on a tight budget but don’t want to eat foods of low quality. The company offers meals that taste homemade at the lowest price in Australia.

Who is Dinnerly delivery bad for?

Dinnerly may not be the best choice for college students who want to treat themselves to some gourmet dishes. They don’t offer a wide range of subscription boxes for college students to choose from. It isn’t the best option for college students who follow keto, paleo, low-calorie, or other specific diets.


All delivery services have their own peculiarities. College students are recommended to identify what feature is number one in their criteria list and make the best choice based on what plays the most important role. Most college students think that price is crucial. We have made the college meal plan cost comparison. In case you want to find the cheapest option being on a tight budget, then pay attention to Dinnerly. They send food to college students at the best price. Every Plate is one more best cheap food for college students.

If you can afford to pay more for weekly, make ahead meals for college students, choose among the services that can offer more diversified food plans. Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh will definitely meet your personal dietary requirements.

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