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The Best AIP Meal Delivery Services on the Web

August 14, 2021

What’s an AIP meal delivery? The Best AIP Meal Delivery is a healthy choice for every client. If you consider eating healthy food and following more balanced AIP meal plans, it’s time to try the services from the list.

1 – Pete’s Paleo Short Overview

Let’s take a look at another AIP food delivery company. What pros and cons does it have? What’s the pricing and AIP meal plans? Let’s get into it together!

Cost Per Week

Let’s start with the pricing issues. How much should you pay for the week? Well, it usually depends on the type of AIP meal plans you order. It will also depend on the number of the portions. If you choose a 5-meal kit, you will pay about $80 per week. It is a nice price for an AIP meal plan.

Types of Menu

Now it’s time to learn what food is served here. You may choose from different paleo-friendly meal options. Don’t know how to start AIP diet? Order some Mediterranean options or choose low fodmap ideas. The AIP choice is huge for the pickiest food lovers.

Delivery Area

If you decide to order the ingredients, you may easily do it being a citizen of the US. There are some delivery difficulties in shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. But feel free to order your ingredients if you live in other regions of the country.


What’s the price? You can’t find a single price list for the AIP whole food represented on the menu. The final cost will vary depending on the type of ingredients and the number of portions. Regular 10-meal order will cost you about $150 per week meal. But the price may go up and down if you change the number of AIP portions.

Petes Paleo main page


Have any questions? It is time to have your issues answered. On the website, you may find the chat to pose any AIP questions. If you need help, be sure to ask for help online.


Do you have any additional AIP questions? It’s time to have them easily answered in this meal section.

What Meals Do You Have?

You may order food free from dairy and soy. There are always gluten-free meals as well.

Can I Lose Weight with Your Food?

If you choose a weight-loss food plan, you may easily reach your goal. Recipes are well-calculated to fit your diet.

2 – Paleo on the Go Short Overview

Paleo on the Go is a food service that will offer you the best AIP options focused on whole-food consumption.

Cost Per Week

How much does an AIP menu cost per week? The recipes are designed to fit the AIP friendly clients, so they may have a higher price. You will need to pay about $16 per portion. It will cost you about $130 to get the whole AIP meal plan consisting of 8 servings.

Paleo on the Go Short main page

Types of Menu

What menu types can you get here? There are different options. You may ask for the Paleo diet. It is a gluten-free autoimmune paleo meal plan without dairy, added sugars, or soy. You may enjoy a Keto food plan designed to give you more necessary oils each day.

Delivery Area

How may you order the food? If you want to enjoy your food and you live in the US, you can order almost anywhere. The company will send your ingredients to your door unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska. You will have your food protected by the shipping company so that nothing is damaged during the delivery process. If you pay an extra $5, you may protect your AIP meal from different risks.


The pricing is quite high when compared to regular meal delivery services. When we take into account regular food delivery services, the recipes and ingredients are average. But when talking about aip meals delivered to your door, the price gets higher due to the quality of the products and the cooking procedure.


Do you need some support with your AIP order? You can easily get the answers to your questions on the website. Here you will find a live chat to communicate with the managers. Or you are also free to write to the delivery managers through email.


There may be some unanswered questions. Let’s respond to them to make it clear for every client.

Does the Company Offer Frozen Meals?

Yes, you will get the frozen meal packages that are ready to be heated. All you need is to heat your delivery food.

Do I Need to Get a Membership?

No, you don’t have to. You can go without the procedure to order the food.

Is Shipping a Free Option?

No, this option isn’t free. You should pay for the shipping delivery services.

3 – The Good Kitchen Short Overview

The next service is partly focused on AIP meals delivered to the clients’ doors. Let’s take a look at the company and the meals it offers to the users.

Cost Per Week

At first, it’s better to learn more about the price of the services. If you choose a 5-meal plan, you will have to pay about $70 per week. If you choose a 10-meal plan, you will pay less per portion. Do you want to get the cheapest delivery option? The more servings you order, the more chances you have to get the lower price.

The Good Kitchen main page

Types of Menu

Here you can choose aip meal plan free of added sugars, soy, or gluten. It is easy to eat properly with a high-quality meal delivery service. There’s a paleo diet, Keto food options, and gluten-free ideas for your meals.

Delivery Area

What areas can you ship the food to? Living in the US, you can order your food at ease. But keep it in mind that such delivery regions, like Alaska and Hawaii, aren’t in the delivery area.


The pricing is quite average for AIP home delivery meals. How much should you pay per serving? It depends on the case. But make sure you have at least $13 per serving.


Have you got any delivery questions? It’s time to pose them online. On the website, there are AIP support managers to manage your order and help with the procedure.


Got any other questions? Users often pose the following questions, so we decided to answer them.

Can I Get a Subscription?

Yes, you can ask either for a 5-meal or 10-meal plan. You can also choose a custom delivery plan.

Do You Offer Quality Food?

Yes, the company has top-quality aip freezer meals. You can enjoy your food and don’t get worried about the quality.

4 – Trifecta Short Overview

Want to try a top-quality anti inflammatory meal delivery? It’s time to try Trifecta. Let’s see what wahls protocol meal plans it can offer to you.

Cost Per Week

Let’s start with the cost of the delivery food. In general, these services cost more or less the same. You will have to pay about $10-15 per serving. But the price may go down if you order more.

Trifecta main page

Types of Menu

What menu types does the service have? You can order a Paleo meal plan. There are also keto delivery options. Gluten-free AIP servings are a must on the website.

Delivery Area

What areas does the company ship to? You can order your food unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska. If there are any changes, you can find them on the website.


The price for the AIP food is average. The company offers high-quality AIP meal options to meet the needs of different clients. If you have at least $10, you can afford a portion.


Got any questions. It’s time to pose them online. The support team is waiting for your interesting delivery issues to be solved.


Do you have any other issues to be resolved? Let’s see what other questions users ask often.

Do You Offer Organic Food?

All ingredients are of top quality. When you order AIP meal options, you should expect real delivery quality.

How Many Meal Options Do You Have?

We have lots of them. Open the website, and you will find a truly wide choice of variants.

5 – Caveman Chefs Short Overview

Let’s finish this autoimmune protocol diet food list with Caveman Chefs delivery company. The service offers nice options for people on an AIP diet. Let’s see what you’d get here.

Cost Per Week

The price for the delivery meal is totally dependent on the number of portions you order. A 24-meal plan will cost you about $330, and the price will go up if you choose a bigger size.

Caveman Chefs main page

Types of Menu

The menu is wide enough to choose from the available options. You can ask for Keto options or order a vegan menu plan. You will find healthy options on the website.

Delivery Area

Where do you ship? We ship across the country, but there are some exclusions. You can see the regions out of the delivery area on the website.


The AIP price is quite average. The choice of the size will affect the price. And the number of AIP plates will also define the total delivery cost.


Have you got any questions? Be sure to pose them online because managers are waiting for your problems.


Do you worry about some other things? Let’s have them answered here.

Can I Get Vegan Options?

When you open the website, you will see vegan meal options. You’re free to choose.

Can I Build My Own Plan?

Yes, you can build your AIP plan on your own. It is a great delivery option for the clients.

Final Words

Ordering AIP meal plans is a great alternative to cooking at home. If you’re looking for a top-quality delivery service, make sure to check these websites. By scrolling them, you will find something to meet your AIP food preferences.

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