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Allergy-Friendly Meal Delivery: 3 Online Services With Allergen-Friendly Meal Kits

December 3, 2021

Due to air pollution, continuous stresses, and intense live conditions allergy has recently become the major everyday issue for millions of people. Up-to-date coronavirus crisis has greatly contributed to the quest of finding the most balanced variant, offering triple threat: allergen-friendly meal kit of delicious taste, which has a simple recipe, adapts to your individual needs and saves your time while cooking.

Check out 3 best meal delivery services for food allergies:


HelloFresh main page

Allergy-friendly meal delivery, offering Chef’s Special you can cook in your kitchen at a reasonable price.

Founded in Germany as a startup, HellowFresh has grown into an international company providing food delivery services in numerous European countries and the USA. After the merger with Green Fresh, the organic food producer, and Canadian delivery company Chefs Plate, HelloFresh has widened its presence. The company has developed several new ideas for easy allergy free meal kits based on the recipes designed by professional chefs. Cooking these meals may take anyone 20 minutes on average.

How Can I Know That the Ingredients Do Not Contain Specific Allergen?

The main concept of HelloFresh delivery service suggests a wide choice of recipes. These recipes include the broadest variety of ingredients, responding to the request of each and every client. You can choose the meal plan, which fits your needs.

  • List of allergens: Although at the moment service does not extend specific allergy preferences, recipe cards do contain the list of the allergens.
  • Selection process: on the first step, a client is to personalize his plan and to choose specific ingredients to be applied in further recipes.

How Does Allergy Free Meal Delivery Work?

The delivery service is based on several pretty simple principles:

  • First you are to set your meal plan preferences with various options;
  • On the second step, you’ll choose among more than 27 sophisticated recipes developed by professional chefs;
  • On the chosen day, the ingredients, along with detailed easy-to-follow instructions, will be delivered to your door.

The Cost of Hellofresh Service

According to the company’s comparison study, using HallowFresh is 75% cheaper than visiting grocery stores.

The price varies depending on the list of ingredients, starting from 7.49$ per serving.

The company charges weekly, which simplifies managing your budget and other expenses.


Freshly main page

Freshly is another allergy-friendly meal delivery company, shipping dishes throughout the US.

Best meal delivery service for food allergies in the United States Freshly has supplied American customers with fresh and delicious chef-cooked dishes for about 10 years. All you have to do is choose a weekly menu and heat prepared foods in a microwave or an oven without any cooking. In addition, the company offers high-quality easy allergy-free meal kits containing plant-based, low-calories, keto, gluten-free, low carb ingredients.

How Does it Work?

Freshly is a service pretty easy to cooperate with. All you have to do is subscribe, choose the menu and wait for your allergen-free meals delivery.


After an online subscription via the official site, a client must consider and select a weekly menu from suggested variants. Furthermore, the service allows you to order specific ingredients, recipes, and planned size of the meals due to your individual preferences, teste, and allergen restrictions.


With the weekly plan being selected, you can pick the most convenient delivery conditions, e.g., day and hour. The easy free allergen meals kits will be delivered right to your door.


Ordering ready allergy free meals online costs as much as 8.99$/per meal. However, the total price may vary depending on the chosen plan size and specific preferences of a client.

Does the Service Accommodate Dietary Preferences?

Each client can set their specific dietary preferences on the subscription step, such as allergen friendly meal kits. The service gives a wide array of options, including peanut-free, vegetarian, gluten-free certified, plant-based, etc. In the case of specific concerns, the individual ingredients list for each dish is also available to be checked out.

What Is the Portion Size?

All the portions are worked out for an adult. Its weight is usually about 13 ounces, containing on average 500 calories. Depending on the subscription terms, the weekly plan may range from 6 to 12 meals per week.

Nature Life

Nature Life main page

It is an allergy-friendly meal delivery for your children. Compared to the previous two, Nature Life is a relatively small company aimed at providing the best allergy-friendly meal delivery service for kids aged 10 months and older.

According to online Nature Life reviews, children like the meals offered by the company. Some parents stated that the variety of ingredients is not enough to encourage children to taste something new.

The company’s recipes are designed to provide a child with a whole range of vitamins and microelements needed and ensure allergy-friendly meals delivery service. Each meal contains such ingredients as fruits, vegetables, and one protein.

How it Works

If you want to order allergy free meal delivery for your kid, you are to follow several steps:

  • Subscribe online on a particular site;
  • Pick out a weekly plan which can consist of 6, 9, 12 or 15 meals;
  • Choose the most appropriate menu with regard to taste, individual preferences, and allergen restrictions of the kid;
  • Order ready meals online allergy free.

What Is the Average Cost of the Meals?

On average the price is about 8$. But it can vary depending on a weekly plan and chosen menu. Allergen friendly meals kits do not cost more than any other menu. But this concern should be stated in the order information.

What Kind of Food Does the Service Suggest?

For the most part, the recipes consist of American food adopted to an average child’s taste. But a client can choose out of several available specific allergen free meal delivery options:

  • Gluten-free;
  • Milk-free;
  • Pork-free;
  • Soy-free;
  • Coconut-free;
  • Vegetarian.

How Does the Allergen Friendly Meals Kits Menu Depend on the Age of a Kid?

The composition of a menu varies to the age range, defined by the Nature Life:

  • 10-24 months
  • 1-4 years
  • 5-12 years
  • 13 years.


Is HelloFresh Good With Allergies?

The company doesn’t comply with specific allergy preferences so far. But each recipe is provided with a list of allergens, and clients can choose ingredients while setting a plan.

Why is HelloFresh Not Suitable for Coeliacs?

Due to a packing process, HelloFresh cannot guarantee 100% Gluten Free.

Does HelloFresh Have Nut-Free Meals?

Some of the company’s facilities may process tree nuts and peanuts. Hence the label “nut-free” has been removed from Hello Fresh recipes.

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