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Zone Diet Meal Delivery Services: An Overview

September 22, 2021

The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears, a biochemist. For the first time, the world got to know about the zone diet in the 70s of the last century. Sears was just finishing his doctorate when his father died suddenly of a heart attack.

This event changed the life of the future doctor and spurred him to research the causes of heart disease. As a result, he developed the theory that dietary fats affect chemical processes and hormone production in the body, and also play a key role in the development of obesity and disease.

The Essence

The zone diet is based on the principle of division (zoning) of nutrition, which contributes to the healing of the body and weight loss.

The diet suggests strictly controlling the ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Due to the high protein content in the diet and the limitation of the number of carbohydrates, the human body functions at an optimal level, and the content of subcutaneous fat is reduced to 15% in men and 22% in women, which is a physiological norm.

You can compose the menu yourself and use any products. You should eat fractionally, in small portions, and respect the ratio of nutrients at each meal. It is forbidden to consume sugar and carbonated drinks. Nowadays, it is easy to choose zonediet delivery without spending too much time on it yourself.

Despite the lack of strict restrictions, the zone diet meal plans divide foods into healthy and bad. Good foods include diet meats and poultry, egg whites, seafood, and low-fat dairy products. The bad ones are red meat, offal, yolks, fruits and vegetables, pastries, and alcohol.

Within an hour after waking up, it is essential to have breakfast, and throughout the day, take food every 5 hours. The drinking regime is 1.7-2 liters of water per day. Sports and meditation are encouraged.

This diet and zone diet menu in general is popular in the United States and among professional athletes. Since lowering carbohydrates helps activate fat burning, eating these foods can help you lose weight quickly as well as build muscle.

Since it is rather difficult to calculate the nutrient content of foods, it is recommended to entrust the preparation of the menu to a professional nutritionist. That’s why people prefer choosing zone diet meal delivery. The optimal duration of the zone diet is 2 weeks, and during this period you can get rid of 3-6 kg of excess weight.


Benefits of the Zone Diet are the following:

  • efficiency (weight reduction up to 700 g per week is possible);
  • after the end of the diet, the weight does not return;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • acquiring a toned appearance, toning muscles;
  • prevention of vascular diseases;
  • no need for strict calorie counting.

For people suffering from diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, as well as those subject to heavy physical exertion, the zonal diet is contraindicated.

The benefit of the diet is that a certain combination of macronutrients with certain foods optimizes insulin and other hormones, which can improve health, achieve longevity and lose weight.

Who Should Use It?

The Zone Diet is best for people who care about how and what they eat in order to optimize the quantity and quality of food they eat and enjoy a structured and fully planned diet.

Blocks that zone diet prepared meals consist of, determine the time of a meal, at the same time giving a complete picture of the amount of food and macronutrients entering the body. Also, alternating the number of blocks in meals structures the daily diet, which is very useful. At the same time, the food list focuses on the quality of the diet.

It Is Easy to Order a Zone Diet Food Delivery. Is It Easy to Follow?

The Zone Diet is often thought of as a meal schedule. But those who intend to follow it need to understand what macronutrients, blocks, and a list of allowed foods are. In addition, calculating blocks often requires weighing and measuring food items, which can also be plotted on a graph.

Following this diet is not difficult at all, for this it is enough to learn the basic principles and consolidate them to the level of skills. And, of course, it is very important to strictly use only the listed products and not go beyond them.

Nowadays, there are many zone diet delivery services. Let’s consider some of them.

Bistro MD

BistroMD is a weight loss program and zone diets delivery that helps people to get zone diet food delivered home.

It was developed by board-certified bariatric specialist Dr. Caroline Cederquist who wanted to make it easier and more convenient for people to enjoy healthy and delicious meals at home. The large selection of meals (over 150 entrées) makes it easy to still enjoy variety from week to week.

There are several menus available that are friendly for some dietary restrictions. BistroMD offers customer support from a team of registered dietitians.

Zone Healthy

Zone Healthy provides the healthiest, most nutritionally balanced organic zone meals delivered. Zone food delivered straight to your door daily. All the ingredients are organically sourced and farmed, making it possible to provide people with seasonal gourmet meals, optimal flavor, freshness, and above all, nutritional value.

Pricing varies depending on your customizations. Moreover, in the case of zone frozen meals, it is possible to change portions.

Metabolic Meals

This health-conscious zone diet deliver company offers organic meals made from scratch by world-trained chefs. Meals are delivered straight to your door, ready to heat and eat. The menu features American, Mexican, and Southwestern-inspired dishes made with grass-fed beef, heritage meats, and other diverse ingredients.

This zone meal delivery service is ideal for busy professionals looking to improve their diet, health-conscious eaters who lack cooking skills, and for those with food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Fresh Meal Plan

Co-founded by a renowned CIA-certified chef, Fresh Meal Plan is a health-conscious meal plan with tons of options to personalize meals as per your needs. The company has over 500 meals, bringing a wide variety to diets and lifestyles. As you’d expect with all the dishes available, Fresh Meal Plan has a well-selected plan that works for just about anyone.


If you are looking for a healthy way to become more beautiful and fit, a zone diet may help you a lot. Getting zone meal delivered is easier than ever, so we recommend trying it!

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