Keto Diet for Women Over 60: Everything You Should Know About 

January 1, 2022

Women desire to look pretty and attractive always. They are ready to spend days and nights at beauty salons in order to keep their skin and hair in perfect condition. They are to avoid their favorite meats to stay fit. For women over 60, it becomes necessary to take care of their attractiveness and their health. It becomes harder to get rid of being overweight. Not all diets are proper for seniors. The following information will be useful for those who want to get to know everything about the keto diet for women over 60.

Although nowadays there are so many diets you may explore, the keto diet for older adults is considered to be the most winning one. It allows you to reduce appetite and promote weight loss. At the same time, there are people who state that keto leads to fatigue, headache, brain fog, and upset stomach. On the Net, you are to find lots of terrifying stories about the so-called “keto flu.” Let’s figure out how this diet works and whether it is safe for seniors or not.

What Is Keto?

The keto diet became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It was used to treat children epilepsy. The first epilepsy patients were to eat low-calorie meals as well as experience fasting. The results were excellent. They experienced fewer seizures and side health effects.

Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular and trendiest diets. Yet, before you start googling for the best keto menu, you should get to know whether it’s a good solution for you or not.

Who Is the Keto Diet Good for?

The Keto diet helps not only to get rid of extra pounds. It is able to benefit your health, too. It’s a good choice for individuals who:

  • Have no serious health problems and want to stay fit as long as possible;
  • Suffer from Type 2 diabetes;
  • Have problems with blood sugar levels;
  • Have epilepsy;
  • Possess metabolic syndrome;
  • Suffer from obesity.

Let be honest. The latter variant is the most widespread one. The more significant part of women who decide to try the keto diet do it because they want to get extra pounds.

keto diet for women over 60

Who Is the Keto Diet Bad for?

Any restrictions may lead to catastrophic consequences. If you decide to try keto after 60, you should follow all the dietary recommendations to achieve good results. You should avoid this diet if you experience one of the following conditions:

  • Kidney damage;
  • The risks for heart disease;
  • Pregnancy or lactation;
  • Diabetes 1;
  • Pancreatic problems.

If you have experienced gallbladder removal, the keto for over 60 is not for you. Instead, you should look for another way to lose weight.

It should be highlighted that no matter whether you are healthy or experience some problems before you start being on the keto diet for women over 60, you should consult with your doctor.

Main Principles of Keto Weight Loss

To understand how keto functions, you have to know what carbohydrates are. They are the primary source of energy production in the organism. Therefore, the primary principle of the keto diet is to deplete the body with carbohydrates. In such a way, it becomes possible to force your organism to burn fat for fuel.

The following rules are a must for any low carb diet for a 60 year old woman:

  • You are to get from 60 to 80% of your daily calories from fat;
  • You have to reduce the number of carbs you consume;
  • Protein should be a significant part of your diet;

You are to keep in mind that keto is a medical diet. Thus, before you start choosing the proper meal plan, it’s a must to visit your doctor. Otherwise, instead of weight loss, you get serious health problems.

Keto as an Effective Way to Lose Weight for Women

It’s possible to get rid of extra pounds on the keto diet for a 60 year old woman because the organism starts to consume fat stores to get energy for proper functioning. As a result, individuals often experience decreased hunger. You are on a diet, and you are not hungry. What could be better?

This diet is a good solution for female seniors while promoting slow slimming. It’s a must for healthy and durable weight loss. You should keep in mind that when you are over 60, no strict restrictions (for instance, only grapefruit and green tea diet) are desirable. They are to cause severe stress for your organism.

The keto diet plan should meet the needs of your organism. Thus, you have to calculate your daily calorie requirements. They are different for each person. You should also consider the peculiarities of your metabolism and physical activities.

Products the Women Over 60 Should Exclude from Their Menu

Everyone who decides to experience keto for women over 60 should consider that there are several types of keto diets. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Standard ketogenic diet.

It’s an ideal variant for beginners. The main features of this variant are low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat intakes.

  • Very low carb ketogenic diet.

It’s not the best solution for the keto over 60.

  • Cyclical model.

This variant encompasses a period of higher-carb refeeds during the week. It’s suitable for extra active females.

  • Targeted type.

It’s applied when necessary to provide individuals with extra energy for workouts.

From those mentioned above typed, only the standard one is suitable for women over 60 unless they are active athletes, of course. No matter which subcategory of the diet you choose, it’s necessary to avoid such products as bread, tortillas, muffins, bagels, pancakes, pasta, rice, and cereals. Most fruit and all fruit juices are forbidden. Sugar, cakes, and candies are out of the question. You have to avoid various fat-free or low-fat products.

Keto Diet Plans for Women Over 60

It’s of prime importance to pick up the right keto diet plan for seniors. The best way to do this is to consult with your dietician. The doctor will help you get the necessary nutrients to lose weight but stay active and energetic. Moreover, the kero-diet is a good helper for effective blood-sugar control. In general, any meal should correspond to the following scheme: 5-10% carbohydrates, 20-35% proteins, and 60-75 fat.

Below you find an approximate plan for a female over 60 that fully corresponds to the significant keto diet principles:

  • Breakfast: egg muffins, veggie scramble, or cheese-crusted omelet (from 2 to 5 net carbs).
  • Lunch: Crispy tuna burgers, Asian chicken stir-fry with broccoli, seafood chowder (from 4 to 8 net carbs).
  • Dinner: Crack chicken, pizza omelet, tuna, and avocado salad (from 4 to 8 net carbs).

There are lots of available and affordable dishes you may cook. Yet, it’s not a good idea to download from the Net the ready plan. Instead, it’s better to ask your dietician to make up the one that fully corresponds to your needs, health conditions, and taste preferences.

Keto Meal Kits Delivery Services

The Best Keto Meal Kits Delivery Services

It’s a big mistake to think that women over 60 can spend all their time cooking. They have their hobbies and social activities to devote their time to. No wonder, not every woman who chooses the keto diet for over 60 is ready to cook proper dishes. Luckily, nowadays, several meal delivery services are prepared to provide you with tasty keto meals you should only heat and savor. Below, you find the top 5 meal delivery services with the best keto menus.


It is an excellent keto meal delivery service. Keto dishes form the central part of the menu. You are to get fully prepared tasty meals. It’s possible to order from 4 to 18 meals per week. One of the main advantages of the service is that the positions on the menu are altered weekly. The price varies from $11 to $15 per meal. Shipping is free. On the menu, you can find such dishes as creamy parmesan chicken, firecracker meatballs, or tostada bake.


This company is one of the country’s most popular meal delivery services. It offers a wide selection of options for those who stick to the keto diet. It’s possible to order a low-carb plan. You are to savor such dishes as steakhouse mushroom Salad, pecan-crusted chicken, or steak with creamy thyme sauce. The price starts at $7,99. It’s possible to order up to 24 servings per week. Shipping is not free. The process of cooking is trouble-free and often takes up to 30 minutes.

Snap Kitchen

With this service, you are to receive yummy and well-balanced keto dishes. The most popular dishes are cod piccata with garlic-roasted cauliflower, buffalo ranch burger with loaded roasted cauliflower, or romesco chicken with grilled kale and mushrooms. You are to order from 6 to 12 meals per week. The more you order, the less you pay. The minimum price per meal is $9.58. Shipping is free. All meals are fully prepared. You should only heat them.

Green Chef

This meal-delivery service provides you with delicious dishes. You are to spend about 30-40 minutes preparing meals. They all come with awesome colorful recipe cards. It’s up to you to pick up the proper box size – there are 3 available variants. You are to pay $12,99 per meal. Shipping is also paid. It’s $8,99.

The Good Kitchen

The service offers a wide variety of dishes. Keto meals are only a few among lots of available options. You can’t but appreciate Korean-style beef bowl or cajun chicken wings. Prices vary from $11 to $15 per meal. The platform allows you to select the dishes that fully meet your dietary preferences.


Is the Keto Diet Safe for a 60-Year-Old Woman?

If you follow all the recommendations and restrictions and consult with your doctor before starting the diet, you are unlikely to experience any side effects. The plans are somewhat effective and allow females to lose weight step by step without affecting their health.

Is the Keto Diet Healthy for Seniors?

Any diet is a stress for your organism. But you should keep in mind that keto is a medical diet. It may be healthy only when you follow all the recommendations and have no contraindications. Keto can help lose weight and decrease blood sugar levels, better skin conditions, and feel more energetic and active.

Is a Low-Carb Diet Good for Seniors?

If there are no contraindications, seniors may benefit from the keto diet. Yet, not every dietitian is ready to advise this solution for women over 60, while this diet is rather hard to follow.

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