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Best Heart Healthy Meal Delivery Services in 2021

May 31, 2021

Since we are all bound to sitting at home and sticking to the deliveries, people seek the utmost quality of meal kits. The same concerns their cravings toward something healthy, particularly aimed at boosting their heart. As of now, you can follow the path of the least resistance – rely on your time-proven delivery and surf the delicacies that may occasionally boost your heart health. Otherwise, you may find the designated and the best heart healthy meal delivery where you won’t spend time surfing the dishes.

Top 5 Heart Healthy Prepared Meals Companies

For your convenience, look below at the top 5 representatives of deliveries that might help you keep your stomach full with gourmet dishes and your heart full of energy and health.

#1 Freshly

Short Overview

The list starts with a Freshly, heart healthy meal party, which name suggests you access only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Regarding their main perks, clients of the service won’t be tired with the cooking time since 2-minutes are enough to prepare a dish. Beyond that, it is one of the services that ideally caters to the food cravings of one serving/one person orders.

Types of Menu

It is worth saying that Freshly is pretty cheap, hence you should not expect miracles regarding a myriad of their menu types as well as dietary preferences. Yet, you will find gluten-and nuts-free menus. Otherwise, this heart healthy meal company is more than happy to address all your inquiries regarding certain diets to their email.

The menu is simply divided into CraftedClassics, SignatureCollection, TakeOutTwists, and FreshlyFit. The latter option suits your overall health alongside your body weight. You avoid any fatty ingredients but access balanced dishes rich in protein. Note, this company boasts fresh ingredients; hence, it is highly recommended to avoid freezing them for further intake.

Freshly main page

Delivery Area

They currently service 48 states. By entering your Zip Code, you may get to know whether they cover your area of living.

Pricing/Cost Per Week

  • 4 meals plan = $11.49/per dish, $51.95 is total;
  • 6 meals = $9.49/per dish, $62.93 is total;
  • 10 meals = $8.99/per dish, $99.89 is total;
  • 12 meals = $8.49/per dish, $113.87 is total.

The shipping fee is $5.99-$11.99.

Good For/Bad for

This heart healthy meals delivered fits:

  • Those who crave only fresh and environmentally-sourced ingredients;
  • Affordability when you do not want to spend a lot;
  • The minimum cooking time frame, 2-minutes of reheating, is pretty enough;
  • Those who want to access the Fit plan.

This heart healthy service does not fit:

  • Those who have certain dietary restrictions;
  • Those who want to access free shipping – they charge.


Alongside the email, you may address your inquiry through their live chat button, which allows you to get responses immediately.

#2 Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen main page

Short Overview

A heart healthy meals delivery for busy people is definitely about Snap Kitchen. First off, it fully caters to the needs of single orders. Secondly, it is amazing for nutritionist-crafted dishes, which may boost your health. They offer dishes for customers who do not want to eat gluten, soy, and some other preservatives. Occasionally, you will find options that fully fit your heart as well.

Types of Menu

Unlike Freshly, a heart healthy meal company, Snap Kitchen has Balance, High-Protein, Keto-friendly, Low-carb, Paleo, Whole 30 menus. Most of the recipes eliminate your time spent in front of the oven since you only need to reheat the meal.

Delivery Area

They do not have specified areas of delivery, except for the map. Yet, if you want to know whether your state or city is eligible for deliveries, you should enter the Zip Code.

Pricing/Cost Per Week

As per this heart healthy meal party, they charge the following:

  • 6 dishes weekly are $69.99 in total, and $11.67 is per serving;
  • 12 dishes weekly are $114.99 in total, and $9.58 is per serving.

The good news is that shipping is free.

Good For/Bad for

This heart healthy food delivery is extremely good for:

  • People who seek many menus, including ones aimed at specific dietary preferences;
  • Those who want to access savings and reasonable pricing;
  • People who are busy and do not have enough time on cooking;
  • People who seek free shipping.

This heart healthy meal is not a good fit for:

  • Vegan and vegetarians, their healthy options are lacking;
  • Those who seek organic ingredients.


Their customer support team is accessible through email, chat, and phone. The 24/7 servicing is ongoing through email only.

#3 Blue Apron

Blue Apron main page

Short Overview

It is not only heart healthy meal delivery but a service where you may order some wine to pair with your dishes. By the way, moderate consumption of red wine caters to the health of the heart as well. All in all, this company is fully about sustainability and organic dishes with organic ingredients. They have their own healthy spice blends. The dishes themselves are crafted by chefs and nutritionists. They do also care about portion control; hence, you avoid waste of food.

Types of Menu

Blue apron heart healthy has Signature, Signature 4, Vegetarian, and Wellness menus. Wellness menu will be the best for heart healthy meal options and other boosts of your wellness or even lost body weight.

Delivery Area

They currently cover the contiguous part of the United States. By entering your Zip Code, you may get to know whether they deliver to your area of living.

Pricing/cost per week

Let’s show you some pricing policy with this heart healthy meal delivery involving all 4 of their plans.

  • Signature
  1. 2 dishes weekly – $9.99 (per serving);
  2. 3 dishes weekly – $9.99 (per serving);
  3. 4 dishes weekly – $9.99 (per serving).

Shipping is free only regarding 3 and 4 healthy dishes ordering.

  • Signature 4
  1. 2 recipes weekly – $8.99 (per serving);
  2. 3 recipes weekly – $7.99 (per serving);
  3. 4 recipes weekly – $7.49 (per serving).

The shipping is free by choosing this health plan.

  • Vegetarian for 2
  1. 2 servings/per week – $9.99 (per serving);
  2. 3 servings/per week – $9.99 (per serving).

Shipping is free regarding 3 healthy dishes ordering only.

  • Wellness for 2
  1. 2 servings/per week – $9.99 (per serving);
  2. 3 servings/per week – $9.99 (per serving).

Shipping is free of charge if sticking to 3 healthy recipes ordering only.

Good For/Bad for

Their meals for heart patients are fit for:

  • Those eaters who would like to order some wine from renowned vineyards;
  • People who seek plans to keep their bodies fit and have boosted health;
  • Occasional free shipping with some orders;
  • People who care about the sustainability of ingredients and cooking approach with no food waste.

This company won’t fit those who:

  • Have severe allergies or rare dietary preferences;
  • Look only for organic meal ingredients;
  • Seek the utmost customization of recipes.


You may contact them through email and phone number. No Live Chat button is available at the moment.

#4 Sun Basket

Sun Basket main page

Short Overview

This one is not only considered great as a heart health service but also a meal company that obtained the certification from the US Association of Heart-Check. Therefore, you may expect a high-quality approach to crafting meals that will prolong the life cycle of your heart. Then, it boasts healthy and fresh ingredients. You won’t be tied to tiresome meal cooking but only reheating, which takes immediately, and fits busy people.

Types of Menu

They have a convenient, healthy menu divided into Dinner with meal kits and fresh and ready, then – Breakfast, Lunch, Pasta with Sauce, Proteins, and Snacks. All of them are aimed at single orders. Beyond that, they offer to customize your recipes per Paleo, Carb-Conscious, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Diabetes-friendly, Pescatarian eating habits, etc.

Delivery Area

They currently ship to 48 states. Simply enter your Zip Code to learn whether this heart health service delivers to your area of living.

Pricing/Cost Per Week

  • 3 meal kits for 2 is $11.49 per serving;
  • 2 meal kits for 4 people is $10.99 per serving;

The total cost may vary based on your picked dishes, yet, be ready to contribute at least $74.93 in total. The shipping cost is $5.99.

Good For/Bad for

This healthy heart food service fits:

  • People who have many dietary preferences;
  • People who seek both heart healthy meal breakfasts and dinners alongside some snacks;
  • Those who want to have guarantees in quality of dishes for heart health from the Association of Heart check-ups.

This heart healthy meal service does not fit:

  • Eaters who seek the utmost affordability;
  • Those who want to eliminate the consumption of foods with gluten. Some of their healthy dishes have traces of gluten inside.


You can reach them by email and phone as well as through a chatbot.

#5 Moms Meals

Moms Meals main page

Short Overview

Last but not least, representative of the best heart fit meal parties is Mom’s Meals. They also have their heart health menu built and complied with the standards dictated by the US Association of Heart. Otherwise, you will definitely find some healthy recipes that cater to other dietary preferences. It is worth saying that they offer different ordering plans. For instance, you can order some food for yourself as a Self-Paying person, Caregiver, or Medical worker. Such programs help save money.

Types of Menu

First off, this no sodium meal delivery has tailored menus that cater to one or another health condition or wellness. Secondly, you will find such healthy options as Diabetes-friendly, Renal-friendly, Vegetarian, Wellness, Lower Sodium, Pureed, Gluten-Free, Cancer Support, and, of course, heart-friendly delicious options.

Delivery Area

As per them, they deliver to any address nationwide.

Pricing/Cost Per Week

In simple terms, the healthy meal per serving will be $6.99; however, there are some certain menus and dishes, which may make you pay $7.99. The shipping fee is also a surprise because you will be bound to the $14.95 cost of the delivery.

Beyond that, they have one more perk, which they are renowned for. Since this healthy service is great for certain medical workers who are on guard for our safety during challenging times, some of their offerings can be partially covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

Good For/Bad for

Their healthy meals prepared and delivered is a go-choice for:

  • People who are engaged in health organizations and seek certain healthy meal plans;
  • Those who want to have their meals partially covered by insurance plans;
  • Those who crave different food meal kits for specific healthy dietary preferences;
  • Eaters who want to follow a heart healthy diet approved by the nationwide organization.

This heart health delivery won’t be the best idea because:

  • Unbelievable pricing concerning the shipping compared to other heart healthy meal companies;
  • There are lots of customers’ feedback about their servicing, and particularly about certain menus with them;
  • Customer support service works with some delays; hence, you would need to wait to get a response.


You may contact them through a designated form found on the Contact page. You indicate your inquiry and send it directly to them. Otherwise, you can use their phone number. No live chat button is available at the moment.

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