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10 Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services to Choose From

May 31, 2021

Do you hardly find time for cooking after a long working day? You aren’t the only one who experiences a catastrophic lack of time due to the fast pace of life. Is there any effective way to spend little time cooking without sacrificing health? Today, you can find many frozen food delivery services. Some may say that freezing affects the taste of foods negatively, but it is not true. Now, thanks to innovative technologies, frozen food tastes the same as the food that has been just prepared. Choose top-quality goods weekly and forget about the time-consuming cooking process and the need to go to the supermarket and select goods on your own. Do you wonder how to choose the best frozen meal delivery service? Check the 10 best frozen meal delivery services and choose the one that fits your personal preferences and budget.

Frozen Delivery Companies: 10 Top Picks

Here are the best picks for you to choose from. All of the services below are the best gourmet frozen meals with a good reputation. Check the review of each delivery company as each of them has certain differences. Find the frozen meal kit delivery that can meet your personal requirements best. Here are brief frozen food delivery reviews for you to have a look at and make a well-informed decision.

Bistro MD

BistroMD main page

  • Short Overview: Pay attention to this delivery service if you need help in organizing your diet plan. Ordering foods from this best frozen food delivery, you can be sure that they are fresh and are free of harmful ingredients.
    • Cost Per Week. The cost for gourmet frozen meals delivered varies, depending on the number of dishes you’d like to order. The average price for a meal is $10.50. The weekly price is about $130-190.
    • Types of Menu. They offer specific diets for people who have heart diseases or don’t consume gluten. It’s also the best frozen meal delivery service for weight loss.
    • Delivery Area. Bistro MD delivers food to 50 states at the moment. Check at the site whether your location is mentioned in the list of areas they cover before you place an order.
  • Pricing: The price per week for the dinner and lunch program is $130. If you want a full program with breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, it will cost you $190 per week. Take into account that the cost for shipping is $19.95.
  • Support: The delivery has great dietitian support. You can get help in selecting frozen meals. Specialists will help you choose the best options that will meet your budget and diet needs.


MealPro main page

  • Short Overview: MealPro is well-known among those who want to meet specific diets like Paleo, Keto, and others but don’t have enough time to cook by themselves. It’s famous for organic foods that are non-allergic and can be consumed by people who are allergic to gluten.
    • Cost Per Week. The exact weekly cost will vary, depending on the number of servings you want to get every week. You should enter the site and choose either 18 or 20 meals per box. Each dish has its price. You’ll see the total cost when you proceed to the checkout. The most expensive one is $15.99.
    • Types of Menu: They offer a wide selection of frozen meals, including foods for individual diet plans. Don’t look further if you are looking for a delivery service that offers a rich choice of foods weekly. You can choose up to 20 meals per box. One of the key advantages of this delivery company is that they can customize your order and change the number of certain ingredients if you wish.
    • Delivery Area: The best frozen meal delivery operates in 50 states. You’re recommended to check whether your area is covered on the official website of the company.
  • Pricing: The price varies, depending on the chosen menu, but on average, the cost per serving is from $8.99 to $13.99. You can change the number of carbs and protein in your meals at an additional price. Take into account that you’ll pay about $9.99 for the delivery. But shipping costs may vary depending on the area. If you order 20 meals per box, you’ll be able to get a discount for order delivery.
  • Support: Customer support works properly. You can ask any questions regarding frozen meals and get instant answers from the best-qualified specialists. Don’t hesitate to ask to customize your weekly meal box to meet your personal needs.

Balance by Bistro MD

Balance by Bistro MD main page

  • Short Overview: Do you take care of your health? Then, this frozen meal delivery is exactly what you need. The program that has been designed by the physician will help everyone improve overall health. The main distinctive feature of this company is that they calculate calories carefully. They have managed to design an effective diet plan for those who want to lose weight but don’t want to keep to the strict diet. It’s possible to make changes to your meal plan without any problems.
    • Cost Per Week. The cost varies depending on the number of meals you have chosen. The initial price is $98 weekly, while the highest cost reaches $142. If you are placing an order for the first time, you’ll get a discount. You won’t pay for shipping in the first week.
    • Types of Menu. They help people with heart diseases and weight problems to eat healthy food. The selection of meal plans is rich. You will find Mediterranean, vegetarian, diabetic meals, foods with low sodium, etc. If you are looking for gluten-free meals, you won’t regret choosing this delivery service.
    • Delivery Area covers 50 states. Check whether your location is on the list of delivery areas before you place an order.
  • Pricing: Take into account that there is no subscription option. You can select any dish from $5.99 to $10.99. Take into account that you need to pay $19.95 for shipping. That’s why making larger orders is more cost-effective.
  • Support: Customers admit that the above-reviewed delivery service has great customer support. They will come to the rescue if you have questions or find it difficult to make the right choice of meals that would meet your personal needs.

Home Bistro

Home Bistro main page

  • Short Overview: The delivery company is famous for delivering fresh foods only. They specialize in Mediterranean meals. All the meals are made of natural ingredients of top quality.
    • Cost Per Week. Weekly cost varies from $90 to $200. It depends on the number of servings for one person.
    • Types of Menu. There are five categories to choose from. The first one is individual meals where there are options for any taste, including vegetarian dishes. The second one is a meal combo that may contain up to 20 meals per one set. The third category is for those who keep to a certain diet. There are many healthy and tasty dishes for people with heart diseases and those who are diagnosed with diabetes. The fourth category of delivered frozen meals contains super bowls. And the fifth one is the choice of the company’s chef. In case you lack the time for choosing meals, you can entrust this to a professional chef of the Home Bistro delivery service.
    • Delivery Area: The delivery area covers 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska aren’t on the list.
  • Pricing: The cost varies from $17 to $24.99. You can choose meals according to your diet plan and your budget.
  • Support: They have dependable customer support. Specialists will be glad to help you place an order and make the right meal plan choice if you experience difficulties.

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go main page

  • Short Overview: As you could understand from the company’s name, it is a frozen meal delivery service for those who follow Paleo, keto, and gluten-free diets. It won’t take you longer than 3 minutes to cook the dish delivered by the Paleo on the Go.
    • Cost per Week: It’s possible to choose up to 24 frozen dishes per week.
      You can calculate the exact price of the chosen weekly meal plan at the checkout. It will depend on the number of meals you’ve added to the shopping cart and the cost of each one. Unlike many other delivery services, the company isn’t subscription-based.
    • Types of Menu: There are delicious dishes for those who follow specific diets like Paleo, keto, and other strict diets. The dishes you can order here don’t contain soy, legumes, gluten, and other ingredients that may harm your health. The delivery service isn’t the cheapest one, but you won’t find many services that can meet strict dietary requirements on such a level.
    • Delivery Area: 50 states are covered on the list of delivery areas.
  • Pricing: The average price for food delivery is $18. Take into account that the cost for the delivery is $22. It may vary depending on the location. They offer an extra option to pay for – it is insurance that protects your orders from loss or damage. It is optional. The insurance option will cost you $5.
  • Support: The support of the delivery works flawlessly. You can count on getting instant help from the best-qualified specialists. Share your preferences, and they will help you to choose the best options.


Diet-to-Go main page

  • Short Overview: The delivery service Diet-to-go makes it possible to select meals according to your personal needs. The main peculiarity of the frozen goods delivery company is that they offer a free consultation before you place an order. An experienced dietitian will help you organize your diet. The specialist of frozen food delivery will identify the best nutrition plan based on your personal needs.
    • Cost Per Week. The average cost is about $142.99 weekly. This price includes 21 frozen foods.
    • Types of Menu: As for the frozen menu options, they include dishes that can be divided into 4 categories. They are a vegetarian menu, foods for those who follow Keto diet, a balanced diet plan, and a balanced diet for people with diabetes.
    • Delivery Area: The company delivers frozen foods in 48 states.
  • Pricing: The initial cost per meal is $7. Take into account that the shipping isn’t free. You need to pay $19.99 for the meal delivery.
  • Support: Competent specialists in organic frozen food delivery will provide you with professional help and guidance. You can turn to customer support whenever you have questions regarding your diet plan or if you face issues with the order.


Veestro main page

  • Short Overview: If you keep to a vegetarian diet, there is no better place to go. Veestro is a frozen meal delivery service that offers a wide range of tasty dishes for vegetarians. You will need 5 minutes to prepare food in the microwave oven. The company is well-known for the use of natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. You will get fresh dishes no matter how hot the weather is. They put ice to make sure that food won’t melt when they reach the client.
    • Cost Per Week. The cost depends on the number of frozen goods you order weekly. The more you order, the lower the price for serving is. Take into account that the shipping isn’t free. It will cost you $9.90 to get goods from Veestro. You can either choose a nutrition plan and subscribe to Veestro or buy frozen goods without a subscription. A one-time order may cost a bit more than the frozen dish bought on a subscription basis.
    • Types of Menu. They offer a good choice of frozen vegan foods that contain all-natural fresh ingredients. Veestro proves that a vegan diet can be well-balanced and nutritional.
    • Delivery Area: Veestro delivers frozen goods within 48 states, except for Alaska and Hawaii. Check the shipping cost of frozen goods in the area you live in.
  • Pricing: The price depends on whether you choose a one-time order or a subscription-based delivery. The price per serving of frozen foods varies from $9.90 to $11.70.
  • Support: You can reach customer support of the frozen goods delivery service during business days via email or phone call. Specialists of the delivery company give detailed answers and solve clients’ problems so that most clients are satisfied with the service quality.

Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals main page

  • Short Overview: It’s one of the best frozen goods delivery services for those who follow a diet and want to lose weight. All the products are balanced and don’t contain more than 600 calories. Ice Age Meals is a company that offers a wide range of tasty frozen foods of top quality.
    • Cost per Week: You can buy food without a subscription. The cost depends on the goods you choose. A sampler pack that consists of 14 dishes costs about $159. If you want a larger pack of 24 frozen foods, it will cost you about $275.
    • Types of Menu: The company delivers foods that are cooked in accordance with the rules of such diet plans as Keto and Paleo. Each dish has a composition and the number of calories for you to make the right choice quickly. Eat organic non-allergic foods that are delivered fresh.
    • Delivery Area: The company delivers diet-friendly foods in all 50 states.
  • Pricing: The price for the frozen goods depends on the size of the box. You can build a box of frozen foods on your own, choosing a box with the number of frozen goods. On average, the price per dish is from $10 to $17. You can add sauces that cost $9. Build the perfect box for you and your family and proceed to the checkout.
  • Support: You can call or send an email to customer support during working hours. Friendly customer care specialists will answer all your questions and give you the necessary support.

Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo main page

  • Short Overview: Pete’s Paleo delivers both fresh and frozen meals. They offer a large selection of frozen meals for different diets. The cost for top-quality frozen meals is quite reasonable. Take into account that they have a minimum order – 5 frozen dishes.
    • Cost Per Week. The cost depends on the chosen meal plan. You can order 5 meals at the cost of about $115, 10 dishes at the cost of $177, or choose the largest family plan at $304.
    • Types of Menu: Whether you keep to Paleo diet, Keto, or gluten-free diet, choose tasty dishes from Pete’s Paleo. They have over 20 various delicious options to choose from.
    • Delivery Area: 50 states are covered by this meal delivery service.
  • Pricing: The exact price depends on the number of frozen meals and the nutrition plan you choose. Pete’s Paleo is known as an affordable frozen goods service with free shipping.
  • Support. Customer support of the frozen dinner delivery is available during business hours. You can call, send an email, or subscribe to social networks and follow all the news there. Take into account that customer support via email is limited on Sundays and Saturdays.

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen main page

  • Short Overview: Magic Kitchen is a great place to go if you want to eat healthy and tasty foods at a fair price. There is one of the widest choices of frozen prepared meals delivered. There are over 100 delicious meal options to choose from. You can order complete or individual frozen meals. The company offers a variety of meals that can be reheated in several minutes. Frozen meals from Magic Kitchen delivery can be stored for half a year.
    • Cost Per Week: The price for the frozen prepared meal delivery depends on the dishes you choose. If you order 3 frozen meals per day, it will cost you about $250-270 weekly.
    • Types of Menu: You can choose an ala carte menu or complete meals. Whether you follow the vegetarian diet, frozen weight loss meals delivered, or want to eat frozen meal kits without gluten and dairy; you’ll find meals according to your diet plan here.
    • Delivery Area: You can get the delivery from Magic Kitchen frozen breakfast delivery in all 50 US states.
  • Pricing: The cost per serving varies from $10 to $15. The shipping cost for the frozen meals delivered to your door may vary, depending on the location. On average, it is about $19.
  • Support: Ask any questions regarding frozen food home delivery either via email or phone call. The customer care specialists will help you choose the best nutrition plan based on your personal preferences and deal with any issues if there are any.

Choose freshly frozen meals that fit your dietary preferences and budget best. Eat healthy even on busy days by ordering frozen goods from reputable companies.

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