Rolling On

It’s been a bad week.  I’m still not fully recovered from that weekend cold.  Then, I had to worry about my car in the big Toyota recall.  Oh, and perhaps you heard about this. There’s really not much I can say about that at this point.

Roll on!

Roll on!

I traded-in my luxury car last year to help save the world in a hybrid.  I confess to truly missing the Ultimate Driving Machine but I’ve saved a lot of money on gas and far lower emissions can only be good for the environment.

I’m finally feeling rested and YIPEE – hybrid models are not part of the Toyota recall.  But I’ll never be able to respond to the hundreds of messages and emails I’ve received about that other thing I mentioned.  Wow!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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01 2010

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  1. Joanne Novarro #

    You are the hardest working, most conscientious, forward-thinking person I know. Nothing but great things should be in store for you. Hope all powers that be recognize how outstanding you are. Keep being the terrific person u are!

  2. 2

    Keep your chin up, girlfriend! I’m sure bigger and better things are in store.

  3. 3

    I have known you for a realllllly loooooonnngggg time. You have always been amazing and inspirational and the BEST at anything/everything you do. And you always will be. I can’t wait to see what’s next because you are going to kick its big, exciting butt:-)

  4. 4

    Yay! Glad to hear you’re all rested. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Remember, you have just been given a passport to something bigger and better.

  5. 5

    Nancy, I didn’t hear about the other thing and I’m truly in shock. You, Patrick, and David are the only reasons why I’m still a loyal Fox news viewer. You are a wonderful journalist and I don’t know anyone who has a more engaging personality than you!

    I hope you feel better on both “things”.

  6. 6

    Love you Nancy! ((hugs))

  7. Paul E. Ruffin #

    Keep your head up about that other “thing” you cannot talk too much about. You, my dear friend, are going to be fine, as you always have been.

    Good seeing you downtown. Who knows, you may go into business with a brand new friend (smile)!!!

    See you soon! -P-

  8. David L. #

    Nancy: You are such a great co-anchor for FOX Chicago New at noon. You and your team are the only reason why people watch it. The station really made a poor decision and the management will regret that when its rating drops. This is going to be the same outcome as the Conan’s episode with Jay Leno. Best wishes!

  9. George #

    Nancy, you were the absolute best on Fox in the afternoon with Patrick. You will be surely missed there. BUT, I know you will definitely land at a better place. You deserve it! Happy trails, my friend!

  10. derrick #

    hey nancy i really do miss u over @ fox,first T.Hall,then they got rid of my guy that did H.S. sport thing in the mornings and now you………..where is david @ these days………..whats really going @ fox? I wish u all the luck @wgn


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