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So, I got this website up and running after a lot of agonizing and planning.  Perhaps it’s my experience in traditional broadcast media that hadNancy Studio 2 me envisioning that every blog post needed to be slick and well-produced.  After a nice site launch, great feedback and quite a bit of web traffic, I’ve been sitting back thinking, “Well, that wasn’t so hard!”

Reality hit today as I met with my tech pal, MJ Tam, founder of  “Uh, you need to be blogging everyday,” she told me in a matter-of-fact manner.  MJ’s a veteran blogger and knows that it takes a truly dedicated person to keep a vibrant and interesting website going.

More guilt came through on twitter.  I had asked Social Media guru John Haydon to check out my new website  and soon after he tweeted, “Looks fine to me.  Just blog as much as you can.”

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane

I now realize I missed numerous topics to blog about over the past two days.  I had covered Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane and his return to the ice for USA Hockey Orientation camp for the 2010 Olympics after his arrest in Buffalo for allegedly assaulting a cab driver.   Just today, I was in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood where street fights have been a common problem all summer long.

Okay, watch out!  I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging business.

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08 2009

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    I miss blogging every day…there is just never enough time.

  2. 2

    OOOh, good advice, that I need myself!

  3. jpilarsmythe #

    great website by the way !

  4. 4

    The other thing I believe is that “action is completion”. In other words, by writing as much as you can, you get better. Don’t go for perfect.

  5. 5

    Congratulations on the new blog, Nancy! I’m so excited for you, girlfriend! You are going to enjoy fantastic success. Blogging every day will only accelerate the process. Have fun with it.

  6. 6

    Sometimes I wish that I listen to my own advice! lol…. Thanks so much Nancy. You are the best!

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