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It was my love for words that inspired me to become a journalist. My parents, brothers and I are first-generation Chinese-Americans from Hong Kong and I spoke only Cantonese until I discovered American television shows and started kindergarten. My grandfather had come to America during the California Gold Rush and my great-grandfather had helped to build the Trans-Continental Railroad.

For decades, my parents owned and operated a Chinese restaurant in Northern California and that’s where I grew up. My desire to improve my vocabulary paid off at school in our weekly Spelling Bee. By the time I earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Oregon, my word quest had gone beyond Chinese and English to include German and American Sign Language.

My television career has taken me around the world. I’ve lived and worked in Oregon, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York City. My husband and I met while covering a coup attempt in the Philippines. Now I’m blessed to call Chicago home. Every day is a thrill as I use words to compose stories for “Good Day Chicago” and Fox Chicago News at Noon. I especially enjoy bringing you our “Cool Websites” segment and always welcome your comments and suggestions at nancy.loo@foxtv.com .

I love bringing you the news so much that when I went into labor with my daughter during a newscast, I just kept on talking despite the contractions. That show earned a New York Emmy Award for Best Morning Newscast.

For the past few years, I’ve been honored to serve as Co-President of the Asian American Journalists Association‘s Chicago chapter . I’m also active with the Chinese American Service League , the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and the Organization of Chinese Americans .

Naturally, I love word games. Scrabble is my favorite and I’m training my son and daughter to play against me since my triple-word scores tend to make my husband (a one-time Presidential Scholar) spew a few too many choice words!

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  1. 1

    You’re on! I need team members for a SCRABBLE contest in Rockford to help raise funds for The Literacy Council. http://bit.ly/EwiKe

  2. 2

    The little guy and I love getting to know you.

  3. Joanne Novarro #

    I’m really enjoying your blog! Great idea. Kudos to you for getting it up and running. I’ve always said that you’re the hardest working lady in TV news. Love to the family. Keep up the great work! How dare that mean ole Byron steal your sponges!

  4. i am a person... hear me roar #

    nancy you rule! i love your site and the fact that your so rebellious, and awesome! you make watchig the news fun :-)Fox news chicago is awesome CNN,ABC,and NBC all make me wanna go to sleep =]

  5. Geanie #

    nancy, I do love the fox news. You are so great! So amazing! Luv it.

  6. 6

    So excited to announce that the fabulous Nancy Loo is MCing/hostessing our Winter Wonderland CRAVEparty! Thank you, Nancy! You are so phenomenal and a blessing to Chicagoland!

  7. Tracey Stoll #

    Hi, Nancy! After reading “About Me” on your website, I must suggest that you check out the game Quiddler. It is like Scrabble only with cards. It is a riot! We had so much fun playing up at Lake Okoboji last summer. We often ended up helping each other make words with the letters in our hands. You might want to try it.

    On another note, do you have a link to the broadcast that won the NY Emmy Award when you went into labor w/Aubrey? I’d love to see it!

    Take care – by for now,

  8. Mike #

    So hot.

  9. Ed #

    Hi, Nancy,

    I saw you in a broadcast today and fell in love. You’re a beautiful and eloquent woman. I looked you up on the web and found this great site – very impressive! It was nice to read and learn about you. I was sorry to learn you were already married, but I’m happy for you.

    I appreciated reading that you were a fellow Scrabble player. I’ve been playing a lot the past few years as I’ve been going through a divorce which was finalized last year. I play a lot with my mom and my kids. My youngest, an 8 year old, is an amazing Scrabble player. He can beat me/us often, at one stretch beating me 3 games in a row. For Christmas he got a Super Scrabble Deluxe game (larger board, more squares and quaduple letter/word spaces, as well as a Chicago Cubs Scrabble game with a baseball them. It is a great game for learning and teaching kids to expand their vocabulary and thinking skills, and I’m glad to see you are a Scrabble advocate and used it to advance your outstanding language skills. Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  10. Mike Sharkey #

    Hi Nancy, I am up early everyday for work and get to see you on the channel nine morning news.. last nite I saw a clip of you dancing, it was a segment for the Susan G Komman foundation, I would like to see it again, because you were GREAT! Mike

  11. David #

    We missed you in WABC-NY. Keep up the great work!!!

  12. john #

    i remember watching you on Wabc in New York,then again when i live in Chicago.You are truly on of the best news anchors i have ever seen.No on here in phoenix can hold a candle to you.Keep it up.


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