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Goodbye, Hairspray, for Earth Day

Sprayed down!

Sprayed down

Whenever you see a news anchor on television, odds are high there’s a can of hairspray within a radius of five feet. From experience, I can tell you there’s a lot more spraying these days since broadcasts are in HD and the camera picks up every, single flyaway hair.  And, a lot of anchors prefer aerosol hairspray since it goes on more evenly.  I cringe to think of how many cans I’ve used over 20 years of anchoring and reporting.

Since I’m currently on a break from the biz, I’ve been using a lot less hairspray.  But now, I will try to keep it that way.   Actually, I tried to give it up before because of my daughter. After watching me use hairspray, she commented, “You’re killing me and the ozone layer!”

Cans by the case!

Cans by the case!

She’s also the one who pushed me to give up my luxury car for a hybrid which is so quiet, it reminds me of driving a golf cart.  So, we’ve nicknamed my car “Golfie”.  Once in awhile, as we’re driving along, my daughter will refer to Golfie and declare, “We’re saving the world!”

Indeed, less hairspray and CFC (chlorflorcarbon) in the air can only help, too.

This post was inspired by the Yahoo! Mother Board and this month’s focus on Earth Day.


04 2010

Thank You, Dr. Seuss

My fave!

My fave!

My parents never read to me during my childhood.  We speak Chinese to each other and English is our second language.  Perhaps that’s why National Reading Month (March) and the recent birthday of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Suess, have me feeling new appreciation for a particular children’s book.

“Oh Say Can You Say?” is my favorite Dr Seuss book.  It’s filled with silly tongue twisters and I’ve read it aloud to my children countless times.  Long before I decided to become a broadcast journalist, I knew the importance of being able to communicate in a clear and concise manner.

My kids are reading on their own now and I’m always plodding through at least two novels. I can’t remember the last time I got to read “Oh Say Can You Say?”  and it’d probably take me awhile to find it.  Say, maybe I will and then have some green eggs and ham!

This post was inspired by the Yahoo! Mother Board.


03 2010

Home Sweet Blog Home

Hitting "SAVE" for

Hitting "SAVE" for

For a number of reasons, I’ve decided not to divert traffic from this website to my blog at Chicago Now.  I guess I just don’t want to kill myself off online!  I’ve been writing in all sorts of web spaces anyway so what’s another?  While I’ll be posting here far less often, I’ll continue to blog on the Fox Chicago website, the Chicago Moms Blog and (this just in) the Yahoo Mother Board along with Chicago Now.

I became a journalist because I love to write which is why I want to encourage more young people to focus on it.  Along with a good friend, MJ Tam, I recently launched a website called Young Chicagonista.  Please indulge me by checking it out and reading this week’s Huffington Post article on our site.  Write on!


03 2010