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01 2010

It’s Cold. Back to You in the Studio.

Report fast, return to truck!

Report fast, return to truck!

Reporting on the streets of Chicago during the winter months can get downright painful.  This morning, we had wind chill factors of 21 below so just preparing for work took a lot of pre-planning.  I suppose that’s the case for every Chicagoan who needs to get anywhere on days like this.  But as a reporter, I often have no idea what I’ll be covering until I call into the Fox Chicago assignment desk.  I keep an assortment of hats, gloves and scarves in my work bag and at least two coats in my car.  Just about every reporter and anchor in town agrees that appearance is far less of a concern during the winter.  Dressing properly for the conditions is a matter of survival!

Depending on the story, it can get tough finding anyone to interview about anything.  When it’s this cold, people just want to get where they’re going as quickly as possible.  Those who do stop to talk with me tend to make their points quickly and then go on their merry way.  There are watery eyes and runny noses along with numb extremities.  We get what we need and jump back into the news van.

Cameraman Sean Gibbons under a lot of layers.

Cameraman Sean Gibbons under a lot of layers.

Thank goodness for my blogging pal Duong Sheahan.  The long, down parka I’ve been wearing is hers!  She didn’t care for it since it was so much coat to deal with while running her errands.  Well, it’s perfect for me since I spend much more time out in the cold.

Frozen equipment is another concern.   Sometimes, the mast on the live truck gets frozen into place after we’ve been at a particular scene for a long time.  There’s always suspense when we wrap things up on a cold day.  But it’s not a problem today and I get back to the studio in time to anchor the news at noon.

Actually, the next hurdle – my hat hair!


12 2009

Closet Confessions

Part of my messy closet.

Part of my messy closet.

What’s the rule about things in your wardrobe?  I think it’s something about rotating clothes out if you haven’t worn them in over a year.  If I did that,  my closet would be more than half empty.  I always worry about giving a particular item away and then missing it soon after – even though that’s never happened.

My closet is a mess.  There are shoes I’ve never worn and jackets from the 80′s (don’t tell anyone) with a thick layer of dust on them.  I try to keep jeans and sweaters in neat piles but with little success.  Since my husband’s closet is somewhat color-coded, I try to follow that example but he probably wonders if I’m color blind!

Because I work on television, I have a lot of brightly-colored clothing.   Years of advice from wardrobe consultants have filled my closet with a lot of reds, blues and jewel tones. No, we do not have people at Fox Chicago who tell us what to wear.

I have far more tops than bottoms.  Before we switched to an HD set, we used to wear jeans pretty often.  Some people even wore shorts during the summer.  We can’t do that anymore since we have new camera positions in the studio allowing viewers to see more of what we’re wearing.

Clearly, I need to weed out things that are outdated and merely taking up space.  But what if they come back into fashion?  Yeah, I’ll be ready when those skinny models hit the runways in Paris in dusty jackets!


11 2009

An Abnormal Childhood

Say goodbye to the dog & get to school!

Say goodbye to the dog & get to school!

I took today off so I could be a “normal” mom for the first day of school.  I’m usually on television during the morning hours.  But today, I was able to make breakfast and help my middle schooler with her hair.  My husband used to say “I don’t do braids!”  By kindergarten, she wouldn’t let him even brush her hair in the morning.  She’s quite independent now, telling me just yesterday, “I already have my outfits picked out for the first three days.”  That’s after she insisted we make a special trip to her school yesterday in order to decorate her locker and make sure everything is in order.

She reminds me of me.  By 7th grade, I had already decided on a career in journalism.  I love writing and words (which explains my Scrabble addiction).  I can’t recall my parents ever making a big deal out of the first day of school.  It was just a given that I’d go and try to excel.

My parents owned a Chinese restaurant throughout my childhood.  Hard work.  Long hours.  We spent little time at our house.  I’d go to the restaurant after school to do my homework in a booth and then help out as a hostess or waitress.  I was a student council officer, cheerleader, gymnast, German Club president, school paper editor, you-name-it. My parents only heard about my exploits.  They weren’t around for much because they were always busy working.

But it’s that work that allowed for my college education and career in television.  I’ll be back at work tomorrow morning.  My daughter has no problems doing her own hair.


08 2009