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UU_0239_B_0001Today’s post “Three Cheers for Cheerleading” is over at Chicago Moms Blog.  Please tumble over and check it out.  Thanks!


12 2009

In a Fog

A whole new season = More names to remember!

A whole new season = More names to remember!

It’s Saturday, it’s early and it’s unusually foggy and cool for an early September morning. But I’m settled into my chair along a sideline to kickoff a whole new season as a soccer mom.  I’m not a good one.  Just getting to the field proves to be a challenge.  I left the house in a rush and cutoff a woman in a minivan to nab a parking spot only to learn I’m at the WRONG field!

Then I am horrible at remembering names.  I can name the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan and even discuss the recent political shift in Japan but I can’t name all of the girls on my daughter’s soccer team.  I reason away the guilt by assuming all the other parents probably can’t remember me or my kid either.  We are all so busy, with so much to keep track of… and hey, it’s a new team and season.

"It's cold. And where are the hair & makeup people?"

"It's cold. And where are the hair & makeup people?"

Between my son and my daughter, I’ve spent a lot of years sitting along the sidelines for all kinds of sports.  Too bad there’s no Frequent Sideline Parent program.  Can someone work on that? Maybe after the gazillionth game, you get a La-Z-Boy chair or something?

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Kids soccer games can get rather monotonous.  But before you know it, here comes a girl flying down the field toward the goal.  She has flaming red hair. Oh, I know her – she’s one of my daughter’s closest friends. Goooooooaaaallllll!!! I even know her name.  Goooooaaaaaallllll!!!


09 2009