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We Almost Sunk a Pontoon

All aboard and don't go overboard!

What a weekend!  Find out how a dozen women nearly went overboard for a friend.  Click here to motor over to my blog at ChicagoNow.  Thanks!


06 2010

About Face

One can never have too many friends!

One can never have too many friends!

Like many people, I love facebook.  It’s great for connecting and re-connecting with friends, Fox Chicago viewers, former classmates and all sorts of people.  But I have a friendly dilemma.  I currently have 4,933 friends – not as many as many others but enough to start dreading the facebook limit of 5,000.

Morning anchor Jan Jeffcoat put it plainly, “Once you reach the limit, you’re screwed!  You can start a fan page but it’s not the same.”  Indeed, fan pages seem narcissistic and pretentious – and they don’t allow for the same kind of interaction as profile pages.  Other television news friends have told me to just start another facebook account under another name.

When I ran into a facebook executive at an event over the summer, I asked him about the friend limit.  He urged me to start a fan page as I urged him to lift the limit.  He later emailed to say, “Right now we will not allow users to exceed 5k friends. In the future you will be able to move your friends over to your fan page.  Sorry.”

Perhaps that’s why I’m spending more time making friends over on twitter.  While tweets are limited to 140 characters, I can have an unlimited number of friends.  At times, I feel I can use as many as I can get!


10 2009

Faith in Friends

I’m on the South Side of Chicago attending a BBQ celebration for a former Fox Chicago co-worker and his new wife.  There’s a non-stop buffet of potato salad, jerk chicken, rib tips and peach cobbler.  Ah, great food and great friends – one of life’s best combinations. Production Assistant Mya Seals tells me not to bother blogging today. “Even the Lord rested on Sunday. Just one sentence. That’s all you need.” Oops, I wrote more than one.


09 2009

Question Mark Died

"Let's get that snail.  They don't do ANYTHING!"

"Let's get that snail. They don't do ANYTHING!"

Like many parents, I spend much of the weekend running errands and driving kids around to various activities. I’m always amused whenever I’m able to eavesdrop on tween conversations.  Depending on the combination, I’ll either hear nothing because they’re texting each other about something private or they’re speed talkers, as if they may run out of time to make their points.  Is this a girl thing?  They make my son and his friends seem like they’re operating in slow motion.

For some reason, my daughter and a friend are talking about pet fish.  (We’ve gone through many and are long past the “Circle of Life” speech.)  The friend proclaims, “My fish lasted 5 years.”  I remark that 5 years is a long time for a pet fish.  She replies, “Okay, maybe it was 4 years or 3 or so.  But that thing would not die!”

My daughter shares the story of our beta fish.  One for her and one for her older brother in a side-by-side container. She recalls how she made a name tag for her fish and just put a question mark on her brother’s side.  So, he named that fish “Question Mark”.   She describes their colors and adds, “But then Question Mark died.”  End of story.

"Look, Octomom is attacking Kate!"

"Look, Octomom is attacking Kate!"

“Who do you have for science?”, the friend asks.  They continue to talk about their school, people at school, television shows, food, clothes and cell phones.  There is not a minute in which they’re not talking or giggling.  They make me giggle, too.


08 2009

A Well-Produced Wedding

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Alicia Bettes is among the many amazing people who work in television news that you never get to see. She produces the noon newscast at Fox Chicago but over the weekend she was behind a far more elaborate production.  Just like her newscasts, her wedding was a show!   We laughed as an adorable bell ringer announced, “The bride is coming, the bride is coming!”.  We cried as we marked a moment of silence for Alicia’s late father.   And we laughed some more as Alicia came back down the aisle as Mrs. Teague, groovin’ to “Unbreakable”!

What joy to see my Fox family outside of work for such a special occasion.  We are always so busy in the newsroom, we seldom have the time to talk about anything other than assignments, stories, scripts, etc.

My Co-anchor Patrick Elwood reads the wedding poem

My Co-anchor Patrick Elwood reads the wedding poem

Bride Alicia looked stunning, of course.  But so did my colleagues. People who work off-camera can usually get away with a pretty casual wardrobe so it’s fun to see our camera guys, editors and producers in suits, ties and dresses.  It’s also great to meet their wives, husbands and significant others – our extended Fox family.

Alicia’s off on her honeymoon now. She had told me Terry was in charge of that production but I have no doubt she’s overseeing that as an “executive producer”!    I’m looking forward to her return to work as Alicia Bettes Teague.  Congratulations!

Alicia & Terry, cutting the cake/backtiming the "show"

Alicia & Terry, cutting the cake/backtiming the "show"


08 2009