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Purple Power

He thinks of everything!

He thinks of everything!

My wardrobe didn’t clash with David Novarro‘s this morning on “Good Day Chicago” because he called me yesterday to ask what color I planned to wear.  I later texted “Purple, as in Purple Rain”.  What a great job he did in color coordination – lavender shirt, purplish tie, gray suit.  It may seem superficial and perhaps you may not even notice our efforts but the goal was to avoid clashing.   (For the record, we spend far more time working on the show than figuring out our wardrobe.)

Color coordination seems to make a difference.  I’ve worn the same purple top numerous times before but today it drew new attention.  I received a lot of viewer comments including “Love the purple!” and “LOOOOVE your purple top today”.   Similar efforts are made by many anchor teams all over the country.  I once heard about a team that would actually plan out what colors they’d wear for the entire week!

"Hey, I didn't get the purple memo!"

Kori Chambers: "Hey, I didn't get the purple memo!"

We’re not that organized.  Many of us keep extra clothing in our lockers to remedy any outrageous color combos. Although my locker currently contains just 2 tops, a parka, tennis shoes and an emergency stash of sour gummy worms.  Those are colorful and I think they match all of my outfits.


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