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Santa’s Newsroom Helper

For the past few years, I’ve organized the annual “Good Day Chicago” Secret Santa gift exchange at Fox Chicago.  For awhile, we jokingly said “SANTA” should stand for:  Secret and Non-denominational Transfer of Assets.  It’s politically correct, ‘eh?  Whatever.  It’s our annual opportunity to thank every hardworking member of our staff for all they do all year. It takes quite a team to put on a newscast and most work behind-the-scenes. So I want to share and show off some of these beautiful people.

Sorry for all the blurry pictures – technically difficulties with my digital camera.  (I think Santa is bringing a new one!)

Also, thanks to my pal Mike Pirozzoli of Wing Stop on N. Milwaukee for providing all the yummy food.


12 2009

Pat’s New Shoes

Patrick Elwood:  Always ready to chase a good story.

Patrick Elwood: Always ready to chase a good story.

Before we anchor Fox Chicago News at Noon, Patrick Elwood and I usually cover stories for “Good Day Chicago”. That means a lot of running around town.  Well, Pat showed up for work today wearing some interesting new shoes.

Exhibit "A".

Exhibit "A".

I wasn’t the only one to mistake them for bowling shoes.  They’re not. Pat loves that they’re flexible and far more comfortable than dress shoes.  The rubber soles are perfect for chasing after whatever story comes his way.

People in the newsroom were eager to share their thoughts on Pat’s shoes:


09 2009

A Well-Produced Wedding

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Alicia Bettes is among the many amazing people who work in television news that you never get to see. She produces the noon newscast at Fox Chicago but over the weekend she was behind a far more elaborate production.  Just like her newscasts, her wedding was a show!   We laughed as an adorable bell ringer announced, “The bride is coming, the bride is coming!”.  We cried as we marked a moment of silence for Alicia’s late father.   And we laughed some more as Alicia came back down the aisle as Mrs. Teague, groovin’ to “Unbreakable”!

What joy to see my Fox family outside of work for such a special occasion.  We are always so busy in the newsroom, we seldom have the time to talk about anything other than assignments, stories, scripts, etc.

My Co-anchor Patrick Elwood reads the wedding poem

My Co-anchor Patrick Elwood reads the wedding poem

Bride Alicia looked stunning, of course.  But so did my colleagues. People who work off-camera can usually get away with a pretty casual wardrobe so it’s fun to see our camera guys, editors and producers in suits, ties and dresses.  It’s also great to meet their wives, husbands and significant others – our extended Fox family.

Alicia’s off on her honeymoon now. She had told me Terry was in charge of that production but I have no doubt she’s overseeing that as an “executive producer”!    I’m looking forward to her return to work as Alicia Bettes Teague.  Congratulations!

Alicia & Terry, cutting the cake/backtiming the "show"

Alicia & Terry, cutting the cake/backtiming the "show"


08 2009