Back to School: Why the Fuss?

I may dread “Back to School” season even more as a parent than as a student.  The focus on new supplies and clothes and STUFF drives me crazy.  Little, if any, of it is necessary. They are heavily tilted to the “want” category and not the “need”.

Summer's over. Get to school!

My 8th grade daughter started classes last week.  We bought her the recommended package of school supplies for her grade level.  She bought herself a new backpack with her own money and I bought her two shirts.  I had planned to buy just one but it was buy one, get one half off at American Eagle.  And I got 15% off my entire purchase by using the new Shopkick app.

As part of the Yahoo! Motherboard, I was encouraged to write about this pivotal time of the year for our kids.  I spent most of this month in China working on a project while procrastinating about writing this post.  But here it is, ready to go on the final day of August, like a term paper turned in right before the due date.

My parents were always very matter-of-fact about school.  They worked hard at their jobs and I was expected to work hard at mine – do well in school and go to college.  I didn’t get new pens or backpacks every year.

This post was inspired by the Yahoo! Motherboard and this month’s focus on… school.  Ugh.

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    Fortunately my kids are too young for the real back-to-school shopping (in preschool all you really need is a change—or 3—of clothes, after all), but I can certainly understand why you feel this way. I find that more important than what you buy, is how you prepare your kids emotionally for the new year. You don’t have to go shopping to discuss the opportunities and activities on the horizon. (Though a new box of crayons does scream “potential” to me!)

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