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Scenes from Traffic School

Easiest class ever.

Interesting lessons in defensive driving and human behavior in traffic school.  Click here to steer over to my blog at ChicagoNow. Thanks!


06 2010

The Care and Feeding of the Crew

Lots o' live trucks to cover the Taste.

Covering the Taste of Chicago is always one of the yummiest assignments of the year.  Click here to see why it was also convenient given one of the crew guys I was assigned.


06 2010

We Almost Sunk a Pontoon

All aboard and don't go overboard!

What a weekend!  Find out how a dozen women nearly went overboard for a friend.  Click here to motor over to my blog at ChicagoNow.  Thanks!


06 2010

Headshots, Haiti and Hot Coeds!!!

Haiti's beautiful future.

Yes, all three of those topics are covered in one blog post.  Click here to find out how in “Big Tiny World” at ChicagoNow.


06 2010

My New TV Family

He's a total Bozo!

It’s now official.  I am a proud member of the WGN family after getting a personal welcome from Bozo the Clown.  Click here to zip over to my ChicagoNow blog on why we spent a night on the town together!


06 2010

From Blago to the Blackhawks

Blackhawks fans everywhere!What an incredible week!  I got to cover two historic events in Illinois, including the ticker tape parade and rally for the Stanley Cup Champions.  Click here to parade on over to my ChicagoNow blog.  Thank you, Chicago Blackhawks!


06 2010

Monday is Funday!

The white one is the right one!

AND I get a 3-day weekend every week?!?!  Yes!!!  Click here for post at ChicagoNow.


06 2010

Time in “The Pen”

Welcome to The Pen!

It was a hectic Day 2 on the air at WGN-TV with the start of the Blagojevich trial.  Click here for my ChicagoNow post on where much of the media hangs out while at Federal Court.


06 2010