Goodbye, Hairspray, for Earth Day

Sprayed down!

Sprayed down

Whenever you see a news anchor on television, odds are high there’s a can of hairspray within a radius of five feet. From experience, I can tell you there’s a lot more spraying these days since broadcasts are in HD and the camera picks up every, single flyaway hair.  And, a lot of anchors prefer aerosol hairspray since it goes on more evenly.  I cringe to think of how many cans I’ve used over 20 years of anchoring and reporting.

Since I’m currently on a break from the biz, I’ve been using a lot less hairspray.  But now, I will try to keep it that way.   Actually, I tried to give it up before because of my daughter. After watching me use hairspray, she commented, “You’re killing me and the ozone layer!”

Cans by the case!

Cans by the case!

She’s also the one who pushed me to give up my luxury car for a hybrid which is so quiet, it reminds me of driving a golf cart.  So, we’ve nicknamed my car “Golfie”.  Once in awhile, as we’re driving along, my daughter will refer to Golfie and declare, “We’re saving the world!”

Indeed, less hairspray and CFC (chlorflorcarbon) in the air can only help, too.

This post was inspired by the Yahoo! Mother Board and this month’s focus on Earth Day.

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04 2010

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  1. 1

    Hi Nancy,
    I read about you on Chicago Now today. You are incredibly beautiful. Why not do some modeling for now? You can enter a contest by Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol at I have entered for comedian and it is great fun. It can lead to life changing opportunities as well. I modeled for John Casablancas 2 eons ago and the money is really good and it would give you a lot of time with your daughter. My daughter, Anna, is my world. Children are natural comedians and so much fun. Anna is obsessed with those vampire things these days. The other day she says was I alive in 1865? 1965, I corrected her… No she implored. 1865? No I said as I fumbled for my maybelline, after all I had a least a century to take off. Take care. -Karen Ann

  2. 2

    Oh, I’m not sure I could give up hairspray. And I’m not on TV, I’m just vein. ;-)

  3. 3

    I love your unique take on going green! And kudos to your daughter!

  4. 4

    Hi Nancy,
    I don’t know if you’ll remember me – but I was a news assistant at NY1 when you were there back in 1993! I, too, am on hiatus from the news biz and also use a lot less hairspray! Hope you are well. Heather

  5. Marge Arbaugh #

    Dear Nancy,
    What a shock to turn on the Fox News and not see or hear you. Was anything announced that i missed seeing? Your Cool Websites on the entertainment page is empty too. Sorry you are gone, but glad I found you here. Are you on Facebook? Friend me if you are as I am too.

  6. 6

    Great to hear from you, Heather. Yes, I remember you! Will go check out your blog now.
    Take care!

  7. 7

    Thanks for your message, Marge. Yes, I am on Facebook but I reached the friends limit and cannot accept or send any more requests. Feel free to message me here or there anytime!

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