On Guard!

Working in any business can be stressful these days given the dismal job market and economy.  But the television news business has always been stressful due to deadlines and constant competition.  A journalism professor once told me it wouldn’t be a stretch to estimate that for every broadcaster you see on TV, there are at least 5,000 other people who want that same job.

Chew on this!

Chew on this!

Long before I worked in television, my parents spent thousands of dollars on my dental and orthodontic bills.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth so I half expected the dentist to find a cavity during every visit!  There’s probably nowhere left on my teeth for cavities to form due to a lifetime of fillings, bondings and crowns.  But a new problem developed about two years ago.

My dentist noticed chipping and a lot of wear and tear due to grinding.  He said it’s more common than ever given all the stress that so many people are under.  I was fitted for a night guard and now I can’t sleep without it.

How ironic that the stupid thing has added stress on top of my stress.  The “C” shape seems to cry out, “Can’t do without me!”, “Chip, chip, chip!”, “Cuckoo!” or “C’s before the Z’s!”  I am now afraid to fall asleep unless I’m wearing the darn thing.  “C” is for crazy, too. I guess I’d see a different doctor for that.

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01 2010

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    Ah Nancy, you’ve ALWAYS been crazy! And I mean that with the most affection possible:-)

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    I’m right there with you Nancy! I’ve had a mouth guard for years. It’s annoying but SO worth it to keep your teeth from chipping.

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    Same thing happened to me last year–I got the mouth guard but haven’t used it yet.

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