Caffeine Crazy

It's double dose Friday!

It's Double Dose Friday!

There are few people on the morning shift at Fox Chicago who don’t drink coffee.  I have to have it – enough to get up extra early (2:38 a.m.) in order to grind Starbucks coffee beans and brew it fresh. On Friday afternoons, I often stop in at one of the gazillion Starbucks so I can refuel, stay awake and shift to “normal” hours for the weekend.

I’ve been a Starbucks addict for so long, “Starbucks” and “coffee” were among the first words my daughter could read!  It’s strange since I didn’t even try coffee until after I graduated from college.  My boss at TVB News in Hong Kong invited me to lunch soon after I moved over from the States.  It was a place where the waiters knew him so well, they knew what to serve and then naturally poured coffee for both of us after we ate.  I was too intimidated to admit I didn’t drink coffee.  And it wasn’t watery, starter coffee.  We were at a fancy, schmancy restaurant that served coffee so strong, it was opaque and almost syrupy. Whoa, was I flying after that lunch!

Among my daughter's first words.

Among my daughter's first words.

So now I start every day with what my husband calls “industrial strength” coffee.  On top of that, I used to drink just as much Diet Coke.  I would actually have one or two cans a day.  But I gave it up cold turkey about six months ago after talking with a nutritionist.  I switched to drinking water.  I suppose that balances out all the coffee, right?

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    I’m right there with you, sister! And “soy latte” were two of my daughter’s first words LOL!
    I have quit caffeine many times but can’t seem to stay away from it for good.

  2. 2

    LOL, Dawn. We’ll have to go out for coffee sometime!

  3. 3

    I only wake up with a dose of espresso in the morning! I can’t wake up without it. My husband thinks I will be requesting for it intravenously soon enough. LOL

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