Patrick vs. Dr. Oz

Patrick Elwood was back at work today and just about everyone involved in Fox Chicago News at Noon asked him, “Did you see Dr. Oz filling in for you yesterday?”

Dr. Oz did a great job and the studio crew loved him.  He even called Patrick’s cell phone to leave a message about co-anchoring with me!  I think it all got Patrick’s Irish up:

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09 2009

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    Oh, Pat, you know that you can’t be replaced. You’re too powerful in the Chicago news world. Plus, I watched about 5 minutes of Dr. Oz’s show yesterday and wasn’t too impressed. Not that he’s not interesting, but the bumps in and out tried too hard to get me to stay tuned. “Next….. [dramatic music] Dr. Oz answers a question that we all have an all need the answer to… [fade to black].”

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