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My parents are enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

My parents are enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

My parents are in California but they watch Fox Chicago every day, either on satellite or online.  If I take a day off and they don’t see me on the air, they’ll call to make sure I’m okay.  Otherwise, they expect me to call them at least every other day or so.  It’s among the few opportunities I get to speak Chinese.

As I drive along the Kennedy Expressway, my mother’s on the line complaining about my father’s hearing.  He’s lost all hearing in one ear and the other’s at just 2%… I think.  Something’s getting lost in translation.  My dad gets on the line to boast it’s 20%, not 2%, so he’s got 80% of good hearing in one ear!  They proceed to bicker loudly about the amount of hearing loss – “The doctor said it was the amount left not the amount lost.  You hear?”

My mom goes on about always having to answer the phone because he can’t hear it ringing. He simply refuses to wear a hearing aid.  The patriarch often has the final say in many Chinese families.

It’s all like a “Seinfeld” episode.  In Chinese.  On mute.

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09 2009

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    They are so cute!
    what’s with parents bickering…after being married for 50 yrs, don’t you think our parents should have all that out of the way? LOL…my parents still argue over silly things. Now I’m the one to tell them to stop fighting…next time I’m sending them to their rooms…well dad to the guest room. :)

  2. 2

    This is so funny, but do they read your blog? uh oh ;)

  3. 3

    Same here…My parents bicker non-stop. I told my Mom that and she said “just wait til’ you get there too!”…Oh geez.

  4. 4

    Your Dad and my Dad must be best buddies.

  5. 5

    My dad is the same way–refusing the hearing aid option at the moment. Even though most of my family is deaf/hard of hearing, my dad was the one with great hearing until he lost most of it from chemo recently. Thank goodness for captioning on the TV and amplified phones!

  6. 6

    Bickering among parents is really funny….as MJ have said. I get to tune in in one of the “fights” and learned a lesson never to interrupt them. Like kids, playing is work. hehehe

    More power and health to your parents Nancy! :)

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