The keys to keep blogging...

The keys to keep blogging...

This blog is about this blog.  Its existence and readership are now permeating many facets of my life. In the Fox Chicago newsroom, quite a few co-workers tell me they’re reading this blog daily.   Even my boss approached me to say, “I love your blog!”  When we had an issue with some equipment earlier this week, a technician blurted, “Blog about that – how a lot of our stuff doesn’t work!”

Even my former co-workers are checking in.   One newscast producer-turned-executive in NYC, emails “I am very impressed with your blog.  You go, girl!”  Another wrote, “Great website.  I’ll tell the gang at 7 Lincoln Square!”  That’s the address of WABC-TV, where I worked for seven years before joining Fox Chicago.

At “Back-to-School” night, I’m caught off guard when my daughter’s math teacher tells me she loves Scrabble, too.  She had read about my Scrabble addiction on my blog.  “How do you know about my blog?”, I asked.  “Oh, I heard about it from ______, the English teacher.”   Soon after, a mom of a classmate tells me how much she enjoyed the post “Question Mark Died”.  Wow, people are even recalling my blog titles!

I’m touched that one of my high school classmates in California is also dropping in here regularly. She writes her own blog and it’s great to get to know her in a new way.

I made MORE work for myself with this blog!

I made MORE work for myself with this blog!

At my daughter’s cheerleading practice last night, another mom is quick to tell me, “I love your blog.” Might I write more about all the people she watches on TV?  Or how about that guy who’s no longer with the station?

I better watch what I say in here – though I can talk about the middle school history teacher. His colleagues call him “The Sage”. I love his passion for history and the way he breaks it down for middle schoolers to understand.  But he doesn’t like computers, boasting to parents, “I’m old and about to retire.”

Never mind.  He might still hear about this from the English and math teachers.

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09 2009

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    I DO love to drop check in on your blog. It is an interesting way to reconcile the passage of 25 years… to see who you have become, and be proud of you. How can that much time have passed? We are still the same, right? :) Blogging. I have only been blogging since November of last year, and yes, it definitely makes more work. In fact, if I go a couple days without blogging, I start getting complaints. But I have learned a lot in the process. Writing a blog forces one to find a certain “tone” for her writing (and maybe for her life), just as you must have for your newscast. Conversational or educational? Snarky or sympathetic? The tone you set tells me that I would still like to be your friend after more than two decades. So you’ll have to take one for the team, and keep writing.

  2. Scott Johnson #

    Nancy, there’s more than one friend from high school checking your blog… Like Victoria, I’m very impressed by what you’ve become and the way you’re getting there.

    It’s hard to mix any kind of career with a family life; then going about *documenting* it makes it even harder… but for those of us that can “meet up” with you again after, ye gods, 25 years? it’s a great thing.

    You’ve come very close to inspiring me to resurrect my old livejournal. Now *that’s* saying something.

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    Excellent site, keep up the good work

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